23 February, 2006

If A Girl Answers, Hang up !

I don't understand why people hang up when I answer my alternate phone. Could it be that once a long time ago a Doctor who went to Vanderbilt had the number and now has moved on to higher places and a better prefix? The only people who have this number are trusted friends and family. No one else. So if it rings I answer it in a good mood, only to have a click in my ear. I fricking hate that.

Not much good news on the stepdad. Yesterday the infectious disease specialist came in and aspirated a goodly amount of fluid from his knee which was still inflamed. Could he have a staph infection that didn't show on the blood cultures, the LP, the ultrasound of his legs? What caused him to have delerium, agitation and be semi comatose for several days. He still is confused, thinking he is working when he is in the bed. He's restrained by a passive vest so he doesn't get out of bed and fall down and break a hip. I don't think he's near ready to come home yet. He can't even negotiate stairs and there are several in the house. Of course we are all worried about what will happen. His son who couldn't be bothered to see him for 4 months is now right on top of him every weekend. He is the most controlling person i have ever met. His wife must chafe under the scrutiny. He calls his kids every 5 minutes it seems. What will happen when his son goes to college and has to be away from his dad's influence? They have been homeschooled and pampered their entire lives.

But if they stay in their little cocooned world they won't have to worry about outside influences, people who actually have trauma in their lives. Oh well, I have my kids to worry about not them. And gee I wish I could have bought my 16 year old an Excursion to drive to'/from school. My kids don't even have their licenses yet.

I am still trying to find another orthopedist. My shoulder hurts so bad. I am tired of the pain. But finding a docotor who wants to deal with the DOL is another thing. Will be on the phone again this afternoon calling offices. Maybe I will have to pay money to see one to get something going. All I know is that I am in PAIN.

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Oh well. Life goes on.

10 February, 2006

I need 48 hours of peace and quiet

Stepdad had a stroke. Husband was home because I called him at 0500 and asked him to come down from the base because I had a terrible earache. 3 hours later my mom calls and says can you come and sit with P as he is not doing well and had fallen. I couldn't, was out on pain pills. Husband went. Talked to the dr, told Mom when she got back to call 911. By 1145 I was at hospital sitting with Mom. He was admitted at 1900 but not in a room till way late. Today he was moved to a private room. He is hallucinating and very restless. They will give him some antipsychotics to settle him at night, and use soft restraints. He can't get out of bed because he has no strength in his legs. Did a contrast CT with negible results. Did an ultra sound of both legs to check for clots.

We are worn out already. Back and forth to the hospital to try and keep up Mom's spiris. His son will come on Sunday so Mom can go to church. He will drive from Acton to be with his dad.

Took kids to hospital with me. They need to see and be aware. Scared them a little. But it made them realize that life goes on whether we contol it or not.

That's all.

06 February, 2006

The elusiveness of pain

Last week I had an MRI/Arthrogram which was to pinpoint the cause of the unending pain I have in the front of my shoulder. Today the boy wonder said there was nothing there. Why I asked, do I have constant pain in the crease of my shoulder? He doesn't know, but he says you can go back to work tomorrow. I said what about the pain? He gives me shot#7 in my shoulder and sent me off on my way.

I wrote to the DOL and asked what am I supposed to do now? Of course that may be a no use thing since they can't even get my address changed after a years worth of address change notices. I also copied my letter to the district director of the DOL?OWCP because I am tired of being in pain.

Where I had the injection hurts like hell. I just took a muscle relaxant and perhaps that will let me sleep tonight.

I just need to get some relief somehow.


02 February, 2006

You're putting that long azz needle where?


Isn't that a wonderful word?

Well after waiting what seemed to be an inordinate time I was ushered into a room to change into 2, yep count them 2 hospital gowns. Luckily I could keep my shoes and unders one, but not the top stuff. Then they called me and took me into the Xray room. I sat for a few minutes answering questions about the meds i took, what I have metal wise in my body (nothing). The doc came in and I felt comfortable with her. They marked my arm with sharpies as well as my chest area by the shoulder crease. Evidently that is the best way to get to the socket, going up from the body. Had to use super strong paper tape and move the girls out of the way, so they didn't flop over into the area of the needle.

First they inject lidocaine all the way down. That worked quick. Then another longer needle goes in with a tube attached to it. That is filled with a contrast agent. The contrast agent helps illuminate areas on the MRI that aren't easy to see. Okay, so now I am numb and filled with contrast agent. I hobble over to the MRI waiting room and am taken to their newest machine out in the trailer. ( Always knew I'd end up in a single wide...LOL).

The first series of pictures are taken with my arm above my head, rather like what they do when they take mammograms. AFter that, my arm is strapped to my side, my head encased in a capsule and the pictures start to be done. I fell alseep. I zoned myself into a state of semi wakeness. Taking a low dose Valium helped that too. I woke myself up snoring. Then it was done and over. Drove to pick up the kid and came home. See the doc next week.

Husband turns 50 this year and Seattle is going to the Super Bowl. He could ask for no more. He's taking the kids to Magic Mountain.I don't go.

Dog got groomed yesterday. She does not like having her nails done. Took 2 people to hold her. She slept pretty sound last night. Snored even.

What's with American Idol? Sheesh.

that's all.