11 January, 2013

The blogger who thinks I am a mean hater......CB

She posted a text today on shunning. It's something that divides families and deprives children and grandchildren of fellowship. She intimated that if you are Catholic you are an atheist, and anyone who has a Christmas tree is an idolator. I usually write comments to her that are a wee bit snarky. Today however I felt a more serious one was needed. She'll still think I am a hater and she won't come over here and confront me. She lives in a trailer in northern OK, pulled up the wheels and moved with very little notice. What are they afraid of? Uncle Sam?

This is what I wrote to her:

Dear CB, 

I am so sorry you are so perfect in your life and faith that no one who doesn't believe the same way as you has no chance of being in heaven. It's funny though that Jesus Christ, our saviour, hung out with the shunned of the world. Tax Collectors, Bombastic shouters, brothers who were nicknamed Thunder and Lightning, and most of all his mother who was unwed when she became pregnant. He came to save sinners and all of us, even you, fall short of the glory of God. 

I feel sorry for you because obviously you have to embellish your life to make your real life palatable. Your uncalled for attacks on the Catholic faith doesn't make you a better person, it makes you sad. Why don't you creep into a mass some day and actually hear what goes on. There isn't any praying to anyone but God. You'd hear a lesson from the OT, a Psalm, a reading from the New Testament, the singing of an alleluia, The gospel from Christ and a short homily on the gospel. Doesn't sound like any evil things to me.

Your behavior to your father in law was rude. Plain and simple. What happened to Christian hospitality? Would you do the same to Christ if he appeared on your doorstep? An Aramaic man in a dusty robe and sandals asking for a glass of water? Bet not. You'd shoo him away so fast. 

I think the angels are avoiding you because at your heart is a blackened sack of flesh. 


 I can back up a lot of things with the Bible too, and God gave me common sense and I've had my butt in a church since I was 3 years old. Before they had crying rooms, sitting on folding chairs in a classroom at a country school that was leased until the congregation had enough money to build their own church.

How sorry I feel for her children who she allows no contact with their grandfather who drove over 500 miles to give them a card for Christmas. Cards that were sent back unopened. There is no love in that heart only unending bitterness.

I personally think that she is so miserable in her life that she has to make up fake things to make her minions think she is so special and wonderful. I think she looks out her window at a trailer similar to hers and thinks how nice it would be to live in a house with a yard and a garage and room for her children. She doesn't let her children mingle with other children in the park because they would be exposed to people who celebrate Christmas and Easter. 2 of her favorite rants about pagan religions. 
And God forbid you're a faithful Catholic, you are doomed to the fiery rings of hell. *I'm Lutheran and I suppose I'd be on the next rung up.*

So that's that. I'm off to a weekend retreat in the desert, not too far from St Anthony's Monastery. Maybe I'll stand outside in the freezing cold tonight and look at the milky way and thank God that I am a poor sinner who needs his ever present and ever abiding love. 


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