31 January, 2013

Vin Blanc

Lemme tell you! These are good wines. I enjoy a good white. 

Wine and cheese and black olive pizza tonight. Couldn't have asked for a better dinner. 

Now it's back to reading. 

(A little whine.....why is it the one W-2 I need to get started is the last one that comes? I will pick up some instruction books at the library when I pick up the kid tomorrow after work.)

da bunny

30 January, 2013

Such is the life.....

I've been under then weather for the last few days, don't know if it's the up and down temps or just too much togetherness. It's coming up on 6 months now that the errant spouse has been out of a job and I have totally lost my routine.

And for the raptor fans, it's back in fine form. Sitting outside on the upper patio and squawking away.  It's varying it's noises now but it's still as annoying as hell. Add to that a cocker spaniel bitch that barks at people and the tiny little chihuahua comrade. I think we need to get a comrade for the Duffster, a boxer bitch would be nice.

We've had some rainy days and today it is hazy but nice. Went to one of my favorite plane watching spots and saw the new Lufthansa 748 come in. Amazing how something that big can fly, there were 2 Qantas A 380's parked for their journeys back across the sea tonight. I've seen the ladies come in but I have only once seen an A380 take off, and that was the first one that visited LAX many years ago.

I've been bitching about my hair for the last month so I called and booked an appt on Friday to get a perm. God knows I need one. Curls and more curls. 

My new bonsais. Free, 

Stay well. Love God. Be happy. 

da bunny

22 January, 2013

My favorite toy

I got a Kindle Fire HD for Christmas.
I am thrilled. I have Amazon Prime, so I can watch movies and TV for free as well as use Netflix for those movies that aren't available.
It's nice to be able to download a few movies that I like and have them on the Kindle. 

To my friends in the midwest, I am sorry your knickers are freezing.
It was 78 and muggy here today.
We're going to have a chance of rain though. 
I like rainy days.

da bunny

21 January, 2013

More from the Golden Rabbit Tour

No commentary, maybe some duplicates, but our weekend away from it all.....

 This little one keeps me warm at night in my sleeping bag. Off leash all weekend.

20 January, 2013

A Happy Woman's Life Book Page 62

A Happy Woman's Life Book Page 62

By Amulbunny   
January 20,2013

Outside my window. . . 80, sunny with a light breeze.  

I am thinking…  pretty soon I’ll go into football withdrawal.  

I am thankful for…  a nice change in the weather.

From the learning rooms… last weekend showed me how there can be 1 inch of ice in a bucket full of water.

I can't believe . . .that the last Christmas decoration is packed.

From the kitchen . . . Mom’s meat loaf.

I am wearing…  comfy clothes.

I am creating . . . a good dinner.   
I am going…   to take a nap.

I am reading . . . Going Clear, Scientology, Hollywood & The Prison of Belief by Lawrence Wright.

I am hoping…  the Patriots get beat.

I am hearing…  AFL Championship Game.

Around the house. . . . 1 dog, 1 cat, 1 husband, 1 son.

One of my favorite things… rainy days and a good book.

A few plans for the rest of the week
1.   Plan some meals
2.   Do some shopping
3.   Watch the Inauguration.

Here is a picture for thought I am sharing:

 The result of below freezing temps in the desert. No snow. Just cold. 

19 January, 2013

So we wanted to get away from it all

This is what happens when you don't hold the shotgun against your shoulder (where it might tear something up and against your upper arm) I did fine with the .22 even though I can't see through the scope worth beans. 
I did pretty good with the .38 pistol. 
This was target shooting only. I had to lock the dog in the truck because he was so scared of the noise. The dog did enjoy his trip. He was off leash the entire time. 

This is where our friends are going to retire. Over those mountains is Ft Irwin so if you have a wonder, google it and you'll see how close we were. Nothing around except scrub and more scrub. You haul in your water and take out your trash. 

This is a view of our truck, their truck and their permanent travel trailer. 
It never got above 42 degrees in the daytime and the nights were down to 20.
All the water that was in buckets used for classifying the dirt they brought down from the mountain was frozen, with an inch thick ice cap on the top. 

This is what we found Saturday morning when we woke up. 2 large icicles hanging from the corner of the truck where the greywater water tank is. This was before the big freeze. 

This is the view from the 5 acres. If you like the desert it's a good thing. I'm not much for the desert. In the summer it's so hot they sleep in hammocks out side. An adventure I'm not up for. 

But it was a relaxing weekend. Some people started the day with beer and tequila shots. Other people drank their hot tea by the fire pit and watched the day go by. 

The road to get there is not a road. It's a wash. If they are up there when there is a storm, they won't be able to get out unless they get a 4 wheel drive truck. There is no cell phone service, they'll need satellite for the internet and phone. I don't even know if the county grades the road. Perhaps someone who lives down the canyon has a grader on their truck. We have a 3T camper truck that got stuck in soft sand. 

I'm not going on the next gold expedition. I'm going to stay home and read books on my Kindle and watch TV. 

da bunny

11 January, 2013

The blogger who thinks I am a mean hater......CB

She posted a text today on shunning. It's something that divides families and deprives children and grandchildren of fellowship. She intimated that if you are Catholic you are an atheist, and anyone who has a Christmas tree is an idolator. I usually write comments to her that are a wee bit snarky. Today however I felt a more serious one was needed. She'll still think I am a hater and she won't come over here and confront me. She lives in a trailer in northern OK, pulled up the wheels and moved with very little notice. What are they afraid of? Uncle Sam?

This is what I wrote to her:

Dear CB, 

I am so sorry you are so perfect in your life and faith that no one who doesn't believe the same way as you has no chance of being in heaven. It's funny though that Jesus Christ, our saviour, hung out with the shunned of the world. Tax Collectors, Bombastic shouters, brothers who were nicknamed Thunder and Lightning, and most of all his mother who was unwed when she became pregnant. He came to save sinners and all of us, even you, fall short of the glory of God. 

