04 April, 2009

Okay Okay I need to be here......

The Villanova- NC game is on and I am sort of watching it. I only get into Basketball at the time of the final 4. Otherwise it is just guys running up and down and trying to get baskets.

So in the meantime I have been busy getting my green thumbs back in the game. My mom gave me a topsy turvy tomato planter and I have 2 hanging off my patio supports. One already has blossoms and in a month we will have fresh maters to eat!

I also decided to stop getting dive bombed by the hummingbirds by hanging a feeder near the jasmine, and hopefully they will come to visit. It would be nice to sit here by the French doors and see them drinking their little red juice.

I had an MR-A a couple of weeks ago and now have a pre op appointment set up with the doctor for the 27th. My surgery is going to be the 14th of May. I fell asleep in the MR-A and had to have some redone. Just zoned out. I even have a cd of my shoulder to look at and say gee what a mess.

Still having a lot of pain, so I am still taking pain pills and muscle relaxers. Unless you have acute chronic shoulder pain you take things for granted, like stirring sauces, slicing potatoes and onions, reaching into a cupboard, watering your plants. If there was a way to take an functional MRI and make it portable and do it like a 24 hour holter to see the way it behaves, there would be a lot of acceptable images showing red areas of pain. So I take the pills, don't drive if I don't have to and pray that all goes well on the 14th.

My kids took me to Disneyland. They rented a wheelchair which made it a lot easier for me to get around. Don't forget that along with the shoulder I have a very nasty back. I even have a permanent disabled card for the car. I may go and get license plates since they are free. We got on most everything we wanted to see. They made sure I got my butt massaged at It's A Bugs Life, and my free tortilla at Mission Tortilla. I soared over California and saw the California Adventure vineyard. Then to Pirates, Haunted Mansion, and of course sitting along the riverbank to see Fantasmic. It was pretty neat. We enjoyed it. And last Saturday when they picked me up from my friends house after her FIL's memorial service and wake, we drove down Harbor Blvd and saw the fireworks show. It was awesome.

I haven't had a lot of energy to write much. I hate to whine but this always seemed a safe place to do it. I don't care if the agency I work for monitors it, they are so full of venom and hate that I pray the new leadership in DC will clean house. I want to retire from this place and just walk away. It was their mismanagement that caused me to have this injury. And the medical issues that have been dismissed even with medical proof. Not to mention the Boy Wonder who basically threw me out to the wolves. There is a place in the afterlife somewhere for people like that.

So I am done for tonight. My tummy has pizza and Kosher Coke in it and the UNC Tarheels beat Villanova.

Peace and out.