21 December, 2005

You Are a Cranberry and Popcorn Strung Tree

Christmas is all about showcasing your creative talents.
From cookies to nicely wrapped presents, your unique creations impress everyone.

30 November, 2005

You Are 70% "Average American"

You are average because you don't think people should be jailed for using marijuana.

You are not average since you do make New Year's resolutions.


24 November, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving.

May you be able to give thanks for the good things you have received this year and remember those who are less fortunate.

13 November, 2005

I overslept and thus no church. Just really needed to catch up and I feel better than I did the last couple of days. Of course I have meds to thank for that.

Did the garage sale at the mom's house and I think I used the shoulder too much. Not a happy person. Really am not ready to go out and be a person. Blah.

Did get a Christmas present. Might be the only one with the dearth of funds around here.


12 November, 2005

I'm Stealing this one from the Dixie Peach! Thank you.

A is for Age - 52
B is for Booze - PKNT Chardonnay From Chile
C is for Career - Put on hold till someone fixes the shoulder.
D is for Dad's Name - Franz on his birth certificate, Frank for every day life.
E is for Essential items to bring to a party - Wine, Cheese and an appetite
F is for Favorite song at the moment - Hurt by Johnny Cash
G is for Goof off thing to do - Read and play Solitaire
H is for Hometown - Wausau, Wisconsin
I is for Instrument you play - Clarinet, Pipe Organ, Electronic Organ, Piano
J is for Jam or Jelly you like - Concord Grape Jelly
K is for Kids - one of each type
L is for Living arrangement - Husband, dog, kids, 3 cats and the dust bunnies
M is for Mom's name - Jeane E. maiden name ryhmed. her mom had no sense of humor
N is for Names of best friends - Nancy (2), Lisa, Karen, Sheepo
O is for Overnight hospital stays - Last one was 2001, for heart trouble
P is for Phobias Stationary height, spiders, bugs, creepy things,
Q is for Quote you like - "Am I the only straight guy left in this circle?" My sheepo
R is for Relationship that lasted the longest - The marriage, 20 years old.
S is for Siblings -One brother alive, one half brother deceased
T is for Texas, ever been? - Flown over it, my inlaws are from there.
U is for Unique trait - I can crack my toes and my ankles. I have a good laugh.
Vegetable you love - Sauerkraut
W is for Worst traits - Procrastination, Stubborness, Hard head.
X is for Xrays you've had - Teeth, ankle, abdomen, spine, cerivical neck, shoulder, knees
Y is for Yummy food you make - Fumi Salad
Z is for Zodiac sign -Cancer

10 November, 2005

Will this never freaking end? Bridezilla strikes again....

They got married, I took the license and do what I always do, mail it in to the county clerk. She gets back from honeymoon, where is my license. I say I mailed it. Did you send the money in? No, I just make sure it gets mailed. I've been doing this for 15 years and never had a problem. She emails me back and insults me. I don't need this. I have enough stress to deal with but to have a spoiled little girl who didn't pay a thing for this wedding start to tell me my job. Fuck it. If they knew they needed copies, they read the paperwork, fill out the forms, and say by the by, we need you to do this. I think the part about me taking the marriage license and mailing it went right over her head. I hope they live a long life living next door to her parents. Too much too much.

Had to drive my mom to the surgi center today and she had the 1st of 3 epidurals deep into her spine. She was pretty looped when she got out. I drove her home and now will pick up the niece after school after I pick up my kid from high school. I hope she gets some relief. They sure do a booming business at the surgicenter. Lots of cataract surgeries today too. I just read and waited for her, do it again next week (but I have an appt at the same building only a different suite) and then again on the 1st. Next time I take my Ipod with me and listen to something as I sit and wait.

Rained off and on last night. Clearing now. Supposed to get warmer. I had a fire going all day yesterday. Just couldn't get warm. Watched Willy Wonka with #2 child, interesting movie to be sure.


