31 August, 2007

Random thoughts part 4

Well August is almost over and what a month it's been. Thankfully September doesn't look as wild and wooley. I did a spreadsheet today and saw that the agency that I hate still owes me 2K. Wonder when that will appear. It would be nice to wake up tomorrow and see money in my account so I can pay my rent this coming month.

The neck is not good today. It aches and aches. Feels like something is just twisted in there. Wonder if it will go away soon. I'd like a nice pain less weekend. And a peaceful one with no squabbling and no bitching and no people making asinine comments about things they can't control.

There are just some things you can do and some things you can't. It really pisses me off that my kids tell me to "hold on mom". I take it for about 2x and then I let them have it. They have it pretty darn good here and don't have to pay rent or utilities or cell phones or anything else. That is going to change. They are both adults and it's about time they start to realize that. I've been paying for books and tuition for #2 and she needs to find a job and pay me back. #1 is having his midlife crisis at 20. He needs to get his ass in gear and start seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Because I am not going to be there to shine the flashlight for him.

I don't have anything else to bitch about at this moment. This is a good place for me to vent though.

30 August, 2007

And the steroid flare hits again

Another 48 hours where I feel terrific and then it's the steroid flare that hits and the aches start. So I called the doctor's office and asked for one more day. That's what usually happens.The cure is worse than the disease.

It's hot and humid here today. I dread the thought of going outside to do anything so I won't. My neck aches and I think I'll get the ice pack and sit against my bedrest and let it go on the neck.

Can't wait for the new season of Bones and House. They look so good. They are always good shows to watch.

I am thinking about taking a language class if I can find one that fits my time. I need to learn how to speak Spanish. It's a necessary evil in this area.

So this is one of those not so great days.

28 August, 2007

Today is the last shot

Today's the day for the last shot. Tomorrow I see the ortho and discuss further treatment options. I have to deal with the random pain but I think the shots have helped a bit. But today I am so hungry and I can't eat till about 6 PM. Ack. And I am craving pizza.

Kid #2 said her books are going to be expensive. She's already said nearly 300$ and she hasn't even gone to her last class. Every few months this is going to to happen. She's going to have to get a job so she can help.

Heat is coming. I hope that I can deal with it. Right now I just want to get this procedure done and over with. I am too wound up to care. Need some energy to dissipate. At least I will get some sleep during the procedure.

More when I am feeling like a person again.

26 August, 2007

There was moisture from the sky today

What was that? It was rain, albeit just a little, but we actually had some drops fall and a wee bit of thunder.

I need to go to the pet store tomorrow and buy some Frontline for the animals. I know that the spouse will get bitchy about it but it's fair.

Did a whole lot of laundry today and have clean clothes for work tomorrow. Might even wear the uniform since I will be gone at least 2 days for my 3rd epidural injection this week. Such fun.

So life goes on and the chicken enchiladas are cooking. I am going to go down stairs and have a nice glass of wine.


25 August, 2007

Wow a week

It's been a week. Both literally and figuratively. I've been working and it's like being a real person again. I have impressed people with my work ethic and the fact that I can be a mature adult on the front desk. I've got a lot to learn, there are little things like forms that whack me out on the system, but I can do a report, sit down and greet visitors and handle 2 phone systems. I R A RECEPTIONIST.

So it's a good thing. It's been a long week though and I have a lot of stuff to do this weekend at home. I am off to do some shopping now and then figure out how to best handle the rest of the weekend.

3rd and last shot looms on Tuesday with a ortho visit on Wed. I have those 2 days off.

On with life.

18 August, 2007

Ice packs and heat waves

Today I had my trusty ice pack on my neck. I seem to have a little swelling at the injection site. I hope it goes down. I took a nap this afternoon, was just beat from the heat.

Went to WalMart and bought ice tea and water and some tee shirts for the kid#2. I got some envelopes. Big Whoop. But at least there was a breeze blowing and the temp was down a little. I know people hate it but their water is 20 oz bottles and decently priced, and we do drink a lot of water here.

It also means that people get up several times a night and dispose of that water too. Ha.

The cockarocha Honda needs some work. Needs a lot of work. Guess the kid had best get his ass in gear and find a job that will pay enough so he can get his car fixed.

I feel a breeze. Whoa. That is awesome. I don't do well in the heat and that is a well known fact. Tomorrow we are going to a pool party and I plan on spending most of my afternoon in the pool. I will use sunblock. I promise. I just want to get comfy and cool.

Time to find a cool corner and read a book. I just finished an awesome book about NASA and space flight. Neat.


17 August, 2007

Aw hell

Okay so still no compensation from the agency that I hate. Today I sent off emails and letters to the people I elected in congress and the senate to complain and perhaps get some action. I hope someone will give a damn and do something. Otherwise things around here are going to get very nasty and very bad. And I don't know what will happen with the family. Things are already going downhill because of this.

I am still having an inordinate amount of pain at the injection site and the surrounding area of my neck. At least the bubbles are gone but I have this dull aching pain from the injection still. They say it could be the steroid flare. I don't know but I hope the cure is not worse than the disease.

The heat is on. It's not going down at night and it's miserable even here. The fans don't do much.

I am going back to reading my book about NASA and the space program. It's really good.
I need to read.

Oh I just have to add, I miss the X Files. I watched some reruns yesterday. That was good TV.


