27 June, 2010

Just teetering on my tiptoes

Tomorrow I turn 57. Where did the time go? It's hitting me harder than all the other birthdays.

I know I'll feel better.

Peace and out.

da bunny

21 June, 2010

Father's Day Dinner

Grilled Lobster Tails

Filet Mignon

Potatoes and Onions

Grilled Portabellos with Olive Oil and Steak Seasoning
Ok so that was dinner. 

And this was dessert, French Chocolate Silk Pie

Beer and Wine Are Fine....

We had a wonderful Father's Day dinner with our family and my Mom and niece.

It was wonderful. And turned out perfect. We love to cook. And we like a nice beverage to compliment our dinner. For approximately 67$ we fed 6 people fully.  Had we gone to a seafood place it would have been more than $100. We did good and didn't have to dress up or wait for a table.

Da bunny girl. 

19 June, 2010

Why do I go there to shop?

We made the trek (all 10 miles) to Wal Mart today. We needed new bathroom rugs because the last time I washed them all the rubber came off in the dryer and they wouldn't stay in one place. There is something addicting about Wal Mart. They do however have the bras I like at a decent price. And Hanes underwear. Ok, it's a girl thing.

Tomorrow we are going to grill lobster and filet. I have to get some potatos to throw on the grill too. But I'll do them with sliced Vidalias and some olive oil in packets. I think I'll get baby ones. They are tasty.

I subscribed to National Geographic today. I love that magazine and unfortunately the places that I use points to get magazines, doesn't offer that.

So not much else going on today.

da bunny

17 June, 2010

The J. Paul Getty Museum

The kids talked me into going. I drove. Not good, but that's done and over. I hate traffic almost as much as I hate leaving the house. Borderline agoraphobia here.

Anyway we got there and had to park 5 stories underground. We got to the tram and took it up to the museum. The first thing we saw was the Da Vinci drawings which will be gone as of Sunday. What a marvelous thing.

14th and 15th Century Stained glass, 13th - 15th century illuminated manuscripts featuring the Old Testament.

The sculpture garden. I need to spend an entire day there looking at the sculptures. I wish we had a huge house that I could decorate with lovely pieces d'art. Here's the Delusion of Grandeur by Magriite and behind it is Maillol's Torso of Summer. They are wonderful.

I hate the drive back. It's 19 miles and takes forever. I have lots of respect for my husband who drives easily 200+ miles a day. Today he came home and went to sleep. Just worn out. No wonder he'd rather fly to Vegas than drive.

We will go back again, and get their earlier, take the better camera and have a wonderful day.

da bunny

15 June, 2010

How far can I count and what it's about?

1. I haven't charged my Ipod in ages. It's so old and doesn't hold a charge very well. I do listen to my Itunes though.

2. I love my new phone. It's a Samsung Reality. Cool.

3. I ordered a grab bag from Burt's Bees today. I hope it's full of goodies. Knowing their prices, it could either be really good or really bad. 

4. Went to the market today and with the stuff on sale and the coupons, I saved $45. Not a bad thing. Bought lots of lean cusines for those days when people tell me there's nothing to eat.

5. It's poker night tonight out back. 

6. I'm going to the Getty with the kids on Thursday. They have an exhibit on Illuminated Old Testament Manuscripts. I can't wait to see it.

7. The cat went out last night and got into a fight. She is not a fighter. Dog got all upset when we heard the fight. She is inside now and quiet. 

8. Thank God someone made Xanax. It's been a lifesaver for me. But my doctor is very hesitant about giving it to me. He says go see a psychologist. I don't like to pay money for someone to listen to me. 

9. Wil Wheaton was a cutie on STNG. 

10. So 5 bottles of water count for +/- 10 cups of water. Geez no wonder I visit the bathroom so much.

11. Don't let your husband buy toilet paper. He thinks 1 ply is okay. I don't. 

12. Cal Worthington is still selling cars. Wow. The tiger must be stuffed by now. (That is a southern CA Long Beach reference ).

