29 November, 2007

Thursday means tomorrow I cook.....

Our agency loves us so much it gives us free flu shots. Of course, when you come in contact with as many people as we do it's probably a good idea. But since I've had it, I've had a runny nose, sneezing and sore throat. Just no big deal

I am 54 years old and I have never worked in a place where in one week you could have at least 4 EEOC complaints against the same person weekly. I am just astounded that this person can get away with this kind of behavior . Yelling at employees in open areas while others are trying to work, when there is a perfectly good conference room to have discussions and bring up problems. But oh no, it not only gets loud, it gets personal. If this were not a government job I would imagine that this would not be tolerated. I am coming up on 3 months at the front desk and the shit that I hear would make your toes curl, and not in a good way.

Some times I feel like I need to click my heels together and find a way home. We did actually get one ruby shoe the other day.

Saturday night is our church smorgasbord. I am making cabbage rolls, fumi salad, a sweet pototo specialty, spiced up green beans and bringing rolls and writing my daughters script as the mistress of ceremonies. Should be good. Lots of food, but not as many people as there used to be. But I'll write her a goods script. Nothing like 30 some years of practice. And then Sunday is the first Sunday of Advent and we begin to learn a new liturgy with our lousy music person.

So to my non fans, good night and good luck. 515 comes early and I have to get a good nights sleep tonight.

Oh, Brett get better bebe, we need you and that shotgun arm of yours! A Fan.

25 November, 2007

Saving up my energy for crazy days

Yep it's the Sunday that people are flying out and losing all their belongings. I can't imagine what tomorrow will be like, but I know that it will be nuts.

Saw the doc and didn't check the paperwork and he made a HUGE mistake on my progress report. I have faxed their office twice and have left a message. First thing tomorrow I will call them and make sure they have him fix it.I had to have them fix the Rx they gave me and now this. Just adds to the stress.
Had a nice dinner and it went well. No arguments, and everyone got along well.

Got some sad news that my SIL's favorite uncle who lives in Hollywood had a massive stroke that compressed his spinal column and he is on a respirator until they pull the plug. It's so sad. He was so happy. He had a lovely wife and a great son and now this.

Husband and big dog went prospecting today leaving me with the little one who cried and cried until he got comfy and warm. I am so cold. As soon as I am done with this I am going to light a fire and sit in front of the fireplace. I just can't get warm today.

Have a great week folks.
Back to the rat race.

22 November, 2007

Happy THanksgiving


18 November, 2007

The wrath of Mom and traveling tips

Okay so I am pretty easy going for the most part. But I am tired of telling the child to clean her room. Yesterday I went in there looking for the remote to my DVD player. IT's been missing for months. Her room was /is a disaster area. She and her cousin have been taking out bags of clothes to the washer ( it's gonna take at least 2 days to get done with that) as well as bags of trash. Her brother and I filled up a 46 gallon trash bag with water bottles, some that had a sip out of them. Needless to say I was pissed!

So she cleaned today and is still cleaning. Good exercise for her.

Tomorrow it's back to the voicemail and the people who are in a hurry. That is the nature of the job. But I will be polite, do my job and fend off the assholes. Get to the airport early, pay attention to the signs. Put a sticker on your computer to id it. Do you know how many black IBM thinkpads look alike? Use common sense and read up on things at your airlines website. MAkes a lot of difference. Be aware but be safe.

In the meantime, have a great evening. Stay out of trouble. Rock on.....

17 November, 2007

Why the name?

People always want to know why I have such an odd name. Well back in the days when the XFiles community was alive and well, and AOL's chat room burned up on Sunday nights, we had interesting people whose names were reflective of their interests. So for the first and last time here is why my screen name is what it is:
a = just a. like a ........

mul= For Mulder. I thought he was the yummiest thing on tv since Tom Selleck, and had a better laugh.

bunny= We had rabbits and the husband of my youth was nicknamed Rab. At that time we had lots of rabbits (which I HATED) but it sounded cute so I was amulbunny.

And in a lot of places I still am. I hated leaving AOL but the husband of my youth got pissed off and wanted a faster server. But now I have cable and am happy. Fast and smooth---most of the time.

I had some odd dreams last night. Sometimes I feel like I am just in my own little world up there at the front desk and sometimes people actually ( the ones that came over with me from the idiot posting at the terminal) but I am usually so busy with my new earphone/mic doing 2 things at once that I hardly have time. This week I leave early on Monday for a doctor's appointment and Tuesday I have a 4 hour class on learning how to determine proper id's. Thursday is turkey day and then Friday is going to be busy.

I asked for December 21st and 24th off so we can go somewhere and celebrate our anniversary. I won't hold my breath but maybe they will actually let me have it off.

So have a happy weekend!

15 November, 2007

just a quick one

I am working harder now on light duty than I did when I was at the terminal. I will not complain. At least not about that.

