30 December, 2009

Somedays it's just okay to let it pass

The 2nd child had her 4th annual after Christmas White Elephant swap and shot drinking competition last night. Keys were collected and sleeping bags, quilts, blankets and pillows were provided. They watched bad movies courtesy of instant netflix, ate pizza, and had a good time. Jenga, Scrabble, and several games I didn't recognize were also played. We counted 6 sleeping bodies at 3AM and the keys were released at 7AM. The last straggler left the house at 4PM. Those that stayed played Batman video games all afternoon.

I sat in the office and froze while they played with my TV in my living room. Tomorrow things will be reversed I guarantee you.

I was eating a baked potato today, and as I was eating it, I had a wave of nausea. Why? I don't know. I still feel kind of lightheaded. Weird. Headache alert. Crap.

Husband is hooked on Life With Ed. I admire him for his commitment, but damn does he have to whine all the time? Now's he's moved over to something on Everest. Channel surfer champion of the block I think.

So, I'm headed off to my room, and put on some woolies and sox.
Later all.

29 December, 2009

I'm glad that my God

doesn't care if my head is covered or not. He's more interested in what I have in my heart and what I do as a Christian to my fellow human beings. You're saying, Amulbunny, where did that come from?

Well I read this other blog and this person, in her early 30's (when we all know you've got all the knowledge you'll ever need in your life ) has devoted pages to whether or not a good Christian wife, who's submissive to her husband, and follows his leadership, should wear a head covering. She's about worn the bottom out of 1 Corinthians 11:2-16 and she is so positive that her way is the only way. If you disagree, there's the door. She's also violently anti Catholic, basically if you don't believe in her reading of Christianity, you're toast. So I read, grind my teeth and think , I feel sorry. Sorry that she doesn't act like someone who loves her fellow neighbor, but damns you to hell if you're not on the same page she is. She's trying to find out what Christianity was like before religion?????? What? Oh well.

So onto my semi exciting day, I went to the bank, got my rent check and then took it to the post office, and mailed it. Went to the library, picked up some books, then on to BBB and used my gift card. I like the OXO brand of kitchen tools so I got some of them as well as some Farberware. I saw a really nice pillow, but I didn't feel like spending 75$ on it. Then on to Staples to get a planner for 2010. Then home. Felt like I accomplished a lot of stuff. Now if I could find someone to clean my house I'd really be glad.

I am craving dolmas, gyros, and tzatziki. I hope when the errant husband gets home he'll be hungry so we can go to Daphne's and have some good Greek food.

And yes, we had a wonderful holiday, lots of fun and laughter and believe me, Instant Netflix on the new HD set is da bomb! And we have family film night now!

So later all !

28 December, 2009

Too much togetherness

We had a lovely holiday, but after 4 days of togetherness, I am glad that things are back to semi normal. Our children bought us a 32 inch HD TV and a BlueRay player, which hooked up to the internet gives us instant netflix. Can we say addicted to the tube? DH who normally spends his time in the office playing poker and watching all kinds of arcane things on science channels now can spend his time out here and take over the TV. Too much fun.

I used Norads Santa Tracker but I guess he got distracted at the last moment.

At least he wasn't on that NW flight from AMS to DTW. I've got some select things to say about the knee jerk reaction. I also see that the TSA has backed off some of it's pronouncements. Let's see you fly on a TATL or TP overnight, sleep for 5 hours and then be told, sorry we're an hour out and you can't use the loo. Okay, I'll pee and poo right in my seat. I'd like to see our officious government officials do that. And have you flown one of those long flights with a child? Seriously, nothing to do for an hour? COMMON SENSE!!!!!

Oh wait, we don't have that available in airline security anymore. And if you can't catch it the first time at the checkpoint, are you admitting that your procedures aren't effective because you have to do it all over again at the gate? I flew out of ATH 2 weeks after the hijacking to Entebbe and my dirty underwear was checked at the inital checkpoint. They did a good job and only did it once. Is the second time a charm? Maybe they need to come on board and check the pax when they are in their seats.

Here's to 2010 being a better year and bring common sense back!

24 December, 2009

A letter from the ranch

Joyeux Noël!

Merry Christmas!

As 2009 comes to an end, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a prosperous and healthy 2010.

Our year started with my husbands company being acquired by Stanley Security Solutions and it’s been a beneficial one. They’ve got lots of new clients and he’s been all over Southern Ca solving problems for them. His range is from San Diego to Santa Barbara to Las Vegas. We never realized safes could be so testy.