07 November, 2005

If you are in California, be sure to vote tomorrow.

06 November, 2005

I am feeling okay today. That is an improvement over my mental state the last few weeks. Could be because I am cooking more and thinking less. Ha.Have been being Susie homemaker even. Get this:
Thursday: S'getti and meatballs and cheese bread
Friday: Chicken breasts, mashed po's gravy, and stuffing and squash
Saturday: BBQ baby back ribs. macaroni and cheese and green peas.
Tonight is German Bratwurst, parcooked in beer and brown sugar, with oven roasted baby potatos and onions, sides of baked beans with maple syrup and sauerkraut again with beer and brown sugar. Sounds good. Big honey rolls to hold the wurst. I am already hungry.

Church today. Went well, Greg played his violin. I wish I had a smidgen of his talent. Barry did a good job too. He's full of advice but not enough for me.

Got to get back to my reading. I have 2 more coming, and 1 that I am into. May settle into that this afternoon.

Oh well. It's another day in paradise.


01 November, 2005

All Saints Day is today.

Today I remembered relatives and friends that have left us and gone to their rewards. This has been a rough year for people passing away. They are still in our hearts if not with us.

Another 80+ day here in SoCal. Sunny with a breeze, but there's a change a coming according to the weather guys.

Got up after a very restless night. Had a lot of discomfort from whatever didn't agree with me and at 0100 i got went to the kids bedroom and asked her where my imodium was. I had searched downstairs where it should be and it wasn't there. She found it in her room. Thank God. I was still sick this morning but I took her to school, came home and got the other one, so he could go and get the SW Movie, and then a short trip to the market and home. I tried to watch the movie but I was so uncomfortable that I went back upstairs and went to bed. Slept till nearly 1130. Still feeling kinda peak'ed as my mom would say.

Very quiet Hallowe'en back here. Watched some TV and finished "In Her Shoes". I liked the book. Have been busy reading the last few days, " A Million Little Pieces", "Sarah", "The Witch of Cologne". I am still trying to read "The Historian", "I Am Charlotte Simmons", and "My Sister's Keeper". I got notified that I have 2 new books coming to review. That will be good. I usually put away my personal reading and get to the reviews first. They both sound good. I read 2 books last month too. That perked me up a bit.

And I got an email from my WB station that I won a Ray Charles CD and poster. I just sent in my name for the heck of it. Whoo hoo. Faxed the info back to them and now I wait for my goodies.

Not much else going on in my life.


31 October, 2005

Hallowe'en Bah Humbug!

Tonight I am going to turn off my lights, lock the doors and be glad I live at the back of a lot. I hate Hallowe'en with a bright burning passion. I don't mind other people enjoying it, just don't force me into it. The NSO can't figure out why I hate it so, but I don't want to give out candy to ungrateful kids who are dropped off in my neighborhood because "they don't have a safe place to trick or treat". And why shoot guns late at night? Scare ghosts away? Duh. I hate all of it. But being in a back house with no lights on should be a good sign. I will be in the family room and have the oh so brave Dog with me.

Rant over.

Went to the Phil yesterday and had a nice time. Heard Schumann and Mendelsohn and Haydn. Andre Schiff conducted and played. It was a nice concert. Came back and sat in the spa and then left for home. No dinner so I stopped at Trader Joes and picked up a sammie and some other stuff, then home and watched Poker on TV with the husband. With the time change, by 2200 I am already having closed eyes so I crawled in and fell asleep.

Kids had a good time this weekend. Son went to Blizzcon and saw Offspring in concert. Daughter went to the Magic Kingdom and California Adventure. She loved Tower of Terror and the new improved Space Mountain. One of these days I have to go back. It's been years.

I went to Costco. LOL. And I watched the oh so delectable CatWoman. God what a waste of time, but I know why my son liked it. That was a background chewer if I ever saw one. Someone needed the money to make that. Haha.

