16 April, 2011

Saturday and whew now I can relax

Last night we watched Harry Potter 7 Part 1. Hard to believe those cute little kids from the Socerer's stone are now grown ups. Interesting movie. All 2 hours and 46 minutes. Thank God for Pause! My bladder couldn't have dealt with it.

Got my nails and toes done. Feels good.
Went to lunch with the girl child and then to Bev Mo.
Picked up some Sweet Tea Vodka for the old man, The new Honeyed Jack Daniels for me and some skinny Girl Margarita for the girl. And since it's nearly Passover, the markets have Kosher Coke in stock. OMG, sucrose is heaven.

And for some odd reason I have a zit on my lip. 57 years old and a zit. I don't like that. Hurts like a mo-fo.

Read the same old same old anti Catholic/anti Protestant (did you know Baptist's aren't protestants??) drivel on a blog. If this woman doesn't get something new soon, she's gonna lose readers. And I love the we don't celebrate drivel, yet she talks about getting a Kindle for Christmas. Wrong! Wrong ! Wrong! And who cares when we celebrate Christian holidays as long as we celebrate? Duhhhhhhh. Oh I know, I'm doomed.

Got myself a cute Easter dress. I hope it is warm next weekend or I will freeze. But I have a nice scarf I can wear as a wrap if need be. Shoes have to be dug out. Found a sale at Avenue. I love sales. I love finding what I like on sale. God is good!

Got a letter from the agency, I have to call and make an appt to turn in my uniforms. All the way back to 2003. That's a lot of uniforms. Won't be sad to see them go. I'll call on Monday morning. Time to say goodbye!

So that's it for today, for some reason my stomach is gurgling. I only had a salad for lunch. I think I'll take a nap and just relax. Church tomorrow. 

Peace and truth and all that!

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