XXXX is working at an airfreight company and is in charge of checking in all the shipments that come in from overseas. He’s got his LAX airport drivers license so he plays tag with A380’s, 747’s and other planes as he gets cargo from Virgin Atlantic, China Eastern and other carriers. He’s taking a couple of classes at the community college, but is not certain if this is what he wants to do. In his spare time he's a guild master in WOW and also has become a pro on Beatles Rock Band, which we all enjoy playing. Rock Band has introduced the kids to music that we loved when we were their age. Oh that sounds rather ominous doesn't it?

XXXXXX is attending El Camino Community College and has 3 semesters to go. Then she will transfer into the CSU system and decide what degree she wants to get. This holiday season she’s working at The Disney Store at the local mall. She is getting lots of good experience and customer service. She’s done well in school and has a thriving fantasy football team. She cheers on the Colts as her team this year. At least one of our children loves sports.

XXXX year has been up and down. In January she saw a new surgeon from the Kerlan- Jobe Orthopedic Center, and they advised her to try one more surgery on her shoulder. 4 days before the surgery, on the night before Mother’s Day, she was walking out to the back of the garage when she tripped and fell over a board that was in the front of the garage. She shattered the 5th metatarsal bone in her left foot and was put in a boot for the summer. Her shoulder surgery went on as planned, as she couldn’t have the foot operation being on crutches, and the fact that she was in a sling made that a huge problem. As of now, she’s dealing with loss of use in the right arm and some residual pain. Making the best of it has been her motto through this whole saga. She had to decide whether the Packers or the Vikings were her team of choice this season, so it's been a long season. She's thinking of looking into a Masters Degree program in conflict resolution to do something to take up the hours of the day. After dealing with the Department of XXXXXX for 7 years, it might just be the ticket.

XXXX Mom and step-dad XXXX have had some medical issues this year and since we’re only 4 miles away we’ve been over there. XXXXXX spends most of her Sundays helping with shopping and watching sports. XXXXXX family has moved back to Texas and we keep up with them on email and Facebook. XXXX's brother and his family are in MN and becoming midwesterners to the heart again. They love the twin cities and all the sports opportunities that it affords them.

Didn’t do much traveling this year and there were some mechanical problems with the motor home and lack of time too. Hopefully in 2010 this will be fixed and we will trek to Yosemite and further north to do some gold panning and exploring. We did get to Laughlin and XXXX did really well on penny slots of all things. It was a well-needed R&R.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

17 December, 2009

He's not heavy, he's my brother.......

It amazes me how two people can come from the same set of parents and be so diametrically opposed on everything. At least I was wise enough to get therapy to deal with things. Not saying I don't need more therapy but I think it is a wise thing to admit you need some help dealing with your past.

There are days I just don't need to be snarked at by my brother. He's OCD beyond belief, and when I ask if his kid still plays Rock Band, he say, NO, he grew up, he doesn't play games. Well excuuuuuuuse me. He's all of 19 years old. Does he play MPG's? So I got him a long sleeved O'neill shirt that "he might wear". Give me a fucking break.

I still have some more shopping to do online and then I think I am done. I hope so.

Today is a bah humbug kind of day.

14 December, 2009

We need a little Christmas

Getting the creche out tonight and setting it up. Jesus needs to be in the house.

And it's up along with candles I have had since I was single (25 years ago) and some nice things that I stashed in a box. It looks a bit more like Christmas now. If the kids want a tree, they are going to have to buy it after they clean the living room. I've done my part.

12 December, 2009

Rain Rain Rain, it's a good thing

I am so glad that it is raining. I can watch the Food Network, bake brownies, read a book and mess around online.
It's good not to have to be anywhere, do anything other than what I want to do, and enjoy it.
Life isn't too bad right now. I just hope it stays good for a while.
Peace and out

08 December, 2009

The mall, the mall, I see the mall boss!

I hate shopping. I can deal with the grocery store, Costco and the pharmacy, but the mall strikes terror in mah heart. I try to do my shopping online now, less hassle and no germs. That's what I've done and I am happy that I did it. But my child works for the Magic Mouse and she said they had old school Tree Skirts. So we went and they were sold out. But I got a cute little Eeyore baby plush that the dog seems to covet. It's sitting on the mantle till I get the rest of the decorations out. There is a new Kohl's at the mall so we went through there and I found a door decoration for 65% off. Sold. Now I need some wire ties to anchor it. But I can't find them anywhere in this garage. Probably in the work truck.

