19 April, 2011

Dear Asshat

I am not going to pay the rest of your back property taxes since I don't own this property and I can't write it off my income tax. I am not going to pay you back rent because you told us in late October we didn't have to pay you any more rent since you were giving the house back to the bank. We don't have to account for the use of our money since it's not your business.

6 months later you come and whine and I paid the 1st half of your property tax. But we were looking for another place and I had to have money for that rent. I had to put a substantial deposit down and we had that. We would have had more but we had to pay your property tax. I don't see that is an equitable situation with no notice.

So I give you 54 days notice. You are supposed to be holding a security deposit plus interest for us. Use that hypothetically since I know you don't have it. I sent you a certified letter. I copied your realtor and evidently they don't check their email. I sent them the letter via first class mail and evidently they don't check that either. So now they have the letter since I emailed it again.

I don't ever want to talk to you again. I don't want to see your face at my door unannounced. I still live here and we gave you legal notice that we are going to vacate the premises on a specific date and a specific time. If you don't know that you have to give 24 hours notice to visit, learn the rules. I remember when you first leased to us you told us we'd have to move before the date we would have chosen so you could get in and repaint so you wouldn't lose rent. Guess what, until the last minute of the last day, you can't take possession.

I told my husband he gets to deal with this now. He deals with people better these days, which is funny since I used to work Customer Service and do it every day. These days, I don't have the temperament nor the patience. My blood pressure doesn't need to rise.

The person you pissed off.

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