Decorated the house a little for Thanksgiving. That was nice. Will do Christmas the 2nd week of Advent. Have to ask the kid to check out pre lit trees at his work and the cost. I think we will do that. And then go to Joanne's for garland, and decorations. This will be a nice Christmas. Need to get lists from the kids.

Tomorrow the new SW movie comes out on DVD. I have to take the kid to work to buy it at 0800. Then he is going to come with me to the farmers market so I can get some squash and some small baby potatoes. If I can find some beans, I'll get them too. Will make a healthy dinner for them tomorrow. I'd like to get some portobellos, and BBQ them.

Hot today. Santana Winds all over the basin. Nice change but I do like cool and clear as opposed to hot and clear. Hope the fires won't start again. That wreaks havoc on my breathing apparatus. Nose doesn't like smoke .


28 October, 2005

My Friday Shuffle

1. Apollo 13 Launch Soundtrack/ Apollo 13
2. Uncle John's Band Grateful Dead
3. I Feel the Earth Move Carole King
4. The Levitation 3PO Soundtrack Star Wars Return of the Jedi
5. The Emperor Arrives Soundtrack Star Wars Return of the Jedi
6. Dust on the Bottle Tim McGraw
7. Sunshine of Your Life Cream
8. What is Life? George Harrison
9. Summertime Blues George Thorogood
10. Ring of Fire Johnny Cash
Let's see where to begin?

#1 son is at Blizzcon this weekend and getting his fill of gaming. I wish I could sweep all the shit in his room into a bag and actually see the floor. Daughter is going to the Magic Kingdom with a park hopper and she's all jazzed. Space Mountain is open and she's gonna hit it bigtime. I think their dad is going to go gold panning. Whee. I have to go to a funeral so I am going to stay home and work on the downstairs some more.

When I got back from taking the kid to school I cleaned out the fireplace and set it up for later. I will stockpile another box of logs just in case. Cleaner than wood to be sure, but you still have to clean the hearth every other day.

Tried some new garlic bread last night, it was sun dried tomato. Yum. Had that and lasagne for dinner. I have to think of something yummy to make tonight. Maybe get a pie and make that for dessert. I feel like baking. Sounds like something good to do.

Feeling better congestion and sneezing wise. Still having lots of pain in the shoulder and wrist. Drove to/from Anaheim the other day and OMG did I pay for that. No distance driving for me.

CNN is showing AF1 pulling in and the shrub getting off. Sure a nice looking plane. He's on his way in Marine One to Camp David, probably to hide and find someone who will the special interests wants and wishes for a new justice. Let the minority rule the majority, even if we don't agree.WE The shrub is having some troubles to put it mildly. Reminds me of the Nixon days. Sad. All those people were up in arms about Clinton and his blowjob, but these are national security issues, a war that should have never happened, and lack of leadership. And the wonderful Right. I am just sad that so many people were bamboozled by so few.

The election here is getting nasty. I am voting against all the propositions because the Guvernator has not kept his promises, and he is as bad or worse than Gray Davis.

We get to turn our clocks back tomorrow. An extra hour of sleep. That will be nice. I like when it gets dark early, can light the fire and enjoy the downstairs more. Too bad I don't have a wireless router and a laptop. I'd be fine. Ha.

Off to see the wizard.


21 October, 2005

Friday I-Pod

1. Papa Loved Mama Garth Brooks
2. Chain of Fools Aretha Franklin
3. Wade in the Water Chanticleer
4. The Battle of Endor John Williams
5. Brokedown Palace Grateful Dead
6. Dulaman Chanticleer
7. Box of Rain Grateful Dead
8. Trash Day Weird Al
9. Down To You Joni Mitchell
10. It's 5 o'clock Somewhere Alan Jackson

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20 October, 2005

I am so tired of all these ads for the election. I am going to vote no on all the propositions. The guvernator is not doing what he promised, he's for big money and big business, and not for the people of this state. God what a horses' ass.