Then as if I am not already a glutton for punishment we drove to the other mall 4 miles down the road to go to Jo'Ann's. They also had a lot of stuff on sale. I got 2 garlands and some flowers to in the living room. The flowers are in a ceramic pitcher and they are really pretty. The dog even got a little Santa Suit. Ho ho ho.

We've had a fire going for the last couple of days. The temp right now at 19:36 is 47˚ and it's predicted to get even cooler. It's a lot cooler out in the high desert. I am okay with it. As long as I drink a lot of water, I am fine.

The coolest news is that I am going to see Bette Midler in January at Ceasars. Staying there and everything! I am so jazzed. I am going to go all out and get a perm, nails and buy some really cool top and slacks and colorful shoes. I've seen her a few times and this will really be a neat thing. I will take some gambling and spending money too.

So not too much else to update. I was the MC at the 50th annual smorgasbord for our church last week. Imagine an accompanist who didn't know the music to a carol? I asked her if she looked in the hymnal and she said she couldn't find it. I went over to the church and I found it. Geez. Don't get me started.

So until later.

03 December, 2009

Advent, expectant waiting

One of my favorite things during Advent is singing Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord. I am partial to the Godspell version, but I've heard some newer ones that are nice. I prefer the simplicity of the Godspell version, just to listen to the words and remember to prepare.

Saturday night I am the mistress of ceremonies for the 50th annual smorgasbord at our church. I am making cabbage rolls and a salad. I've been looking for some good things to share.

Not much else except I've got a cold that seems to have gotten past me.

Later all.

29 November, 2009

sick and tired of being sick and tired again

This morning I have no voice (kids are thrilled) and aches all over. I am going to rest and read and drink some hot tea with lemon. This is getting really old. I hate this. I feel like an old old woman.

To tell you how miserable I am, I am not watching football.

23 November, 2009

Thanksgiving Menu

Peeled Shrimp with Spicy Horseradish Sauce
Dill Pickles
Green and Black Olives
Salad with Baby Greens, Crumbled Blue Cheese and Dried Cranberries
Assorted Dressings

Mashed Potatoes
Green Beans with Cheddar Fried Onions
Yam Balls Surprise
Meat Dressing with Celery and Onions
Butter Basted Turkey
Fresh Cranberry Sauce
Slice Ham with Mustard Sauce

Pumpkin Pie
Apple Pie
Vanilla Ice Cream
Cranberry Frozen Dessert

"God, this is a day for saying 'Thank you,' and acknowledging that you are the source of all the blessings we enjoy. In spite of all the challenges we face, we are richly blessed. 'Thank you.' This is also a time for us to gather as a family and ask for your help and healing. You never promise that our lives will be easy; but you do promise strength, and the wisdom we need to prevail. 'Thank you.' You are welcome here at our table. At times we fall short of being everything you have intended for us. But this is why we pray: to express our gratitude and to ask what we cannot make happen on our own. Bless our conversation, and this food. And when we come back together next year, may we be able to recognize the ways that you have brought us closer - as individuals and as a family - to the destiny you have for us. We say again, ahead of time, 'Thank you,' in Jesus' name."

14 November, 2009


Yep, Fully Rely On God. It takes some time, but in God's time things will happen. We've been really thankful for some good things lately.

I went to the library down the street and got 3 books yesterday. Trying to save some money and reading books that I have wanted, but am too cheap to spend the money on. And I can also read some non fiction books that I've been really wanting to get into. They had my OLD address, like from 10 years ago. The kids computer has a virus and needs some help so she's been reading. She went and got her card too and got 4 Nora Roberts books. I love my kiddo. We can sit and read together.

Time to go. Books await.

11 November, 2009

Thank You

To remember those who died in Flanders fields and since.

Thank you to all the Veterans who serve their country in far flung destinations to make this country free.
Thanks to the first responders at Ft Hood for their selfless heroism.
Thanks to the men and women who serve every day in Afghanistan and in Iraq.
Thanks to the sailors on the sea.
Thanks to the marines on the ground.
Thanks to the Air Force in the sky.
Thanks to all who took the oath to protect and defend this country.
We are better for it.

08 November, 2009

Damn Dryer.....it's only 22 years old

Yes my dears, after 22 years of hard work the dryer of my dreams has given up the ghost. No pounding rubber mallets, no new solenoids, no new widgets can make my baby lite up and heat. Sadness overwhelms me. That dryer has been with us since before we had a child. The washer we bought with it died several years ago. This means I have to go and look at some used ones and find a gas dryer that will fit the bill. Sadness and more sadness.

