10 January, 2013

Kind of busy day....for the hubs

We're headed off to the high desert this weekend. To see some property our friends bought in the back of nowhere. They have a trailer on it and now that the motor home is fixed we are going to go out there. Leaving in the dark, a 3 hour drive, and it's going to be freezing. I'll be glad to have the dog with me to keep me warm!

The dog and cat know where to be when it's cold outside. The heater in my bedroom.  

 The hubs resting after 95% of the floor is down. He's got to do the strip on the right and the back of the step. 

The loo tiled. 

This may not be a big thing for you,but this is a 1979 Rollalong Motorhome and it had the original pea soup yellow shag carpet in it. The carpet was so bad that underneath it was a layer of dirt that had soaked through it. I will get a rug for around the toilet because cold feet in the middle of the niht are not fun. 

Pictures and highlights hopefully when we get home!!!!

Da bunny rolling on the Golden Rabbit Tour of 2013. 

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