I feel sorry for you because obviously you have to embellish your life to make your real life palatable. Your uncalled for attacks on the Catholic faith doesn't make you a better person, it makes you sad. Why don't you creep into a mass some day and actually hear what goes on. There isn't any praying to anyone but God. You'd hear a lesson from the OT, a Psalm, a reading from the New Testament, the singing of an alleluia, The gospel from Christ and a short homily on the gospel. Doesn't sound like any evil things to me.

Your behavior to your father in law was rude. Plain and simple. What happened to Christian hospitality? Would you do the same to Christ if he appeared on your doorstep? An Aramaic man in a dusty robe and sandals asking for a glass of water? Bet not. You'd shoo him away so fast. 

I think the angels are avoiding you because at your heart is a blackened sack of flesh. 


 I can back up a lot of things with the Bible too, and God gave me common sense and I've had my butt in a church since I was 3 years old. Before they had crying rooms, sitting on folding chairs in a classroom at a country school that was leased until the congregation had enough money to build their own church.

How sorry I feel for her children who she allows no contact with their grandfather who drove over 500 miles to give them a card for Christmas. Cards that were sent back unopened. There is no love in that heart only unending bitterness.

I personally think that she is so miserable in her life that she has to make up fake things to make her minions think she is so special and wonderful. I think she looks out her window at a trailer similar to hers and thinks how nice it would be to live in a house with a yard and a garage and room for her children. She doesn't let her children mingle with other children in the park because they would be exposed to people who celebrate Christmas and Easter. 2 of her favorite rants about pagan religions. 
And God forbid you're a faithful Catholic, you are doomed to the fiery rings of hell. *I'm Lutheran and I suppose I'd be on the next rung up.*

So that's that. I'm off to a weekend retreat in the desert, not too far from St Anthony's Monastery. Maybe I'll stand outside in the freezing cold tonight and look at the milky way and thank God that I am a poor sinner who needs his ever present and ever abiding love. 


10 January, 2013

Kind of busy day....for the hubs

We're headed off to the high desert this weekend. To see some property our friends bought in the back of nowhere. They have a trailer on it and now that the motor home is fixed we are going to go out there. Leaving in the dark, a 3 hour drive, and it's going to be freezing. I'll be glad to have the dog with me to keep me warm!

The dog and cat know where to be when it's cold outside. The heater in my bedroom.  

 The hubs resting after 95% of the floor is down. He's got to do the strip on the right and the back of the step. 

The loo tiled. 

This may not be a big thing for you,but this is a 1979 Rollalong Motorhome and it had the original pea soup yellow shag carpet in it. The carpet was so bad that underneath it was a layer of dirt that had soaked through it. I will get a rug for around the toilet because cold feet in the middle of the niht are not fun. 

Pictures and highlights hopefully when we get home!!!!

Da bunny rolling on the Golden Rabbit Tour of 2013. 

06 January, 2013

and on the 12th day of christmas

12 drummers drumming


today is Epiphany
the Sunday of Light and Life


05 January, 2013


People seem to brag about the number and kind of Bibles that they own. Ok. I own 4.
2 Lutheran Study Bibles, one hardcover and one softcover (which was given away to all participants at the Lutheran Youth Gathering in New Orleans in 2009, and I got for 1¢ on Amazon used), a Women's Bible which is NIV and a very old KJV that I took when I traveled. Now that I have my Kindle I have 2 Bibles on that too. 

And I do open them and read them. 

And on the 11th day of Christmas

my true love gave to me:

11 Pipers Piping

But that's not what he's really given me. He's repaired the exhaust manifold on the RV so while he's still off, we can take mid week excursions to his gold prospecting places, we can go to the desert to visit our friends who have a trailer on a piece of land out there past Barstow. He's given me time to decompress. 

That's what my true love gave to me. 

04 January, 2013

What's the Lord Got to Do with it?

Some people have no brains. Some people hold onto grudges, pass them on to their children, and make things pretty difficult for all involved. Some people cloak this in the perfect belief that they are the only saved ones and if the others don't follow their footsteps they are damned to the eternal fires of hell.

If you celebrate Christmas you're a pagan. Damn right and damn proud. But then I don't care when Jesus was born, his grace is unlimited and the fact that we celebrate his birthday down to the creche and angels and shepherds and have for generations, is more important than calling us idol worshipers.

So there was someone else in a far off land born with the same myth. Ancient history is full of myths. Myths that were brought from one far off civilization to another. Celebrations that were integrated into belief systems to make new converts feel at home. Traditions that came down from one group of people to another and another.

And there were Christians reading the Bible in vernacular German long before James had his translation commissioned? Were they idolatrous in their reading of the scripture?

I'm pretty joyful most of the time. I'm a Christian, and even am a homemaker. Probably was one before the trainwreck was in diapers.

And to the blogger "When did the Holy Spirit poop out all this knowledge and confrontation on you? Why do you lie to others when it's possible to prove you wrong so easily? And one last thing, your recipes are awful. Totally unpalatable. I guess if you are forced to eat it and don't know anything better then you enjoy it, but we know you love your Mt Dew and Taco Bell. And you aren't a size 4."

The bunny who's pretty tired of you pretending to me something you aren't.

10 days, who's got room for all this

10 Lords a Leaping

over what I wonder??

Catch up, all I do is Catchup...

Nine ladies dancing.

Shake that bootie sister!

The behinder I get....

8 maids a milking ( can't see her 7 sisters sorry)

And a little behind I am

On the 7th day of Christmas my true love gave to me....

Seven swans a Swimming

(too cold for me)