19 January, 2013

So we wanted to get away from it all

This is what happens when you don't hold the shotgun against your shoulder (where it might tear something up and against your upper arm) I did fine with the .22 even though I can't see through the scope worth beans. 
I did pretty good with the .38 pistol. 
This was target shooting only. I had to lock the dog in the truck because he was so scared of the noise. The dog did enjoy his trip. He was off leash the entire time. 

This is where our friends are going to retire. Over those mountains is Ft Irwin so if you have a wonder, google it and you'll see how close we were. Nothing around except scrub and more scrub. You haul in your water and take out your trash. 

This is a view of our truck, their truck and their permanent travel trailer. 
It never got above 42 degrees in the daytime and the nights were down to 20.
All the water that was in buckets used for classifying the dirt they brought down from the mountain was frozen, with an inch thick ice cap on the top. 

This is what we found Saturday morning when we woke up. 2 large icicles hanging from the corner of the truck where the greywater water tank is. This was before the big freeze. 

This is the view from the 5 acres. If you like the desert it's a good thing. I'm not much for the desert. In the summer it's so hot they sleep in hammocks out side. An adventure I'm not up for. 

But it was a relaxing weekend. Some people started the day with beer and tequila shots. Other people drank their hot tea by the fire pit and watched the day go by. 

The road to get there is not a road. It's a wash. If they are up there when there is a storm, they won't be able to get out unless they get a 4 wheel drive truck. There is no cell phone service, they'll need satellite for the internet and phone. I don't even know if the county grades the road. Perhaps someone who lives down the canyon has a grader on their truck. We have a 3T camper truck that got stuck in soft sand. 

I'm not going on the next gold expedition. I'm going to stay home and read books on my Kindle and watch TV. 

da bunny

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