19 January, 2008

Need to succceed

or something like that. Kid #1 is now employed. Thanks be to God.
Husband is exhausted, has a headache and is still asleep at 1335.
Kid #2 is at movie with cousin.
I have a 3 day weekend. Books to read, food to eat and life to enjoy.
When supposed bonus comes in I am getting new glasses.
Glad it's not snowing here. Supposed to be very cold the next few days though.
More when I think my brain can handle expounding on the variations of doctrinal disputes among the lower classes of my synaptic nerve cells.


16 January, 2008

not forgotten

just no energy and no time. pops in hospital, mom's exhausted, husband is having SAD and kids , well kids are kids though #1 got a real job.

work is work. head to the grindstone, one day i'll see daylight and vindication at the end of the tunnel, if I don't pass out first.

cheers and go pack!

03 January, 2008

Rain, you say it's going to rain?

So they say we are in for a rain event and should stay home. Joy.

I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow. Good thing, it's been hurting. Of course I'm off the opiod meds and the ibuprofen only does so much. But since I've taken the other muscle relaxer my spasms in my biceps have eased a little.

We could use a doctor in the office. Sounds like a medical ward with all the sneezing, coughing, blowing and red noses. And God forbid you even think about staying home. Let's infect everyone and just keep spreading germs and making everyone else miserable.

Monday the boss from hell comes back and it's not going to be pleasant. It's going to be awful. I can only wonder how one person can handle all the voice mails, phone calls, deal with customers, and visitors without some assistance. I come back from lunch and no calls are marked off, they don't keep track of the calls like they should and then I catch hell.

So later alligators.....

01 January, 2008

For 2008 I'd Like:

I need to start doing this again.

I need a real garden to cheer me up on sad days

I need to keep the peace that I can and avoid battles where I cannot say anything in my defense because I have been tried and convicted prior to being charged.

And a great postseason.

Peace, love and care in 2008!