The person who shall not be named is on a roll again which means that he is avoiding me because he knows I will chew his ass up one side and down the other. He's going to be very sad when he finds out that the little birdie is not his spy anymore. Oh well. I hope he leaves me the M3, I could buy 2 nice hybrids for what I could get for that. Since it's a 6 speed I'd never drive it anyway, clutches are not my friends. Rant over.

IT's going to be nuts until February and I thank God they gave me some Valium. Otherwise I'd self destruct in a puddle at work. Today the main plug strip that is plugged into the wall burned up under my desk. It was missing screws and the plugs were loose. The other surge protector is plugged into that too. Gotta love good engineering. don't cha?

Kid #2 has her date with the boy who is not her boyfriend. I really like this one. OF course today is Peter the Eygptian's 18th birthday and he is my other son. She baked him a cake and he loved it. He's been part of this family since middle school. I love him and his mom and dad. His mom makes awesome dolmas and baklava.

Someone came back from lunch today and said that the north employee lot across the street from the LAFD was locked down because a coyote was in there. Now I know at TOA we have red foxes in dens in the farmers fields, but I'll be damned if I could figure out where a coyote could hide in the concrete jungle that's LAX. Especially since they have all that construction going on on 25 L and the new taxiways. Hmmm. Maybe someone's dog escaped from a cargo carrier.....

Read the Pullman triology that has people's panties in a wad. Not a bad 3 books. Now reading Rhett's People about Rhett Butler's family from GWTW, Love in the Time of Cholera, which was an Oprah pick, I loved his book Tales of My Melancholy Whores, and am also working on Book of the Dead by Cornwell. I got a book from a sight that you sign up to review books, called Darkness Falls about the discovery of a bacteria that eats oil in the earth. Interesting premise and so far so good. Of course Darkness Falls is one my all time favorite XFiles episodes. After the baby thing I gave up, i was in an active online community but I couldn't stand the jump the shark shit. Just like when RDA left Stargate and it became Farsgate. No fun. Now my favorite shows are Bones and House and CSI if I can stay up past 9PM.



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It's time to crack open the book and read some words.

Night all.

09 November, 2007

I am Pissed off

I thought that I worked for an agency that didn't tolerate racial slurs and would discipline someone for that kind of behavior. Evidently, if you are of the same color as some of the management in this agency it makes no difference.

A friend of mine was asked by someone who is also on the same special assignment as we are, when they were at lunch the other day, if he was eating DOG. The person who asked him that is supposed to be a "lead" the 2nd in command at a checkpoint and she is black. The person she insulted is American, but happens to have an Asian background. This was unbelievable and she is still in the same department, although a different area.

If it had happened to me, I would have excused myself, sat down and written it out, and headed up to the 8th floor to see the HR specialist who is handling our department and told her in no uncertain terms that that behavior has no place in any department. The mgr downstairs made her apologize but the damage has been done. Makes you proud to be a fed.

It's been busy and it's been 2 months or so since I took the position. I am happy with it. I work hard, the day goes by fast and I am good at it. Polite, deferent, and I use good manners. I spent my own money and bought a headset for the phone. Now I can type with 2 hands. Ha. Of course it doesn't look like this but I can at least do 2 things at once.

I am just tired today. But I have 3 days to catch up on my rest because I will need it on Tuesday. Tomorrow I am going to the Home Depot to get some Thanksgiving Tillandasias for my office window. They thrive on benign neglect. They are air ferns and they are cool.

Pizza is ordered. I am going to splurge on myself tomorrow. It's about damn time. I already have part of next months rent put away and should be able to do Thanksgiving shopping too.

HAve a good weekend. If anything exciting happens I may even write about it.

03 November, 2007

Time to clean the cache

Life at the tyranny workplace is still the same. Shouting matches and unprofessional behavior while the peons are around, and then oh so perfect behavior when the big wigs show up. What a study in contradictions.

Then you have to still do your job and ignore the turmoil around you. I have a scratchy throat, since the fires and just feel tired. I am drinking water and may have some tea and lemon before I go to bed. I wish I could afford a massage and some treatment on my neck. That would help me. I have to go downstairs and heat up the rice pack to put across my neck and shoulders. Of course I may add some Jack Daniels or Woodford to it to spice it up a little.

What a good girl I am huh?

Other than work being a zoo I have one large bitch about things in general. We work next to the Hilton Hotel and every Friday there are a group of protestors who are outside the Hilton on "public property" banging pots, blowing airhorns, sirens, and shouting at the Hilton mgmt re their salary and benefits. This is at 630 in the morning. I was tempted to call the LAPD and the airport police yesterday and complain that they were disturbing my peace. Noise violations get taken seriously in neighborhoods, why not in business districts? Will have to investigate that.

So with that, dear friends I bit you adieu, and have a great weekend.