01 June, 2013

27 days till the next decade

Isn't if funny when you are little and someone says Oh, 30 is so old. Well honey, 30 was not a good birthday, 40 was fun, 50 was interesting and now......comes what I consider the big one (at least until the next decade passes).

0-14        I lived in a small town in Wisconsin
14-25      I lived with my mom and stepdad in Torrance, CA
25-31      I lived in Hermosa Beach with 3 psycho roommates at different times
31-33      I lived in what is called the LA City Strip (so named so they could call the harbor Los Angeles) and I got married.
34-35      I lived in San Pedro- we had one child
36-40      I lived in Lomita- we had 2 children by then
40-46      I lived in Lawndale, actually the County of Los Angeles, El Camino Village
46-54      I lived in Redondo Beach
54-58      I lived in Hawthorne in the Bodger Park area
58-?        Back to Lawndale. And the children still live at home.

Can I tell you I hate moving. With a white hot passion. More than you can believe.

Such a day. Going to the airport to recover my Mom from her flight from MSP.



  1. amulbunny! Happy ALMOST Birthday! When is it?

    I am with you on moving. I still look for houses online, but it's just a hobby. I don't really want to move. Here's my timeline:

    0-4 Born in Morgan City, Louisiana and then my mom and brother and I lived with my grandparents when my dad was stationed in France for 2 years.

    1 years old In the middle of going back and forth between my birthplace we lived in Biloxi Mississippi.

    4-6 The Air Force stationed my Dad first in Manassas, VA where i started first grade.

    6-8 We got stationed in Bedford, Va.

    9-11 Back to Morgan City because the Air Force sent my Dad to Alaska.

    11 We moved to Houma, Louisiana for one year when Dad had to come back because my mom was in a major car accident that had her in the hospitals for over a year.

    11-15 From Houma we moved to Japan. First Sagamihara Japan for about 6 months. Then the rest was at Camp Zama Japan

    16-17 Colorado Springs, Colorado, only 1 year before my Dad got stationed back in Japan on remote duty.

    17 - age 56 /present Tacoma, Washington (My dad's birthplace)

    I don't even want to count the number of homes i've lived in since i was 17 but i've been in this condo for 21 years now, the longest i have ever lived in one place by far!

    I didn't live with psycho roommates amul, but i did live with two Born Again Christians who never made decisions and instead only prayed about them. Made me crazy. I lasted 3 months. It made a lasting impression on me about Born Again people who want to constantly 'witness' and pray about everything.

  2. I share my birthday with Henry 8th, the day the Magna Carta was signed and the date the ArchDuke Franz Ferdinand was murdered as well as the date of 2 major earthquakes in CA in Landers and Big Bear in 1992.

    I really would like to move back to Wisconsin but my husband says no beach, no gold, and no mountains. Sigh.

  3. Happy birthday, amulbunny girl, for whatever that date is. Tomorrow? I remember hearing about that big earthquake in 1992.

  4. THAT is my last day of work before vacation. A good day! I have never been to Wisconsin. All i know about Wisconsin is i loved Russ Feingold!