Took the kids to school today in the Chevy. I don't have a lot of gas in the Cad so it seemed the right thing to do. Only thing is the husband didn't get the turn signal switch fixed so we have to pound on the dash once in a while to make sure it keeps working. IT was cold on the way to school today so I didn't feel like I wanted to put the window down and use hand signals. Fall is here. I was so cold last night, just curled up and stayed in one place. At least this bed is warmer than the unheated water bed I slept on for all those years.

Wedding rehearsal tonight. Yesterday I bought some supplies for the decorations, I hope that they will turn out ok. The wedding should be nice. And get it over with and collapse.

Time for steam and a shower to open up my clogged sinuses. Damn, what a pain.


19 October, 2005

Saw a 777 lift off from 25L today as Kiddo and I were driving to Micheal's to get some stuff for the wedding. Boy she is a graceful bird and she also is a comfy one to fly in. I got to fly in an intl setup one that was on it's way to somewhere when I flew home from ORD to LAX one very cold Wednesday in January. The thing I remember most about that trip was freezing in the RJ that we flew from ORD to MSN. Damn thing felt like you were sticking your tongue on a lamppost, Just cold and colder. Then landing in MSN hours late and no luggage till 8PM the next day. We were one of 4 flights that had no luggage. Thank God the CSA agent was efficient.

I have to thank the kiddo for sharing her head cold with me. I just took a vicodin because I know the hydrocodone will not only take away the pain from my hand and shoulder, but stop me from coughing my lungs out. My head feels like the top will blow off. Shit.

The neighbor is testing the engine on his 17 foot runabout. Sounds like a Harley at full throttle.
I wish he'd take it somewhere and leave it so the parking wasn't such a bitch in the driveway. 2 houses on a lot and not enough street parking. And I use my garage!


18 October, 2005

You Are Japanese Food

Strange yet delicious.
Contrary to popular belief, you're not always eaten raw.

16 October, 2005

Went to church this morning. Glad I did. I am going to Disney Hall tonight for a lecture and a concert by Dame Gillian Weir on the organ. Need to find something comfy to wear. It's raining out now and predicted to continue. Feels like fall. We need the rain.

This is what I feel like doing. Just wrapping up and staying warm and surfing. But I can't. So it's take the kid to work, go to the market and then come home and decide what to wear.


15 October, 2005

My mommy has email. The world is right. She can no communicate with distant relatives, not so distant kids and me. This is good.

I am going to Joannes and Yankee Candle tomorrow and spend some money that I shouldn't but I need to. I need some more candles and I have a 10$ off any $25. That means I can buy a jar and some votives and get 10$ off.

Got a new pair of easy spirit boots today. Also used my 25$ coupon that I got for being a faithful customer of DSW. Loads and loads of boots over there. Also lots of shoes that I like. When I get my check, I am taking $75 and getting some casual but nice shoes and maybe a bag too. Never have enough you know.

Well such is life in the big city.


14 October, 2005

Friday's IPOD

1. Play That Funky Music Average White Band
2. If You Don't Wanna Love Cowboy Troy
3. Witchy Woman Da Eagles
4. Alleluia V. Pascha Nostrum Chanticleer
5. Mocking Bird Ike and Tina Turner
6. Wrap Around the World Cowboy Troy
7. The Battle of Endor III John Williams, The London Phil,
8. She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy Kenny Chesney
9. One Bourbon, One Scotch, One... George Thorogood
10. Little Rock Reba McIntyre
What a day. Josh was up early and went to Fryes to get some computer stuff because he has to reformat his PC, did I ever tell you I love my MAC? Anyway he said the place was like a madhouse and it took forever.

Then he went up to Barry's and tried to get him an email addy on his poor computer. Well he's running OS9.something and I run OS10.4. A bit of a difference. I got him the newer version of IE so he won't be totally out of sync with the world. Thank God for Apple connections. Now he has his own at home email addy and I sent him one. We will see when and if he replies. I love my computer. It's my link to the world.

