14 December, 2008

I'm still here

Been sick again, arm is in constant spasm and the flu visited me with aches, aches, headaches and just wonder why the flu shot didn't work. Of course the money thing sucks too.

Back to the house. The kids bought a tree and the dad set it up. It's nice. I wanted a live tree and they got a cut tree. But mom it's live, I said where is it connected to dirt? They bad. But they did okay.

Got through 2 funerals in 5 days. Well death is a part of life isn't it? The first one was the hardest. The second one was completely planned out. The Pastor said he thought if she could have she would have written her own homily. I will miss them both. But I hope that Selma found her perfect kitchen in heaven.

Can't say much more.
Da bunny is tired, hurting, and needs her rest.

30 November, 2008

I am not sure

I can't do much more than wilt away on this one.
God gained 2 angels today. One was waiting joyously to meet her Saviour, the other was taken away in an instant by a driver who was not paying attention.
When I can think I will write more.

the bunny


check it out

24 November, 2008

The store was busy

There's a 13 pound tom turkey languishing in my fridge. Had to rearrange some things but it's there. The giblets and gizzards have just come to a boil and they will cook until they are done. Then I will fry the livers with some onion and put them all in a bag to cool. Wednesday night I will put them in the food processor and chop them up.Thursday morning I will mix them with the cooked celery and onion and add them to the stuffing with my organic chicken broth and make the stuffing. There's never enough stuffing and I like it the next day with turkey gravy.

I am home today because my 19 year old daughter lost a friend. He left a 4 page note and he shot himself away from home. He was only 19. Another friend who was on a police ride along happened to be with the officers when they went to the kids house to take a missing persons report, while they were there the coroners office called and asked them if they had a son, and then asked them to come down and ID the body. How awful. Now these kids who knew him are walking around like zombies wondering how and why didn't he ask for help. It's the most selfish thing a person can do.

Have most of the shopping done for Thanksgiving and on Wednesday will have kid#1 take me out so I can finish. I need some Chambord liqueur to use with my trifle. I am making a cranberry trifle and I will pour the chambord over the pound cake, then the cranberries, then the whipped cream and then repeat till the bowl is full. Put it in the fridge and keep it cool. It will be yummy, I will cook my cranberries with a bit of pie spice that always adds to it.

I am getting a little tired now, just took my pills, I can function at a certain level. My mom says I was mumbling this morning. Most likely. After I take the Klonopin I feel okay but a little spacey. If I take the Norco on an empty stomach you might as well get the rubber room ready. But it helps the arm and that is good. When I was at the store and passed the display where they have the cooked chickens and ribs ready to go, I said I could just stand under this light forever it felt so good and warm.

On the medical side:
1. I have to send a form to the Federal Security Director of the TSA at LAX for permission to wear my jacket at the exit. ( what pfiffle is this?)
2. I have called my claims examiner two times in the last 5 days asking about the approval for the new doctor. What have I got? No calls no letter.
3. So my shoulder is miserable, my back is crunching as we speak and life goes on.
At least God loves me and I cling to that knowledge, that no matter what happens in life, he is there for me, holding me, supporting me, and loving me.

so that's it for now. more after the feast. guess i'd better get some pumpkin pies.

da bunny

23 November, 2008

15 November, 2008

Fires Fires Fires

It's hard to explain what it's like to see the fires all around in the hills and sit down here in the flats and pray for your friends and coworkers who may have lost their homes. There is a fire close to here, 15 miles away. I called a friend but he hasn't called back.

Have another 3 days off thanks to the back going bad, yesterday I had a Toradol shot and a flu shot. I am going to get the ice pack out and use it. Thank God I can use the FMLA and not get dinged for the absence. Of course this is the same agency that denied my doctor's request to wear a jacket at the exit. Gotta wonder don't you?

Now they are asking reporters to leave a mobile home park that reporters have used as a staging area in Sylmar. It's a crime scene. If someone set this fire I have no sympathy for them. Let them suffer.

Husband has gone to the other side of the mts to go gold prospecting. The active fire is about 45 miles from where he is. I can't get ahold of him and he didn't take his phone charger with him. Going to be anxiety for a while.

Monday I get to bid for a new shift. We shall see. All I can do is sit at an exit so what difference is it? People who work shifts are pissy that light duty can bid. They've taken everything else away from us, so this is one way to keep our dignity. Because there is none left. This is one thing that a great many people don't care about===

I'll keep posting on the new medical degree of the primary terminal manager who has denied my doctor's request for me to wear a jacket at night. If it causes back spasms and makes my shoulder spasm too we'll start talking greivance.

Bye from the bunny.........

30 October, 2008

Rainclouds and Monthends....

Well it's the end of the month, and that means only 2 to go till a new year. Where has the time flown? Last year at this time, I was in an office, busy and happy. This year I sit at an exit, having to beg to go to the bathroom and putting up with snide comments from people who are pissed that I get to sit. Well, it's not all that it's cracked up to be. My comment to them is EATSHITANDDIE.

