28 February, 2010

What a tangled web we weave.....

I went to church today. My mom was having a bad day. She was in pain and she is dealing not too well with people asking how she was doing. And then later this afternoon we found out that a man we've known for more than 40 years from church died. She had talked to him the day that my stepdad died. I don't know if she will be able to go to the funeral or not.

It seems that the blog that bothered me so much (as well as others) has been yanked. Perhaps someone finally got some sense and the fact that the author was acting like a cat backed in a corner and really was getting nasty to commenters. As well as the blog was sent to the "Bible School" where the bloggers spouse was attending. It wasn't very "Christian" of the blogger to diss people the way they were doing.

Well another week has started. We shall see where it goes.

27 February, 2010


Wow an 8.8 last night in Chile. Tsunami warnings for the coastal areas and Hawaii could get hit, all on live TV. We had an earthquake this summer and I was outside in the kids house and it was like BAM. And then it was over. It was like being on a teeter board. And that was a 4.7.

Got the sneezes today. Hope the allergy pill starts working soon. Gardener was here and mowed so the pollen is out and about. We had a lot of rain, but I slept right through it.

I was watching the news last night and all of a sudden this jet comes screaming over the house. Someone got a reversed pattern and took off west to east. I didn't get out in time to see who it was, but the house shook. If I had known, there would have been a noise report done to LAWA. It was so random.

Just looked at the radar, lots of rain still out there and they are saying that the atmosphere is very unsettled and we could still get a lot of rain. The odd maple out front has shed almost all it's seed pods and the buds are starting. Where we have picked the lemons, there are new blossoms so we'll have more lemons. These are Meyer Lemons and they are yummy.

The girl child and her posse are at Disneyland and are spending the night at the landmark marriott to celebrate the 21st birthday of one of the girls. How fun.

Peace and out.

25 February, 2010

Make this headache go away

Today was payday so my mom picked me up (i am still car less) and we went to the bank and to the post office. Mailed the rent so that is done for March. We got to spend some time together. It was nice. She's feeling a touch better.

I got this headache this afternoon. Don't know why. Took a pain pill because my shoulder was miserable. Could be lack of food. I had toast this morning and had some cheese nachos this afternoon. I'd like to get out of the house for a while tonight. Just to get out. There are too many people here to order something because I don't want to feed an army. Not in the mood.

Tomorrow is do the sheets day. I'll have the child help me with the bed. Can't do it by myself. I do love my king size bed. What we need is a pillow top mattress pad. The son is going to have to buy his own mattress soon. Ortho has them on sale so next week he can go there and get one. The daughter needs a new pillow top pad too.I'll have to check Costco.

I still read Under 1K braincells. I can't bear to read the real blog. OMG that girl is nuts. She was given a new organic mattress and thanked the sender for the box. What a bitch. I worry about her kids.

I gotta go. Need to get another mouse.


20 February, 2010

Weeding and back ache

I've been trying bit by bit to pull the weeds in the front and the side planters. I need to have the RV moved so I can get to the crappy palm tree and cut off all the dead stuff. I also need to rake under the pine trees and get their needles picked up too. The side planter isn't as bad but it needs to be turned too. My lemon tree has almost been picked clean but there are some blossoms, it really has good lemons. The joys of being in CA in the winter.

Pretty soon I'll go to the home store and get potting soil and get some tomatoes started and maybe do some lettuce to. I want to get a hanging pot for strawberries but it's awfully early to think about them.

Rain last night and more coming. Makes it hard to get any mowing or weedwhacking done in the back. Doing some laundry and looking at the pile, it looks like I'll be doing more than a few loads. I'm using Tide with Downy and it makes things smell good. I like my towels to smell fresh.

I am glad that I have my allergy pills. I used to have a nagging little cough from sinus and when I take the allergy meds it goes away and I can breathe again. I am glad that it comes in generic now. And I have to go to the pharmacy and pick up my refills from the ortho.

