10 April, 2011

House Hunting is a PITA.

and that's not for a greek sandwich.

We're house hunting. It's so much fun....
We looked at one house that might be ok, except someone built a carport so the motor home couldn't get down the driveway.
We saw a house today that's the back house of a duplex, has no yard, but it's nice. It has 2 full bathrooms. That in itself makes it good. It also has a working jacuzzi and a nice storage area. We can put in a dog door and the dog will have it's own run. I sent the credit report, a copy of our wage statements and now we wait and see.
If we get it, we'll have to do some rearranging & it will be okay. I'm thinking it will be a good fit. Only 1 car garage and that's at the front. MAinly for storage.

Not much else to say tonight.


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