16 May, 2013

I haven't forgotten you....

I've just had a myriad of things going on that keep my brain in limbo.

Once the brain reboots and can put together some cogent sentences I'll write a good update.

But for those wanting to know about the trainwreck there's this:

She got blasted in August  2012 and lost custody of her kids to foster care. They were living in a shelter at the time and she went nuts and CPS came and removed them from her care. 
She tried to work the program to get them back but she's fighting demons that fought back and couldn't do what the court expected of her. One of the things that was mentioned repeatedly to her was her habit of serial men. 
She was engaged to at least 3 different guys since August 2011.
She gave up on the kids (this makes 6 total she's surrendered her rights to) and they will be adopted in Jan '14.
She broke up with the latest guy and moved back to Mi from KY where she'd been for at least a year. 
She couldn't figure out why the kids were dx'ed with problems relating to being picked up and packed up and moved x-country several times. One of the little guys had significant health problems that needed to be addressed. She says taking meds makes her crazy and she doesn't like the way they make her feel. So she's on whatever state medical aid KY has and general relief. Keeps boasting about studying this and that, but can't stick out a GED class. (Hell even my bipolar husband did that in 3 months and passed with flying colors). 
She's supposedly back being a friend of Bill and working the steps. 
She's given up on Mi and moved back to KY. She has 6 FB accounts and posts literally hundreds of self portraits of herself trying to be a "sexy mama". You might find her on Craigslist, I don't know. All I know is that she is a self absorbed narcissistic female who should not have been allowed to breed. 
But that's the latest. Who knows? In 6 months she might be pg again and ready to ruin another child's life. This is the person who would be 5 days late for her period and when she got it, called it a miscarriage and posted death dates on her timeline. 
I pray for the boys and hope that from here out their lives will be in a stable loving environment where they don't have to worry about sleeping on quilts on the floor, having their belongings in black trash bags, and a roulette wheel of mama's friends in the house. 

da bunny lady's favorite dog

Oh yeah. 4 Blackhawks in formation flew over the house today. I swear I didn't do anything to merit that. Honest. Really. Cross my heart. 


  1. Sounds like a woman I knew in KY from MI. Maybe same woman? haha Her name was Tracy.

  2. Nope not even close. thanks for playing.