17 October, 2017

Baseball and an unexpected death

My daughter lives in another state. She decided several years ago that she was feeling stifled in CA. So we packed her up and moved her cross country. She lived with family friends, then a roommate, and now has her own place. She has a good job and they are pleased with her. She is close enough to walk to work and she does.

Friday she called me right before my class was to start and said "don't be alarmed if you get some alerts about a shooting in -XX"  where she lives and works. She said there was a shooting and she thought everything was ok. 

15 minutes later, while I'm talking about the new class, there's an urgent text message. Her friend, who was walking with her husband to the train to meet friends for dinner, was dead. She was shot through the face by some gang members who were aiming at a group of men standing near a store. Evidently, the aim of the shooter was poor, and he sprayed the bullets and several of them hit her friend. An automatic weapon. Took 1 life there and a half hour previously shot a 13-year-old boy, the same shooters. NO REGARD FOR ANYONE.  Yesterday about 11 miles from here, a 14-year-old was shot and killed. The newspaper didn't have much information. He was shot, paramedics came, took him to the hospital and he was DOA.  

Do the mothers of these young men know what they did that night? Do they know that owing allegiance to their gang, they went out and killed people? How do they live with themselves? Do they rationalize their moves? Do they high five each other and say, hey we got one of them tonight? 

Once many years ago I was trying to calm down a rowdy class, made primarily of young black men. I was at the end of my rope, and I asked them, would you treat your Mother or Grandmother with the same disrespect you seem to dole out to me daily? Why would you act like that towards me? I'm a mom and I can tell that my children would not dream of saying the things you're saying. That seemed to work, finally, they saw me as a person and not just a teacher. 

This is now a rant. 

There is no reason in the world for people to own automatic weapons. Las Vegas proves that, Orlando proves that, Sandy Hook proves that. 


But you say, Bunny, people who hunt need powerful guns. Yeah, I know. Grew up with them. But they need a single shot rifle that will shoot one bullet at a time at game animals.If you shot a deer, elk, moose, bear or buffalo with an automatic gun, you'd tear up the insides and ruin the meat. What's the point of hunting if you don't get to use the meat? 

I'm done for now. 


10 October, 2017

A Happy Woman's Life Book Page 102

A Happy Woman's Life Book Page 102

By Amulbunny   
October 10,2017

Outside my window72, clear and windy

I am thinking Feeling better than before

I am thankful for fall coming soon

From the learning rooms …  10 new classes ahead

I can't believe . . .  what an ass Pence is.

From the kitchen . . . nothing sounds good today.

I am wearing  Green Bay Packer tee shirt and shorts

I am creating . .  . The lesson plan for this Friday

I am going. . .  crazy but that’s normal

I am reading. . . the newest book by Follett

I am hoping my shoulder stops hurting a bit

I am hearing that damn bird screeching

Around the house2 dogs and boy

3 of my favorite thingssteak, baked potatoes, green beans

A few plans for the rest of the week
1.  Make a new folder for the new class
2.  Sort all my handouts for the class
3.  Take the cat food sample I got to Moms.

Here is a picture for thought I am sharing:

Fire season

There are fires burning in wine country and there are fires burning in Orange County. Both are devasting to watch. The wine country fires as of now have 13 dead, over 110 missing and nearly 1500 structures burned. Horrible.

Yesterday my son and I were driving out to campus to drop off the graded finals and the grade sheets and we went down the 405 to the 605. As we got closer to the 605 the sky darkened and smoke was in the air. My son said it looks like the end of the world. 4 miles later down the freeway and the sky is blue again. The wind was fierce. We got hit by a pine cone as we drove towards school because the trees were shaking. Last night the sky was pink with the smoke from the fires. It makes it very hard to breathe because of the particulates in the air.

Good news:
I'm teaching English this module. Have been getting handouts ready and am going to work very hard with this class. It will be 10 weeks and there will be a couple of weeks off. I am looking forward to it.

Life goes on, I worry about things that I can't control.

da bunny

05 October, 2017

A down day

This has been a pretty crappy few days.

I have a chest cold that doesn't want to end.

Last Friday, the 2nd to last class, only 2 students showed up. That was the night they were supposed to get their takehome finals. I had lots of stuff planned, videos, power points, and a lecture. We had an abbreviated class and I sent them home. I sent an email to the director of the school expressing my displeasure at the disrespect that was shown by none of them notifying me that they would be gone. It should be unsaid that common courtesy says you notify your teacher of your absence.

No reply. No nothing.I will go tomorrow. Collect their finals. Send them home. I will grade their finals, email them their grades, fill out the paperwork and walk away. I don't know if I'm going to teach for him again, I'd like to, but I'd be pretty vocal to the new class about notifications.

Yesterday a large table that my spouse put in front of a window fell over and it hit me. It was very painful. I took a muscle relaxer last night and slept ok, but now the pain is coming back. Why he couldn't take it out the garage is beyond me. That will be a project for this weekend. I don't need any more aches and pains, believe me.  

da bunny

02 October, 2017

To the victims of the 
horrific tragedy 
Las Vegas

May you be escorted into paradise by flights of angels into the gates of heaven.