Not much else new and exciting here on the flatlands. Another day, another way to praise God.

15 February, 2010

Sam Adams Winter Lager

The East Fork San Garbiel River rushing through the rocks by the Cattle Creek Canyon bridge.

The husband, picking up some material (dirt) to bring home and classify. Always looking for the big nugget.

The dog of many names. Waiting patiently to go out and pee on all the places he could pee.

The husband climbing on the side of Shoemaker Canyon getting some more dirt. He nearly fell on his butt a couple of time.s

Snow ahead of us looking to the east on Shoemaker Canyon Road in the San Gabriel's. We went a little higher on another road and saw some lying on the side of the road. That was as close as I wanted to get.

This is the highest the area behind the dam has been in nearly 10 years. It's good to see the watershed being replenished. According to the weather guy, we've had nearly 13 inches of rain this season, down where we live, even more up in the mts because of all the snow.

Now to the title of this missive. I love Samuel Adams beer. I love their seasonal and had 1 tonight with my pizza (didn't like the pizza--loved the beer).

We are watching Buckaroo Banzai in the 8th Dimension. An odd movie.

So be good to yourself, stay out of trouble, and let the Lord guide ya!

12 February, 2010

la di dah

Today has been a busy one even though the furthest I went was in the front to the lemon tree. I did a bunch of laundry and folded it and put it away, and I still have a couple of more loads to do. This new dryer makes it so nice. I love towels that are soft and smell fresh. And since it's still rather cool, I prefer soft to tough.

It's another fireplace night. And I have my Be Thankful Yankee Candle burning. Smells like fresh pies coming out of the oven. Ahhh the oven. We have to get a different stove. This one can't be regulated and I can't trust it to cook things that have definite temps. I can do french fries and corn puffs and chicken but not delicate things. This stove came with the house and like most of the house is 1970's vintage. So one of March's checks will be parceled to get a used stove. Nothing fancy but something that I can walk away from when we leave this house in a few years.

Netflix brought 2 new movies today. One is the social butterflies, the other is mine, The Green Mile. I really like that movie. It was one of the first Steven King books that I have read. I have a huge problem with his books. Guess I'm not into creepy, I prefer history. I have culled a lot of books from the shelves. Now I only keep the ones that I want.

Well my headache is back so I think it's time for some meds. Dinner will be later as the boss is at a Ralph's in Pasadena. Now I have to wait for the child to come in and re hook up the blue ray so I can watch my DVD. It's like putting the toilet seat down, has taken some time for him to remember to do things for the mom.

So good weekend and peace.

11 February, 2010

4 hour logs don't last 4 hours.....

We like to use our fireplace. We haven't used our heater in 2 years. So it gets cold in here when I don't have a fire.I bought these logs today that say 4 hours, the log didn't last that long. Oh well.

Now the weather is improving and I have enough logs to last me a few weeks. IF it's nice tomorrow I will open the French doors to the patio and the front door and let the warm in. It will be nice to see the thermometer crawl above 65. Last night it got down to 41. Thank God for flannel sheets and warm comforters and quilts.

We've never liked warm bedrooms. The world's hottest human doesn't do well with heat, one foot is usually stuck out of the covers to regulate body temp. Since we have a king size bed we have a space between us that is usually like ice. We aren't cuddlers, I get claustrophobic. Usually we've always got a window cracked in there, but the last month it's really been hard with the rain coming from all directions.

Saturday we've decided to head up to the local mountains, actually foothills, and check out our favorite gold prospecting site. That's for the husband, my ideal gold panning is sitting in a beach chair with an umbrella, a cold drink, and a book when it's 80 degrees at the river.
I can't do that kind of stuff. The arm doesn't work well enough. I had to take a pain pill tonight and the pain has been reduced. Pretty sad that you have to take opiates to get relief. Right now it just aches and aches some more.

