23 June, 2013

A Rescued Dog

We drove to Bonsall CA yesterday to visit the Southern CA GSP rescue and to meet a dog. The drive down was good, traffic was decent (unlike the return where we had vapor locks on our motorhome and had to stop several times) and as we went east from the ocean we wound our way around lots of new vineyards, tomato farms and other vegetable farms. Driving up the road to the rescue we saw many horses estates including several for sale. I am deathly afraid of horses up close so we know that would never happen. If I won the lottery, I'd buy a house in Hermosa Beach. Hands down....oh I got off the track didn't I?

We saw the sign and drove down the steep driveway and found a place to park. We had Duffy with us to introduce him to the potential puppy. We met her and she needs some training but she is a lover. When more dogs came she was sort of interested but she preferred a place near my husband. There was a young GSP with a healing staph infection and he was enthralled with Duffy. He stood by the fence and just acted like Pepe le Pew towards Duffy. His new foster mom has small dogs so the volunteer coordinator asked me if I'd allow the to bring Buddy out to meet Duffy. He's going to do well.

So we left the check, filled out the papers and am the proud owner of ms Poppy.

Someone escaped her kennel and found daddy. 

More tales of the new girl to follow. 

da bunny

19 June, 2013

Sun Country Airlines, give credit where it's due

My mom is 88 and is not feeble, but she's not steady on her feet. She was going to go see my brother and his family in MN and we were trying to find her a decent fare and flight. I told my sister in law to ask the travel agent to check on Sun Country. They only have 1 flight in/out of LAX a day.

We got the reservations and when I went to do the online check in I found you have to pay $15 for an aisle seat to get it online or pray when you get to the airport. They also charge $20 for your first bag. I did notice that they give you the option to upgrade when you do your online check in. We didn't do that.

The day of travel she was in a lot of pain as she has back problems. I asked her if she wanted to upgrade, she'd have a nicer seat, be closer to the bathroom and it would be more comfortable. She said yes. So I go up to the first class line (all alone) and say we want to upgrade. No problem, what seat would you like? 2C. OK. We will refund the fees you've already paid and this is $119. I got a gate pass as well. We also got a wheelchair and headed to security.

At TSA we jumped the line and I got to use the walk through. Mom got a female assist I got the walker and we were done in less than 5 minutes. It was probably one of the easiest transits through security that I've had since I worked for them. We got to the gate and the young man said someone would be back at boarding time.

Boarding time came and the young man was back, Mom went through the jetway got settled into her seat and I left. She said they could not have been nicer to her on the flight to MSP. My brother picked her up at the Humphrey terminal and she had a great vacation there.

On the way home she upgraded again and had a wonderful flight. She told me the other day that when she flies again to MSP to see them, she will fly SY and first class. Why be uncomfortable and jammed in when she can be comfortable.

I've read good and bad reviews of SY and this was a good one. The flight attendants could not have been more attentive and the service was good.

da bunny

15 June, 2013

Gardening goes on......

 This is the little rose plant that I got for Mothers Day at the 99¢ Store. It's 3 separate plants 
and 2 have blossoms waiting to open. 

This is the nearly dead herb garden I got at the same store. It's got basil, rosemary, thyme, mint and sage in it. Growing like mad.  

 This is the first tomato of many I hope. There's another teeny tiny one on another stem next to it. 

 This is my topsy turvy planter hanging off the wall between the houses. It's really going to town. 

 The Queen of the Back yard. 

This is a large plant that has 2 stakes holding it up. It blew over in a wind storm and though it didn't break off, it's got a wound. I had to make do and use a crowbar. I will get some wooden dowels and stake it properly. There's also a small plant that I took with roots attached from the topsy turvy and it seems to be alive.

These are cell phone photos and seem squished. Sorry!

01 June, 2013

27 days till the next decade

Isn't if funny when you are little and someone says Oh, 30 is so old. Well honey, 30 was not a good birthday, 40 was fun, 50 was interesting and now......comes what I consider the big one (at least until the next decade passes).

0-14        I lived in a small town in Wisconsin
14-25      I lived with my mom and stepdad in Torrance, CA
25-31      I lived in Hermosa Beach with 3 psycho roommates at different times
31-33      I lived in what is called the LA City Strip (so named so they could call the harbor Los Angeles) and I got married.
34-35      I lived in San Pedro- we had one child
36-40      I lived in Lomita- we had 2 children by then
40-46      I lived in Lawndale, actually the County of Los Angeles, El Camino Village
46-54      I lived in Redondo Beach
54-58      I lived in Hawthorne in the Bodger Park area
58-?        Back to Lawndale. And the children still live at home.

Can I tell you I hate moving. With a white hot passion. More than you can believe.

Such a day. Going to the airport to recover my Mom from her flight from MSP.