13. Doesn't the agency I hate check their own records? I had to sign a release for them to check my source of income from 20006 through this month. Ummmm, I'm still in the same situation. Give me a break.

14. And they also wanted to know if I earned any money for the last 15 months? Again don't they check their records? Our esteemed federal government. Hah. I can give them the exact date of my last paid day at work and they can't find that.

15. I had to file a FOIA request through my congresswoman to get copies of my medical file from 2008 through now. I like to have things on file. We'll see. There has been no reply from the congresswomans office.

16. If you ever get the chance go to Romano's Macaroni Grill and have their lobster stuffed ravioli. OMG it's so good.

17. That's it for tonight. 

Peace and out.

da bunny

11 June, 2010

Wahta, we have wahta.....Hot even!

Finally after 5 days of no hot water we've got it again. I had to go to my moms today to take a hot shower because after 6 days, my hair was ugly. So tomorrow I can take a nice hot shower, use my shampoo and let the hot water run over my poor arm.

Got some agency paperwork today. They want to know who I've worked for since 2006. Silly silly only the other agency where I got worked. Then I had to tell them who I have worked for since March 2009. No one. Nada. Nyet. No. I was made TTD in January 2009. Right now I am still TTD and thanking God that Norco works. This has been pill day.

So anyway, I went to my moms and took a shower. Sat and talked to her about my niece who needs a good deal of whoop-ass laid onto hers, and when she settled down we went to lunch. My mom loves the mahi mahi at Rubios. So she had 2 tacos and I had 3 carnitas street tacos. Yummo as the saying goes. She said should we go to Home Depot? I said it's such a lovely day why don't we go to the cemetery since I hadn't seen the marker since it was done. We drove up there and saw St Patty and knew we were close. We didn't bring flowers though. Next time we'll stop at Ralphs or Trader Joes and get some to put in the vase. Then we came home and she was going to take a nap and relax.

The weekend is here. EH is working in Oceanside and Fullerton tomorrow. I'm going to tackle the corner of the kitchen that is scary. After that is done, then I'll have the big kid mop the floor.

So peace and out.

da bunny

10 June, 2010

Mother's Little Helper...

There are some days I am on the edge of the precipice. Because my house is a mess, my shoulder and neck hurt like mad, and I just can't seem to get people to care.

On the outside, I'm okay, I'm nice to people, I don't act like I mind having the kids friends over all the time. But I do.

Their dad drives me nuts. We'd be without water for a week or so if I didn't walk across the street to get the plumber to come over and tell us what we need. Hopefully the part comes today and the plumber can install it. I have not washed my hair in 5 days. It needs it.

Just having a small rant. I am going to take 1/2 a xanax and hope the edge comes off.

da bunny

08 June, 2010

Still no hot water-brrrrr.

I guess sponge baths will do until the husband orders the part, it gets overnighted and the plumber across the street installs it. I am okay except my hair. I just powdered it down and that will suck up some oil. For short hair, it's really oily, but coarse now that there is no perm in it. And no color. I quit coloring my hair quite a while ago.

I could go to my moms, but she's having workmen over tomorrow. She's getting a new garage door. A rollup one. So she can get in and out of the garage easier and put one of the vehicles in it.

The dear husband came home with McD's and the food was cold. I wrote to McD's and told them. Fries aren't good cold and they reheat poorly. ( But I got a Donkey from Shrek watch as a prize...LOL)

So the kids have watched Glee and thank god the season is over.

Peace and out.

da bunny

07 June, 2010

Whomp Thwack Crack

That's what it sounds like when an earthquake hits this house. When the fault line lifts up and drops suddenly. We've had 2 in 18 hours. 3.6 and 3.7. My mom said she was going out to get gas in case we had a big one. I don't argue. They are so sudden that boom it's over. Last night at 0217 the first one hit and the dog barked and barked. He's not acting too hinky so we're thinking things are settling down. Dogs and cats are the first to know.