To those who were injured in the worst massacre in American history,
may your wounds be tended and may your recovery be eased. 

28 September, 2017

A Happy Woman's Life Book Page 101

A Happy Woman's Life Book Page 101

By Amulbunny   
September 28, 2017

Outside my window73 and sunny and breezy

I am thinking  I didn’t need this cold today

I am thankful for  cooler weather ahead

From the learning rooms …  2 classes left!

I can't believe . . . I got sick

From the kitchen . . . Soup, soup and more soup

I am wearing  tee shirt and shorts

I am creating . . . the final for my students

I am going. . .  take a nap this afternoon

I am reading. . . a steamy bodice ripper

I am hoping  things get better soon

I am hearing  Air Disasters on Smithsonian

Around the house2 dogs and boy

One of my favorite thingscomfy bed

A few plans for the rest of the week
1.   Clean out my school drawers
2.   Make some pea soup
3.   Drive to Cerritos Friday for class

Here is a picture for thought I am sharing:

21 September, 2017


It's not that I intentionally go out and look for disgusting foodstuffs. I am on a message board and one day I was reading a new posting about a grifting preacher and his almost as disgusting wife...I won't go into it, but anyone who's only given 7 hours a month to see her children after a divorce, has problems. 

This person went wild over this dish of "man food". Called it weens and gravy. As they used to say on "Peoples Court", you be the judge:

How about this for dinner? Pink gravy? 
I love biscuits and country gravy but this might put me off my feed for a while. 

Da bunny

19 September, 2017

Random musings

#1 The second episode of Outlander was really good. I hope they can continue the momentum through the whole season. Anticipating the episodes shot in South Africa!

2. Hurricane Maria is going to trash more islands in her wake. They haven't even cleaned up from Irma and now Maria is coming through with 175mph winds. What can stand that?

3. Houston is trying to get back to normal. Piles of wet drywall and furniture and belongings are being picked up by trash trucks all around the city. Homes whose walls are torn down to the studs and hopefully the wood will dry out in a month or so. 

4. The first thing the NIMBY neighbors across the road bitched about was low flying jets taking off for Pacific routes between 0001 and 0230. Their houses rumbled. We're all 4 or so miles from LAX and sometimes due to weather, weight and wind flights use the reverse runways. It's not like it's every night. And usually, when it's really stormy, they'll land from the Pacific as well. Getovahit!

5. Now the NIMBY neighbors are bitching about the likelihood of a certain market going into an empty space where Albertsons/Lucky was for many years until they closed and Haggens came in and went out of business within a year. CVS has leased the entire building and will use half. The other half will hopefully be a market. A company called Grocery Outlet has expressed interest and the NIMBY's are out in force. My goodness, they are saying prevent them from invading our neighborhood. INVADE? Like they will bring a new classless society into the area? Will this store drop the property values on their 900K McMansions which they built on the footprint of 1940's bungalows (which now sell for close to 600K thanks to ZIP code inflation)?

6. Still no health insurance. I'm going to have to wait till open season and pray right now that the bill to end the Affordable Care Act doesn't pass. I've got so many pre-existing conditions that we will be priced out of the market. I get health care for my shoulder but I don't have insurance or the money to see a regular doctor. My husband pays through the nose for health care for himself. We couldn't afford the premiums for me. 
This is thanks to the Department of Labor who says that I should be working full time as something. But riddle me this, I take narcotics and strong muscle relaxants BID and I'm basically not good for anything. I have constant pain in my shoulder. This has been going on for 13+ years. Cutting my workers comp has led to all sorts of problems. Late for rent, late for everything. I wonder if my doctor can have me file a new claim for mental health problems? 

Hopefully, things will improve. They have to. I can't take much more. 

da bunny 
Thank God football season has started. 

06 September, 2017

A Happy Woman's Life Book Page 100

A Happy Woman's Life Book Page 100

By Amulbunny   
September 6, 2017

Outside my window73 and sunny

I am thinking  I could sleep all afternoon if there was a chance

I am thankful for  the fires here to be ending

From the learning rooms …  4 more classes and psychology is over already!

I can't believe . . . Outlander S3 starts Sunday!

From the kitchen . . . Brats and beans tonight

I am wearing  my jammers

I am creating . . . not much at the moment.

I am going. . .  to see the pain mgmt. doctor on Friday

I am reading. . . the 1st two books in the Knightsbridge saga by Ken Follett.

I am hoping  our unclaimed property gets processed

I am hearing  Dr. Who reruns.

Around the house2 dogs and boy

One of my favorite thingsOutlander!!!

A few plans for the rest of the week
1.   Email one of the attorneys
2.  Get the dinner ready
3.  Relax if I can.

Here is a picture for thought I am sharing: