13 January, 2021

I'm not sure

 I keep thinking about where God has been lately. It's like he's ignored our collective prayers and requests the last few years. Has he been trying us over the purifying fires in order for us to be ready for what is to come? 

Last Wednesday we saw primarily white "American" terrorists who breached the doors of the US Capitol and were out for blood. 5 people died, scores were injured. Before they marched down to the Capitol, they were exhorted by the sitting President of the United States to reclaim the victory that he had lost. HE HAD LOST. He could not accept his loss and rallied his rabid followers with shouts of fake news, fake elections, election irregularities. A thing occurred to me, if these ballots had been proved to be irregular, then all the contests on those ballots would have to be voided. A point his 147 lackeys in the House forgot to mention. I find the behaviors of Senators Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley to be lacking and they need to be at the very least censured and even better removed from their offices for encouraging and continuing the lies about the election of Joseph R. Biden.

That's it. I can't deal with this crap.

The pandemic here is sweeping and the state of CA has now approved the vaccine for anyone 65 or older. I contacted my medical group and they said they have not received the vaccine yet. Am I scared? You had better believe it. 

I hope that peace will return to this country, the pandemic will end and we can return to going out to dinner, to visit people, to go into our churches to worship. 

da very sad bunny,

20 November, 2020

Biding my Time (small rant about medications)

 I don't understand why people who have legitimate pain have to beg for pain relief. I have a lot of pain from this surgery. I asked for a refill and he said absolutely not but I'll give you this instead. The instead is not going to cut it. Unfortunately I am at the whim of doctors who are afraid of having addicted patients. Guess what guys, I am an adult and I know what works for me.

The same thing with benzodiazepines. I took a low dose 2x a day for many years and my ADD was under control. Then the govt said oh no, look at all these prescriptions and these people are addicted. So now I take antidepressants which modify some symptoms but not all. 

I know in the long run these things don't mean a whole lot, but after 8 months of confinement, a little less hinky would be nice.

We ordered a full boneless breast meal from the market. Comes with everything you need, but I'll make a couple of more sides like corn pudding to go with the other veggies. And at least 2 more pies. This family likes pies, and we've been known to have cold pumpkin pie with whipped cream for breakfast. I will make my own cranberry sauce with grand marnier to flavor it. 

Christmas I will have helpers at the house so that is going. to be a maple pecan glazed ham with scalloped potatoes and several veggies. That's more of a grazing meal than anything. Veggies, cheese balls, crudites, firschgurken, olives, you name it. It's spread out on the table and get what you want to eat. Settle in. 

It's grey outside, light grey not stormy. A balmy 64ยบ here. I am still in my night gown, since I'm not going anywhere or doing anything. I will change into my comfy sweats and watch a few more episodes of whatever catches my fancy. Yesterday was the Borgias, but Jeremy Irons looks so ghastly in it. There's always Outlander, The Witcher, and Lucifer to amuse me. 

A good holiday to those who have one next week, a good lockdown to all of us. 



15 November, 2020




I had surgery and am recovering. Have to ask for help. Try opening mail one handed, or pulling on pants, wiping. 

08 October, 2020

Another debate... this one with added participants


Ah the uninvited fly,we know what flies like to land on.

I have to admit that we had quite the laugh over the fly and what it's appearance meant. 

It was another appearance of a man who does not value women. Ignoring time limits and the moderator. Talking over Ms Harris. But Ms Harris, thank goodness reacted calmly and claimed her time. "I'm speaking, do not interrupt me". Perhaps he thought that he could do the same as his boss did. He did not answer questions, deflecting his answers to the old tried and not true. Claiming that this administration relied on SCIENCEPlease girl, I don't want to spit on my popcorn. 

And today one side says of the next debate, they aren't going to do a virtual debate because. . . . no good reasons. I wouldn't want to be within 10 feet of him. And the fact that he won't wear a mask because "he's immune, he's invincible". Oh wait till the steroids go.Fast fall, I've been on steroids. Felt great, then BOOM!

Well as my dear departed mom would say, such is life. 

Just remember you have to vote, if you don't, you have no right to be a critic. Be a part of the solution. 

01 October, 2020

33 years ago today

 We drove to Little Company of Mary at 645AM to be admitted for a planned C-Section that afternoon. I had to be there at 7 for some paperwork and then upstairs to L&D. I was angry at my husband because he hadn't brushed his teeth and his breath could have knocked down a horse. I didn't want to smell that as I was supposed to be laboring. So we stopped and he got coffee. That was better. 

We got to the hospital and went through all the admissions stuff and we were taken upstairs to the 4th floor. I was changing into my gown and got my IV's in and was going to the bathroom because those days, you had to have an enema if you were having a c-section (thankfully that stopped by the time #2 came around). I was standing there talking to the nurse when the room started shaking and rolling. My husband who is standing there against the wall, said "This is going to be a big one", I gave him the evil eye and said to the nurse, "well that's that, I am going home". She said nope. I got back in the bed and we turned on the news. We saw Kent Shocknek, then a reporter for KNBC Channel 4 dive under the desk as an aftershock hit and the big overhead lights in the studio were swaying. That made us laugh, as we were experiencing aftershocks for quite some time. 

The doctor came and broke my water because the hospital required a trial of labor. I had full blown contractions within 15 minutes. They came strong and fast but I could have pushed till the kingdom came because he didn't drop. 

At 1230 they moved me into the delivery room, in bounced my husband covered in PPE as they call it now. I had my spinal (push out her back not your butt A) and felt some tugging below the curtain. at 1313 out he came. He was sunny side up and he hollered when they took him from his nice warm nest.  In a matter of  seconds I went from being R's wife to J's mom. 

33 years later, he's a man. Due to circumstances he still lives with us. He is a helper though, driving me places when I absolutely have to go, helping me with grocery shopping and heavy things. He's had some ups and downs but he's a good guy. 

So Happy Birthday to my son. 

30 September, 2020

That was a shitshow.


What a disgusting 100 minutes of television

So I've been voting in presidential elections since 1972 and I have been pretty opinionated. Watching the debate between Mr Trump and Mr Biden. I was disgusted. It was watching a 5 year old school yard bully shouting and not paying attention to direction. Why agree to terms if you're not going to follow them. I took speech and debate in college and That was not a debate.

I know who I'm voting for because a man who tells white supremacists to “Proud Boys, stand back and stand by!” should not be leading this country. 

I am not worried if you don't agree with me. That's what is so great about this country and the Constitution, we are allowed to have the right to express our views. 

So my choice for president in this awful election is:

Peace, Love and Vote like your country depends on it. 

da bunny

11 September, 2020

Smoke haze and trying to breathe


This is from our front patio at 1300 hrs yesterday. The sky is tainted from the wildfires burning around the LA County area. Breathing is quite strained.  The experts are saying stay inside, don't go outside if you don't have to. 

I'll catch up with all of you when I stop yawning. 

20 July, 2020