30 May, 2013

Ah the end of the month

This month has seen my mom go to MSP on Sun Country for a visit with my oh so perfect brother. She comes home on Saturday afternoon. Can't wait to see her.

We're making progress on the side yard. My tomato plants are growing. I've lost 2. I have 3 little roses growing. Hopefully they will be able to be transplanted next year to bigger pots. My herb gardens are doing well. Water works!

IN less than a month I turn 60. Hard to believe. Scary as shit to tell you the truth. I'm going back to Oakhurst with my husband. We're going to finally scatter his moms ashes up near Yosemite. She loved the park.

Why can I buy a water filter for my fridge cheaper on Amazon than going into Osh, Lowes or Home Depot? Amazing.

Not much else going on. I had a screw up with CVS who kept trying to put a Rx through my workers comp account and didn't notice that the med has been charged to my insurance for the last 6 months. Hello, check both accounts.

Hot flash city tonight.


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