22 March, 2006

Oops I Forgot Something....

I forgot to update on the stepdad.

He spent 24 days in the hospital, we thought we were going to lose him and he turned a corner. The doctors were baffled. He went to a transitional care unit, learned to walk with a walker and he came home.

My husband put in handicapped railings from the kitchen to the family room, and in the bathroom for him. He is sleeping in a hospital bed in the living room but is doing better.
HE's a pretty tough old bird. 85 and beating the odds. Whew.

A bad day above ground is better than the alternative.


Mid Week Service tonight

Well it's Lent and there are services every Wednesday night along with a soup supper. I think we will miss the supper but go to church. And after church is choir rehearsal. My kiddo is going to join the choir again this year. She has a lovely voice, has a good voice teacher and should spread the joy. I am hinting to her that she should consider doing the Andrew Lloyd Webber Pie Jesu for Good Friday. She has the range and the timbre to do it.

We have our services around the labyrinth in the back of the church. We have a small altar in the center and go to communion in front of it. Here is a visual of what the labyrinth looks like.
It's based on the one at Chartres Cathedral in France.
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What a memory of the meetings and words that went flying when the church thought about remodeling and creating this space in the back. Our congregation was dwindling, from 500 members to 150 and we needed someway to revitalize ourselves. Now we have the indoor one and a garden one. Open to the public and a place to find a quiet peace in your head.

More later.


02 March, 2006

Thursday Ipod Things

"1. I Wish I Could Fly by The Kinks
2. What is Life by George Harrison
3. Stardust by Vince Giordano's Nighthawks
4. Lonesome Valley by The Fairfield Four
5. Big Spender by Bette Midler
6. Mr. Wonderful by Better Midler
7. One More Day by Keith Ward
8. House of the Rising Sun by Eric Bourdon and The Animals
9. Free Your Mind by En Vouge
10. Arabic Dance 6 by The Gypsy Kings

Of all noises, I think music is the least disagreeable.

Samuel Johnson (1709 - 1784)"