29 July, 2009

July is nearly over and things are changing. Smurfs beware.

I thought that you could trust doctors to stand by what they told you in an office visit. Come to find out that's not true when you are dealing with the agency I hate and their minions. I last saw the doctor on 13 July. There was no mention of returning to work before mid August. I get a phone call from the case manager nurse, who's working for the agency I hate, and he says Oh by the way, your doctor released you as of today (24 July) to go back to work. I have the restrictions right here.

Whoa, wait a minute there cowboy. Why wasn't I consulted> how come no one spoke to me about what I can and cannot do? What is going on here? The doctor evidently filled out some form for the agency I hate and didn't consult me at all. I fired off a very unhappy email and also listed things that I can and cannot do that were not even covered in the restrictions. And the fact that I am still taking meds didn't figure into it? This is the same old story as before. Not paying attention to the needs of the patient. He's a wonderful surgeon but as far as listening and talking about things, didn't work this time. So on Friday I have to pick up the revised restrictions, add them to the restrictions that I have from my foot doctor and then see what the company I work for can come up with. I am still boot laden though it's healing really well. Says something for keeping it up and not doing a lot. My hair is turning greyer by the moment.

On to mundane things. A cheap date is to take the dog to the small dog park in El Segundo and then move down the block to spotters hill and watch the airplanes take off and taxi. All we needed were some sandwiches and a thermos and we could have stayed there for hours. Even though it was hazy, there is something about a 747 taking off and disappearing into the clouds.
The dog was good and enjoyed his time out. I need a pillow to keep up front because he insists on standing on my stomach when he looks out the window.

Our tomatos have been ripening and we are getting to the end of the season. I need to plant something else, but I don't know what veggies will grow in the fall around here. They have been so sweet and so good. The ones that were supposed to be romas turned out to be grapes. I've had them grilled, steamed, in spaghetti sauce and I can tell you that they were wonderful. We will do it again next year.

So it looks like I will be going back to the land of Smurfs with significant restrictions. I will carry a copy of them with me so I don't violate them. Things have been known to be challenged so I need to have proof. And I get to wear the oh so stylish boot. Hahahaha.

So anyway. Not much else to say or do. Time to find a lawyer and get me some money.
That's all.

10 July, 2009

Friday Feelings

Eureka is on and it's kind of odd. I met Colin Ferguson at LAX. He is very nice and cute. What a strange little town on that show. I missed it. We need to get the DVD's for both seasons.

I finally got some Zyrtec (generic) but the cough is still about. The temp is gone which is nice. I may have to break down and see the doctor because I am wheezing a little too. That is not too swift. Adult onset asthma?

The 4th was nice. We saw fireworks the night before as Lawndale celebrated their 50th anniversary of 4th of July celebrations at Leuzinger High School. That was the first fireworks show I saw when I moved to CA in 1967. This time we stood in our backyard and watched the show and didn't have to fight any crowds.

I am slogging through the 2nd book of The Baroque Cycle. I have the 3rd one on order. It should be here any day as well as an ARC that I won. So I have reading material. I also got Hugh Laurie's The Gun Seller. You know me, never without a book.

The pain and torture chair is going to be picked up soon so my living room will be less crowded. I have great range of motion. Just a lot of pain in the area of the cut collarbone and it does hurt. This 3rd surgery is a lot harder than the previous two.

I've become a fan of Royal Pains. I enjoy the interplay between the brothers and the plots though silly are fun. The younger brother is just a hoot. And Burn Notice is better than ever. I love Sharon Gless. She is the perfect person to play Michaels mom. Both are set around beaches. That is cool.

Well it's nearly time to go to bed. I fade early these days.

Later alligator!

01 July, 2009

Ja, I know, be nice -- frowns takes muscles.

Well here it is a new month. You'd think after 7 months of being home, filing paperwork, being prompt and doing what I am supposed to be doing, PT, exercise, positive thinking, the odds would be in my favor to actually have things work. But nooooooooo.

Last month, I submitted my paperwork. Had it in on time. Checked with the person who processes it and have it in an email that she was going to send it to the other agency. So I call the other agency yesterday and say am I getting June's check this week? It is for 4 weeks and I know it's in your system. Hemming and hawing and checking rolls. I'll call you back he says. Okay. He calls me back and says do you send it to us or to the agency. To the agency. Well the paperwork is here, but they didn't do their page. WTF??? What do you mean? So I call my employer. Then I email them. Today it says they processed it and it's waiting. I am praying like mad that Friday there will be a deposit in my account. Why you say? Why is it so important to have it??????

1. Rent
2. Rent
3. Rent.
4. Lights
5. Trash
6. Water
7. Gas.
No biggies. Just the normal things.
Why do I care about these things.

And in the meantime. I get screamed at for this. I didn't cause this. Someone was not paying attention and they caused it. Grrrrrrr.

One child and his posse are going to the anime expo at the LA Convention Center. What they will do for 3 days is beyond me. Now if it was the X Files and all the people involved would be there, that would be different.

The other child is tired of having people trampling through the house. To tell the truth, me too. I am hoping that it will settle down soon. But she informed me she is going out tonight just to get away from all this. She is smart.

I am going to read. And enjoy. And relax.

And I had a birthday. 56