The butterfly who is social is spending the night with her friend whose parents are in BUF visiting relatives. Her friend has a labradoodle who's a wild puppy. She has a thing about picking up hand weights and dropping them. Fun. Then tomorrow the child will go to grandma's and help her go through material that's been sitting in the closets under the window seats for over 20 years. It belonged to my moms' husbands first wife who died in 1989. He would never let her go through it or donate it or get rid of it. Now that he has passed, she's going through it.

My mom is thinking of getting a dog. She doesn't want a puppy but she'd like a dog to be a companion. I'd feel good if she has a dog. It won't happen right away but it would be nice for her. I'd love to have another dog, but the dear husband won't allow it.

Funny story, today I'm driving down the road with the mutt with me. I'm going to pick up the kid from work. I stop at a light and it's across from an auto shop that's closed and has some shepherds in the locked area. This tiny 9 lbs dynamo goes nuts. He's gonna get through the closed window for hell or high water. I laughed so hard. He's really brave when he's in the car.

So anyway. My laundry needs to go in the dryer. I am waiting for the kid to take his clothes out and put mine in. Lord, it's like pulling teeth sometimes, he's playing his game on the Xbox.

So life on the flat land goes on.
Peace and Out!

10 February, 2010

Oi vey

As has been said before I cruise a bunch of blogs. Some I subscribe to via Dashboard, others I have bookmarked and check once in a while. Some I just write off to craziness, others, well I just don't know.

This one blog is written by a young woman, married with 3 very small boys. They live in a small coastal town in ME and on the edge of poverty. Their apartment is a literal pig sty. Worse than mine ever was or has been. She concocts these awful things and expects them to eat and not complain. The only person that would complain would be the husband and he's a brick short of a boxcar. She made me cry when I looked at the rat trap that she has her kids living in. Pee soaked mattress, no decent blankets in an under heated apartment in ME in winter. No thanks.

My kids are grown. They shared a room until we got a place with 3 bedrooms. They decorated their wall with the entire universe when they were little. It was a bitch to paint over when we moved but it was wonderful to see. They used their imagination and their talents.

I have a few more thoughts, but the rain is done and I want to have some of my sloppy joes for dinner. Made with fresh (though frozen by me) ground beef. Tomorrow is a trip to the market. Early.

as always,

09 February, 2010

Hit by the cabin fever.....

A brave soul swimming in one of the 15 pools at Caesar's on Jan 31,2010. Temp was about 54 outside.

The main entrance to Caesar's Palace Hotel. Las Vegas. Fun was had by all.
These are pictures of Caesar's Palace where I stayed when I saw Bette Midler at the end of January. It was kind of odd going from the funeral on Thursday to Vegas on Friday. I had such a good time, but sure can't drink like I used to.

My husband who I love dearly clips his nails and the damn things fly all over the place. Ugh.

We've had rain and I have cabin fever. I hate driving in the rain. The arm doesn't like it either. It's no fun. And of course if I want to drive tomorrow I have to get up and take the slug to his job. The joys of having only 1 car. And one of these days we will have to sacrifice the Honda to the gods of recycling. Sooner than later. It's taking up space in my driveway. Along with the motorhome.

I don't have anything wise to say except this:

Self absorbed narcissistic people tick me off. Especially the ones who don't take responsibility for their actions and leave the consequences to someone else to take care of.

And that is that.

03 February, 2010

A weeks difference

Not soon after I posted the last post we received a call. The dreaded call.Things went into motion,and we went to the house. We stayed till the morticians came and took away his earthly body. Went into automatic for the next 6 days. He was buried on a sunny beautiful day overlooking the pacific. He was rendered honors he was due. He was remembered as a wonderful man. During this time I was viciously attacked in social media by his daughter, bringing up things that had no bearing on the death or funeral.I can only imagine what my BP was that morning. Devastated doesn't even begin to cover what I was feeling. She accused me of disrespecting my mother. That crossed the line.

The memorial service was wonderful. The music was perfect and I know that he's in heaven playing golf and watching baseball. Fair skies and following seas CPO!