The kiddo is still sick. Poor baby. She needs to get over this soon. She sounds and feels like schiessen.

HAnging in.


13 October, 2005

My kiddo is sick. She doesn't feel too swift. I am sorry. I hope she perks up. She looks about as bad as she feels.

Life is exciting, not.

Meat loaf for dinner. Almost time to start it. Gonna be yummy. Smashed po's, french style green beans and good old corn round it out. At least they will be eating healthy.

I might be getting a speaker for my Ipod.


12 October, 2005

Thanks Dix!
Your Hair Should Be Blue

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You are Marcie!

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10 October, 2005

Fell down and landed on my sore hand when we were camping. Scraped up the back too. What a clod.

Campground is closed forever. Another piece of history left to greed. Wonder what will happen. I am sad for the people who live there and are now evicted. After the storms decimated it I wondered what they would do. Guess they felt they should sell it and get out.
This is what the winter storms did to the campground and the residents there were stranded for 19 days when the bridges were wiped out. Sad.

There were campsites under this water. The camp went from >220 sites to less than 50. And if they didn't want to spend the money to rebuild, it was their choice, sad as it is.
RIP Follows Campground, The Fort Restaraunt, Marconi Mining Supply.


07 October, 2005

It's fall! I am glad that it's sneaking up though we will have some heat before the weather cools off. That's just fall in Southern CA, duh.
Camping this weekend in the mts above LA. Hopefully the fires will stay to the south of us. I want a nice quiet weekend. We've got the motorhome so we might as well make use of it. Doesn't cost that much and we've got plenty of stuff in the storage areas. And there are also MRE's if we get desperate. Not that I would eat them. I am going to take some burgers and some chicken and we can graze.
Take care kiddos.
Friday I-Pod

1. Big Slim Shady Weird Al
2. Midnight at the Oasis Maria Muldaur
3. Shreks Karoake Mix Shrek 2 Soundtrack
4. Little Rock Reba McIntyre
5. If I Were A Carpenter Bobby Darin
6. Concert for Flute and Horn Mozart
7. Leia's News/Light of the Force John Williams/Return of the Jedi Soundtrack
8. Twisted Joni Mitchell
9. Night and Day/Cole Porter Chanticleer
10. She Drives Me Crazy Kermit the Frog w/ Miss Piggy

05 October, 2005

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Bridezilla has nothing on the wedding I am doing soon. Just keep checking and believe me, a tale will be told. And I do this for free/ yep.


03 October, 2005

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01 October, 2005

Saturday Ipod things

1. So Righteous Joan Osborne
2. The Weight Live Grateful Dead and Allman Brothers Live
3. Clementine Bobby Darin
4. One Way or Another Joss Stone and Blondie
5. Wild Thing Kermit the Frog and Animal
6. The Pirate Song The Ruttles featuring George Harrison
7. I'll Be There Bobby Darin
8. Face Down Kate Todd Band
9. Blue Moon of KY Patsy Cline
10. Just Like This Train Joni Mitchell

23 September, 2005

What's on My Ipod today?

1. Stardust Glenn Miller and Benny Goodman
2. BBQ Stain Tim McGraw
3. Papa Loved Mama Garth Brooks
4. Hallelujah Rufus Wainwright
5, All She Wants to Do Don Henley
6. Where Are You? Monty Python's Spamalot Cast Recording
7. I Shall Be Released Bob Dylan et al
8. The Droids Are Captured Star Wars: Return of the Jedi Soundtrack
9. Alleluia V. Pascha Nostrum Chanticleer
10. Historians Introduction Monty Python's Spamalot Cast Recording

14 September, 2005

I have problems with this blog for some reason. The other one is my favorite. But hey, perhaps I can get this one just as exciting as the other one. Just downloaded the new BB King cd. Oh it's good.

This is what I saw on my summer vacation by the by::
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

bye bye

22 August, 2005

I don't even use this blog, I like my other one.
But I am a happy camper.
Life goes on.