03 April, 2011

Jig's up... old man comes home today

Well my evenings of silence and peace ended yesterday. Chatty Kathy comes home tonight. He's winging his way westward as I type this. I'll be at the bottom of the escalator at T1 when he comes down to get his luggage, take him out to dinner (I have a coupon) and take him to get his truck. Back to work tomorrow.

There is no rest for the weary. But he's learned a lot and is so excited to share what he's learned with the rest of the troops. I am very thankful that he got to learn what he learned.

Wow I just heard that Peeps and I are the same age. Wow! I try to stay away from them because I will eat an entire package without blinking an eye. I love Peeps. More than jelly beans, marshmallow eggs or those infamous odd tasting peanuts.

Gotta do a shoutout for this wine. OMG it's so good. I'm going to buy a couple more bottles. It's so good. I have begun to like Australian, Chilean, and Argentinian whites lately. The CA wines are good but the imported ones have a more vibrant taste.

I'd love it if someone brought me a big bunch of tulips to brighten my house. If I don't get it I may take my sorry self over to Michael's and buy me a bunch of fake ones. Just to make me happy. I like being happy even if it is helped along by a massive dose of effexor xr every day.
So I bid you farewell. Duffy and I have to surrender the other half of the bed tonight. So cheers!



  1. Love the peeps!

    LOL...your husband is a 'chatty cathy'?

    I also like many Australian wines. I know the Yellow Tail one but i forget the other except for Woop Woop which i just wrote about last week.

    Tulips are my favorite flowers too. I think until summertime i am going to make an effort to keep flowers around my house just to get through this horrible Pacific Northwest spring.

  2. BTW, kudos to you for keeping your blog moving!!!! So many others aren't.