30 January, 2013

Such is the life.....

I've been under then weather for the last few days, don't know if it's the up and down temps or just too much togetherness. It's coming up on 6 months now that the errant spouse has been out of a job and I have totally lost my routine.

And for the raptor fans, it's back in fine form. Sitting outside on the upper patio and squawking away.  It's varying it's noises now but it's still as annoying as hell. Add to that a cocker spaniel bitch that barks at people and the tiny little chihuahua comrade. I think we need to get a comrade for the Duffster, a boxer bitch would be nice.

We've had some rainy days and today it is hazy but nice. Went to one of my favorite plane watching spots and saw the new Lufthansa 748 come in. Amazing how something that big can fly, there were 2 Qantas A 380's parked for their journeys back across the sea tonight. I've seen the ladies come in but I have only once seen an A380 take off, and that was the first one that visited LAX many years ago.

I've been bitching about my hair for the last month so I called and booked an appt on Friday to get a perm. God knows I need one. Curls and more curls. 

My new bonsais. Free, 

Stay well. Love God. Be happy. 

da bunny


  1. Love the bonsais! I've always wanted one but I don't dare, I just cannot keep house plants alive to save my life :p

  2. I got 4 of them for free. I don't have much luck with growing things. But these are already several years old. And they were free, so I am going to try my best with them. I've named them so I feel obligated to take care of them.