12 December, 2015

Stealing this from a blogger in Wales...

1, Do I like blue cheese?

Mayfair is a good one. 

2, Have you ever smoked?

When I was trying to be cool 

3, Do you own a gun?

Husband does for hunting. 

4, What flavour of Kool Aid is your favourite?

Blue Raspberry when I made it for the kids

5, Do you get nervous before dental appointments?

I have panic attacks. I'd rather be in labor. 

6, What do you think of hot dogs?

The kind that simmer all day in hot water at a ball park covered with mustard and relish. 
7, What's your favourite Christmas movie?
White Christmas. 

8, What do you prefer to drink in the morning?

Something with lots of caffeine. 

9, Can you do push ups?

Not since college. 

10, What's your favourite piece of jewellery?

My cameo and my diamond tennis bracelet. 

11, What's your favourite hobby?

Reading and classical concerts.

12, Do you have A. D. D.?


13, Do you wear glasses or contacts?


14, What is your middle name?


15, What are your thoughts at this moment?
I took my 91 year old mom out for lunch at a Pierside restaurant. 
16, Name 3 drinks you regularly consume

Tea, Coke, and Water

17, What is a current worry of yours?

Getting my decorations up.

18, What do you currently hate?

Lack of rain. 

19, Where is your favourite place to be?

Home, with my Kindle and my dogs

20, What do you plan on doing on New Years Eve this year?

Watch the ball fall on CNN and go to bed.

21, To where would you like to travel?

Vegas for our 30th next weekend and hopefully up into the Eastern Sierras this spring. 

22, Name thee people who you think will do this questionnaire on their blog.

beats me

23, Do you own slippers?

Just found the new ones hiding under the bed

24, What colour shirt are you wearing?


25, Do you like sleeping on satin sheets?

too much friction

26, Can you whistle?


27, What is your favourite colour?


28, What songs do you sing in the shower?

I don't sing in the shower, only in the car or in choir

29, Would you like to be a pirate?

No, I don't enjoy puking off the side of boats.

30, What's in your pocket right now?


31, What's the last thing that made you laugh?

Moms dog rolling over on her belly

32, What vehicle do you drive?

A Chevy

33, What's the worst injury you've ever had.

Torn rotator cuff and torn biceps tendon off right shoulder

34, Do you love where you live?

It's southern CA. You guess?
35, Would you change your first name if you could?

Named after my grandma. Nope.