15 August, 2007

Day 2 not too bad

Well I did have a nasty ass headache and took some Vicodin and that seemed to knock it out.
I have a little discomfort around my neck but not too bad. Will make it an early evening tonight so I can go to work tomorrow. I'll just take some meds with me and if I need them I'll use them. At least the work isn't as physically stressful as the other one was. At least I feel a lot more peace with myself doing what I am doing now than doing what I was doing before. And if I make it till 28 December I'll have 5 years in and I will be vested, not much vested but I can count it. Then I can use this as a launching pad to another agency perhaps.

The dogs are chasing each other outside. They are being crazy. They want to get in and get the cat but nope, I am not letting them in. It's nicer outside than it is inside and they have plenty of water and food so they are okay.

The kid #2 is registering for her first semester of college. Somewhere I have to come up with +/- 400$ for that and books. Oh joy. The other one is taking a quarter off and quite possibly will be jobless as of Friday. Tomorrow she's going to Universal and kid #1 is going to Disneyland. End of summer fun I guess. #1 needs to start waking up that he's not the center of anyone's universe and he needs to buckle down and go to work and do his job, which he won't have after Friday I have a serious feeling. But does he listen to me? No.

So what can I say. Life is normal as it can be. Still no word from the agency, from the congresscritter or anyone. I am getting really angry about all this shit.

So have a great night.


14 August, 2007

2nd Shot same as the 1st

One more to go and then I am done with the epidurals or so they say. I've had my ice on so now it's an hour off and then I am taking my meds and resting a little. I am off tomorrow so we shall see how it goes.

It's been a warm day and promises to be a warm evening. I would much prefer cool weather to recuperate in but it seems to me that last summer as I had my shoulder surgery it was hot, humid, and miserable when I had it. But that was in July now as I remember. I am still rather buzzed you see.

But that's not too bad. Fentanyl and Versed make an awesome combo. I just wanted to take a nap and I was so hungry and thirsty when I got done. I asked for a Coca Cola. I was NPO prior to the surgery, but I did sip on water since it was so damn hot before we left. As for me it's always the real thing. I don't like Pepsi and can't drink Diet Coke because it gives me migraines.

So I will be home tomorrow and Thursday back to work, providing I don't have any odd complications like last time. So that's about it. Family is experiencing thunder storms in MN with wind,rain and the like. Wish we'd get some!


12 August, 2007

Sunday laughter

Well I went to see Hairspray with the #2 kid yesterday and I really loved it. I think I will have to see it again and buy it when it comes out on DVD. It was really a fun movie.

Work went well. It was so busy that the week flew by. It seemed so nice to have Saturday off and to be able to do things. Hit the Orowheat store and bought 3 loaves of bread that I love there. It's 1/2 price from the stores and believe me, the sweet Bavarian Wheat bread reminds me of the bread my grandma used to bake.
Still fighting with that agency. Blah. Idiots. Yadda Yadda Yadda. I am tired of it.

Not much to say or update. Just tired.

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08 August, 2007


Who woulda thunk it. I actually am happy at work. Of course my shoulder is still giving me fits but we are treated like human beings and the 4 of us from swing are working together. We work like a well tuned unit and we actually had someone say they would not have believed it if they hadn't seen it. And 8 hours flies by because we are doing something different every couple of hours.

Next week is another shot. I hope that the side effects are lessened this time. I didn't like the way I felt after it. All I can do is hope.

Kid #2 saw Hairspray and said I have to see it. This weekend. I want to see it.

Time to go to sleep.
Night all.


05 August, 2007

Sunday Stylings

Why oh why do I like Everlasting Gobstoppers. They are like crack. I just love them. They sell them at the .99¢ store and we always buy some. Odd and odder.

I am praying that things go well tomorrow and that this new job works out. I don't ever want to go back to a screening area if I don't have to. Yes I can lift this suitcase with one hand but the repetitive motion is going to cause me great pain and discomfort. Ha. Yes I surely could carry a suitcase from a screening table to a conveyor belt. Ha. What part of <5 lbs lifting limit do you not understand.

Very quiet today. The kind of day I like.


Whooooo Hooooooo Yippeee Yi A Ki O MotherFu**er

No more pounding pavement for the time being. There is a God. 4 of us are being transferred to another building , going on days, and getting sat/sun off. Can we say hooray! We're outta the terminals.

So my schedule changes to 8-430 and I can take the train and then the Culver City Bus #6 which stops right in front of the building. Can't do much better than that can ya? And it could be a yellow bus if it gets me to work so I can be happy.

So one day off tomorrow to get to bed early and have everything arranged to go. I get dropped at the train, pick up the bus and go to work. To get home I do it in reverse. I can deal with that.

So I am happy that I will go to logistics:
Main Entry:
lo·gis·tics Pronunciation: lO-'jis-tiks, l&- Function: noun plural but singular or plural in construction Etymology: French logistique art of calculating, logistics, from Greek logistikE art of calculating, from feminine of logistikos of calculation, from logizein to calculate, from logos reason
1 : the aspect of military science dealing with the procurement, maintenance, and transportation of military matériel, facilities, and personnel
2 : the handling of the details of an operation The joy of making things appear.Finding the lost, aquiring new, tearing badges off old uniforms to make them ready for donation.Yes,

So good night all.