Celebs I have seen:
Giselle Bundchen
Kristin Davis
Smokey Robinson
Ozzy and Sharon
Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel
Miley Cyrus
Hank Azaria
Robert Picardo

House is semi clean. Dishes are done.

And it's another day.
Here's the pumpkin that greeted our visitors:

November is here. It has rained off and on. We are safe and sound.
I have a bladder infection, blood even, taking meds. I also have back spasms. Thank God for meds.

Peace and out!

20 October, 2008

Still here....

Just haven't been feeling like spilling my guts.
Will be back soon.


05 October, 2008

Punishment and Sadness

For eight hours a day I sit in a broken chair and watch people. I get 2 15 minute breaks and 1 30 minute break. I don't get to interact with people other than give some directions and hopefully have a short conversation with the person at the other exit station, who gets to rotate every 30 minutes. And don't dare to ask for something else, even though they have copies of your doctor's notes, they can't remember that you can't stand for more than 10 minutes, not to bother remembering that you've a FMLA for severe back problems and a work comp case for a damaged shoulder.

I would be perfectly happy in front of a keyboard and doing perfectly inane things but the gods that run the agency or at least this airport say sorry you aren't a perfect employee ( but i did pass my proficiency check so what does that mean?) so you stay where you are seated.

And on top of everything else it makes me sad. I would just like to have something to be useful to do.

In vino veritas.....except this is in pharmaceutical veritas.


03 October, 2008

21 years later......

We're celebrating the 21st birthday of the slug boy. I did all the work and he gets all the praise.

They gave him ice cream, he hates cake.

The birthday boy, his sister's BFF, and his loving sister.

The Elephant Bar is a great place for a birthday!

the bunny

26 September, 2008

the boy wonder fired me as a patient

Now according to the law he can't but he did. If I want to see him my pain mgmt doctor has to call him and speak to him personally. I will send a fax to pain management and see what he says. Or they should refer me to another ortho. That should be their responsibility. According to their w/c specialist it's my job. Oh bad form.

Hot out today, fans on in rooms. No a/c. That's okay. Kid #2 spent 40 minutes in the spa and said it was marvelous. I am staying out. Specially after meds. And I am still wheezing which I shouldn't be. Oh well, what can one say.

Dog and I are in the den, it's nice and cool now that the sun has moved to the other side of the house. But the sun is now making the hose hot and the spa will be very warm when the dear husband gets home.

Back to work on Sunday. Ugly uniforms and all.


23 September, 2008

dazed or why schedule iii and iv drugs are helpful

I can be dazed because I take a wonderful cocktail of medicine that relaxes my back spams, helps my arm a little, and if I eat some food with it, I can maintain an appearance of normality. But if I take all my meds as Rx then I can't work. I've been off for a few days and my husband is nervous. I don't blame him, but then I won't get any accommodations at work like a stool to put my feet on (an empty tray would do) or explaining why standing irritates the vertebrae and causes spasms.

I do miss my musical adventures though. It's like a part of me has been excised and thrown into a pit. Wandering around Disney Hall, sneaking into Chandler and sitting in the hook, going to eat at the Pacific Dining Car. And I miss the adventures. Well life changes and we all go all our different ways.

My oldest turns 21 next week. I feel odd, because I feel like I am 18 in my head but my body is heading towards 60 on a faster clip than I thought it ever would. ttfn.

20 September, 2008

Thoughts in a jacuzzi

So I took all my meds this morning and tried to relax a little. Ate some enchiladas that were a story in itself----the oven we have is from 1976 and is a little touchy.

And then I looked outside where it is sunny but not hot. I thought well the waters been circulating for a long time so I am going to sit in the spa for a while and soak my spine and my neck. What a great idea. Now I am so relaxed I will just ignore everything and go to bed. Nah. Just sink into the couch , close my eyes, and let the meds actually do their things.

Suddenly all my relatives are wondering why I am taking all these meds. Well if you want to get better you take the pills the doctors give you. Right? But you can't take them and go to work. At least some of them. Just think if I took my meds and went to work:

I hate all this election stuff. Thank God the TV has a mute button.

Peace and Love.....

18 September, 2008

random musings about nothing

Okay so my maple tree actually dropped a red leaf. Probably because I haven't watered out there in a coons age. At least the place got mowed. That is a good thing.

I'd even share my pills with Dr House if he could diagnose the problem I am having in both arms, like not being able to type with the last 3 fingers on my right hand and the pain I have in my left one. I'd like a diagnostic doctor not a surgeon who knows what to do inside the arm but not talking with patients. buuuuuur.

I love my pooch. The cat is the queen but my dog is my pooch.

Night alligators. It's after 5 so the chopper is up and about looking through the neighborhoods. Almost a comfortable feeling.