Went to church today. The widow's mite and how we're all beggars and we can't be choosers. But God has chosen us. This is most certainly true.
Mark 12: 41-44
He sat down opposite the treasury, and watched the crowd putting money into the treasury. Many rich people put in large sums. A poor widow came and put in two small copper coins, which are worth a penny. Then he called his disciples and said to them, ‘Truly I tell you, this poor widow has put in more than all those who are contributing to the treasury. For all of them have contributed out of their abundance; but she out of her poverty has put in everything she had, all she had to live on.’

I forgot my food offering. Will have to get it ready for next week. I try to bring some dry goods like muffin mix and canned goods every week for the needy. The church also does feeding of the homeless or needy once a month, as and Pastor says they don't get to choose, they just take what they get. We are also collecting new sweatshirts XL and bigger. Makes you humble. We don't have a lot but we share what we have.

Our usual organist is in Korea so we had a guest today. Much better technically but not a hymn player really. Needs to know we like the music loud and we'll sing louder. The Alleluia was kind of piddly.

Watched a wedding via a live stream this Friday. The bride is 28 and the groom a little older. They are Calvinistic Presbyterian and very conservative. They never kissed till they got married, I can imagine there were a lot of long phone calls getting to know each other. Her father controlled every aspect of her life, and now that power has been transferred to her husband. I hope that doesn't mean that slavery and ownership of human property has come back into being. She is moving to CA now from Mo. She lived in CA a long time ago. I hope they have a long and happy life and she can experience new and exciting things.

Kind of down today. Maybe it's just knowing we've got to come up with extra money to pay for the dryer. And everything else that needs to be paid for. I want so much to go back to school, but I don't know what my future holds. And I've got to get the attorney going for my schedule award.


05 November, 2009

My Ipod Shuffle today

1. Fanfare for the Common Man
Aaron Copland
2. Margaritaville ...
Jimmy Buffett
3. It's 5 O'clock Somewhere ....
Alan Jackson
4. Children's Dance ....
Alex de Grassi
5. When God Dips His Love ....
Alison Krauss
6. Down to the River to Pray ....
Alison Krauss
7. Bad Reputation ...
Joan Jett
8. Baby's Got Back ....
Sir Mix-a-Lot
9. Djobi Djoba ....
Gipsy Kings
10.Shouting out on the Hills ....
Ralph Stanley
11.Big Rock Candy Mountain ....
Harry Mc Clintock
12.The Low Spark of High Heeled Boys ....
13.If I Had A Boat ....
Lyle Lovett
14.Getting to Know You The ....
King and I
15.Country Boys and Girls ....
Tim McGraw

Just random thinking

Was St Paul really pissed off when he wrote 1Corinthians 11? It reads like he is really anti woman. Doesn't that go against Jesus? Too many people take things too literally. And there are a lot of things in the Bible that we don't agree with today, shellfish, polyester, shrimp, ham and the like. Just a thought.

Worried about my kiddo. She's got an appt to see the GYN on Monday. She's not feeling up to par. I worry about ovarian cysts since she's in a great deal of pain. Being a mom sometimes isn't being a doctor. And she hasn't heard from any of the stores she's applied at. That adds to the stress. I love my kiddo.

Got to end.

01 November, 2009

Been a not so bad week

Well let's see what went on this week:

1. #1 kid went back up to 40 hours + overtime.
2. Errant husband was finally appreciated at work.
3. #2 kid had 2 good interviews, perhaps a working girl is in her future.
4. I have to return the lawyers call on Monday regarding the future of my arm.
5. Went to see "That Perfect Moment" last night in North Hollywood. Can I say it's a wonderful play and I hope it goes on to greatness.
6. Had a wonderful Panini at a neat place called the Pit Fire Pizza in NoHo. Went with an old friend and really had an awesome time.

7. Had a discussion with the kiddo about life, liberty and women's rights.
8. Got a refund from Amazon for the book that never got here and I wrote an honest review of the seller. I was not a happy camper. Now I have to wait till Thursday till I go to Costco and buy it.

9. Found out that wearing a brace on the ankle makes the foot feel better. Walked a little last night and it was not really too bad. Walked slowly, that always helps.
10. Football is on, Packers v. Vikings. Just want it to be a good game. Getting closer now.
11. I am still a liberal, pro-choice Christian mom.
12. I can't wait for Thanksgiving! Turkey, stuffing, potatoes, gravy, pie-ah.

That's all for now. Peace, love, and happiness.
da bunny