28 October, 2006

my kid is making me a myspace

So yeah, I am going to have a myspace that actually has friends. It's a hoot but I will keep my blogs going rather than hassle all the time with that.

Kid #1 has alohaed himself away to SFO for the weekend. I told him I wasn't going to bail him out so he had better be good. I can't imagine HAlloween with a bunch of art school students in SFO, he's gonna have a blast.

Kid #2 is doing the myspace thing. I am sooooo cornfused.

Temp seems to be moderating. I think tomorrow it will be damp. My knee is telling me that though my neck and arm are aching too.

Church tomorrow? Depends on how I feel. Kid #2 has to work. She can make my excuses if need be. Especially since one person will be all pissy if I don't show up.

Husband is cleaning the garage. Whoo doggies. What a plan. Actually he's looking for stuff and we should have done this months and months ago. First time in 2 years we are seeing some of this stuff. Not good. Lots of trash going out this week.
Dog thinks we are going nuts. We found the desert booties for the big brown dog. Sniff. Sniff.

Not much else that I can think of. Having some small other physical symptoms. I will live. Just harder than hell to sit and be comfy.

USC lost !!!! ::: runs and hides from neighbor who hangs the flag and buys the beer for the big games :::

Ciao babies!


26 October, 2006

How Come???

It's supposed to be fall here. It's 82ยบ outside and the sun is warm. Doesn't feel much like fall. I am glad that this weekend we turn the clocks back. It will be nice to gain that extra hour. And it's Reformation Sunday so I have to find something RED to wear. That shouldn't be too hard.

They make wraps for every part of the body except for the shoulder. Why can't icyhot or thermal wrap or those guys make one that you can slide on your shoulder and wear to get some relief? Even my ice machine wrap is kinda strange. I sure could use some relief and quick. Last night I rolled over and fell on my shoulder and geez louise, I hurt. Can't remember the last time I slept on my right side. Okay enough bitching.

It's nice and cool downstairs. I think I may cut some slices from last nights ham and make a sandwich, or just have some with some beans. I should cut some slices and take it over to moms too. Share the wealth. After that, dissect it and save the bone and make some pea soup when it gets cool again. I love my pea soup. My dad who's been gone 42 years now made the best yellow pea soup and I inherited the family recipe which is in my head. Not written down anywhere except a bare bones outline in a folder on my harddrive. But no GREEN peas, they give ya the wind something fierce. 8-)

So life is going on and on and on......


25 October, 2006

Life goes on

I surely do hope that the husband goes back to work soon. He is making my routine go all out of whack. Prayers are going up that something clicks soon.

Last night I sat down stairs in my clean family room and switched between the World Series and Discovery Health. I watched a documentary on a man transitioning from being a man to a woman and having the surgery at a very expensive clinic in Montreal. Then I watched another show about a woman who was 350 lbs and had the bariatric surgery and 3 years later she had lost over 200 lbs. It was not the most riveting TV but there wasn't much else out there. I do have some stuff on DVR that I should probably watch and erase.

In between watching that and St Louis decimate the poor Tigers, I also enjoyed the quiet. The dog was chasing his stuffed toys, came in and out of the door and was just nice. I had made dinner and everyone but me went upstairs to their computers and their caves. I need to have a meeting with the family though to get some things out there in the ether. Doubt if it will make a difference but it might make me happier.

Nearly time to go read and watch the news.


24 October, 2006

Itunes ate my music and Meteors a Go Go

I went to check on something I thought I had on Itunes. Yes I admit it, I had been bad, but it was a long time ago and I didn't inahle. But strangely enough, nothing was there. Not even the tv show that I had bought and paid for, the free preview TV show, and my audio books and paid stuff was gone too. Poof no more. I hooked up my Ipod and it had all my stuff on it as well as the purchased stuff. I imported the purchased stuff back but I can't add anything else. I am really pissed off about losing my episode 200 of stargate. I may have to spend the 1.99 and get that again. Blech. I got over it though and uploaded about 6 cds that I wanted to put on my Ipod. From Yo Yo Ma to the complete Messiah to Red Priest. I am okay.

Still no job for the husband person. Had 2 good interviews or so I thought. Has a contract one pending and we are waiting for that. Even if it's only a couple of weeks, he'll make the car payment and we can buy groceries. Wonder if me being on disability and him on unemployment we can get food stamps? I've never ever applied for them, can you do it online? At this point, any thing would help.

Trying to get my mom to decide about Thanksgiving. I told her I would do all the cooking if we could do it at her house. I can do the ham the day before and all the sides, and do the turkey that morning, since we do a turkey roll not a real bird. Less mess, more meat and easy clean up. The only thing I'd do at her house would be the rolls and the mashed po's.

The boys cleaned up my family room. Now if we could get the kitchen done and the dining room to lose it's cat smell, life would be a little rosier.

I saw meteors Friday night (actually EARLY) Saturday morning. Parked in a lot at the end of the road along the East Fork San Gabriel River near the trail head to the Heaton Flats campground. It was awesome. I only saw a few because those darn eye lids kept closing. After sunrise my husband packed up his gold mining gear, hiked down the trail and went to his spot. 6 hours later he was still there. Today he is still aching. But he loves what he does and even if he whines, he did have a great time.

So life goes on. Kids come in and go out of this house in frightening numbers sometimes. But they are pretty good. I just want to know who drank my lemon vodka and put water in the bottle to hide the consumption? I keep it in the freezer and liquor doesn't freeze kids. Oh well.

Later alligators.

An Enchantress , eh?

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13 October, 2006

What's going on?

Helllllllo out there in cyberspace. Here's what's been happening in the hills of Redundant Beach:
  • Let's see. Husband lost his job on the 29th of September as his contract wasn't renewed. He's sent out a lot of applications and has a phone interview coming up soon.
  • Went to a trade show and talked to some contacts, evidently the person who's supposed to be doing both sides of the job is overwhelmed, and things are falling behind at a massive rate. Not good.
  • Went to Disneyland and CA Adventure. It was interesting, it was Gay Days at Disneyland. And there were lots of couples just out for a day at the park. All ages too. Middle ages and up for the most part. It was a lot of fun. But boy did I pay for it the next day. Way too much walking and I thought the shoes I had on were comfy. I was wrong.
  • Had a wonderful time at the EG in late September. Met some awesome women who really made me feel like I have friends ( hello DS... how's the black trash bag packing going?) Laughed a lot. Needed that to be sure.
  • Tried on and then ordered some awesome shoes. LL Bean Coastal CLogs. I love em! They are so comfy. Seeeeee:::::::: You can't believe how nice they feel on my feet. And I can wear them with sox too . .
  • The dog is still being nutso. He hasn't figured out that the trash can is not his personal smorgasbord. The thing is only 10 lbs but he can jump 4-5 feet straight up and get on the counter. HE loves FRESH BREAD in the bag. This does not make me a happy camper and he has had more than one come to Jesus meeting. Not that it helps. He's not the sharpest lightbulb in the fixture.... knowwhatImean?
  • Got some books yesterday from Amazon. Looking forward to reading them.
  • It's after noon and I am still in my jammers. I really should take a shower and get dressed but I am not going anywhere or doing anything. Tonight is frozen pizza and beer night for dinner. I have some DiGiornio garlic bread 4 cheese pizza and I will throw some sliced olives on it and maybe open that nice bottle of white that I have in the fridge and forsake the beer. Make a green salad and that's dinner. Sounds good to me.

So my friends and compatriots out there in cyberspace....
If you can read this, thank a teacher.