Vegetable lasagna tonight. No wine though. i think i'll have a beer. Who knows.

Peace and out.

da bunny

05 June, 2010

Why do I go to Costco?

I went with the #2 child and spent beaucoup bucks. And she talked me into a Magic Bullet. Not exactly on the list. And some Yoplait fruit smoothie mix. We got ribs and I'll do some mushrooms and zucchini on the side. That seems to be a good thing.

Nice today. #1 son went to the local mts to go to a graduation. He's on his way home. I bought him 2 pair of shorts so he'll stop wearing his ugly long pants. A Fashion Plate he is not. And he needs a real hair cut.

EH is home and caught up on all his old gold fever shows. I just put all the Sam Adams in the fridge. We won't have to buy beer for a while. Got the summer sampler and I already had a few summer ales in the cool part. A beer will taste good tonight.

Got some info from the grad program. I have to get the outstanding thing taken care of a the other college so I can be evaluated. It's scary.

Life is going on. Peace to y'all.

da bunny.

04 June, 2010

Just a frumpy Friday

This is my boy. He got to ride to Upland yesterday with 2 English Setters and get a well needed shampoo and cut. He's so much cuter now that he doesn't look like a walking dust mop. He rode all the way out and back on my lap. Just a good boy. Today he's recovered from his ordeal and doing a lot better.

Not a lot going on around here today. The #2 child is getting fingerprinted and going to get a TB test for her job as a camp counselor at a big summer day camp for a defense contractor. Earning money for her cruise to Central America this winter.

The #1 child is going to Idlywild with his friend for a graduation tomorrow. They are leaving tonight and staying at the grandparents cottage. I hope they have a good time. He needs to get out of his cave.

We've been enjoying our grill. It's such a treat to throw some olive oil on the veggies and let them cook. I love portabello mushrooms and they taste so yummy and meaty. And zucchini with a little teriyaki, you can't beat it.

 We still have to get used to the temps on it, I cremated some chicken thighs and legs the other night. It was a sad sad sight to see.

I have a turkey in the freezer and I think I may search for recipes to do it on the grill. Put it in a roaster and and let it go? Might work.

I am still having the feeling of water in my ears. It's not pleasant and not fun. Like crinkly cellophane in them.

This is going to be a quiet weekend. CLean up the living room, vacuum and clean out the fireplace. Also scrub the rocks on the fireplace.

Peace and out.
da bunny

01 June, 2010

Glitter and Horseshit

There's a blog out there in the netherworld where the blogger steadfastly and continually posts about how wonderful life would be if women didn't work and stayed home and took care of their children, catered to their husbands every whim, and make delicate doilies out of paper napkins.

I read these posts and finally posted a reply (anonymous) and of course she didn't post it. She goes on and on about subservience and if men were men, women wouldn't have to do these things outside the home, their children could be homeschooled by the women at home and SAHD could be under their fathers cover until his authority could be transferred to their new Lord and Master Husband.

In my reply I said I prayed that she never got an illness and had to be treated by a female nurse, had an accident that had a female paramedic respond, went shopping at a store where a woman had to work at to help support her family because her husband had been laid off and she was already working. I also said it must be nice to be able to sit on her high cushioned chair, sip tea, glue glitter on cards, and judge the rest of the world. Nope, that one didn't get published, though she allowed one that was more vitriolic than mine and her supporters accused the commentator of being a "communist".

She idolizes Victorian ladies. I wonder if she has read about the conditions the less than affluent lived in. It wasn't idyllic. It's this kind of rhetoric that makes my blood boil.

Onto the home front, it was a nice weekend, even though the big guy was on call Saturday. BBQed and didn't do a lot. Went to the arts fair at the beach. Lots of over priced trinkets to tempt you but not enough to spend the money. I saw a really nice painting of poppies that would brighten up our living room. But not enough that I could afford 500$+ for it. I'll keep looking.

Life goes on.
da bunny