20 March, 2018

A Happy Woman's Life Book Page 106

A Happy Woman's Life Book Page 106

By Amulbunny   
March 20,2018

Outside my window61, raining

I am thinking No more procrastination

I am thankful for     The husband is feeling better

From the learning rooms …  Don’t know if I’m up to it

I can't believe . . .       Mom’s been gone nearly 2 months

From the kitchen . . . Chinese Chicken Salad with Cutie slices

I am wearing    Unusual Woman baseball shirt and jeans

I am creating . . Less than usual

I am going. . .  to watch the Weather Channel

I am reading. . . A Brief History of Time

I am hoping the dog’s foot is fixed

I am hearing Idiots gold panning and dredging in AK

Around the house1 dog, husband, son and girlfriend and me

One of my favorite things… Almond Poppyseed Costco Muffins

A few plans for the rest of the week
1.  Get paperwork in gear
2.  Meet with Mom’s banker
3.  Enjoy the rain

Since the last episode of this life book this has happened:

My mom fell and went into rehab. They messed up her meds and caused her to have an ulcer. She went back into the hospital. She had 2 abdominal abscessed, her kidneys stopped working, and she declined to death. RIP Momma 12/1924-2/2018

My little Duffy developed kidney failure after a stroke and died. I miss him a lot. 

My husband spent 4 days in the hospital with AFIB and is now off 8 weeks to see cardiologists and diabetes specialists as well as the anti-coagulation clinic. 

I am not dealing. Selling the house, disposing of possessions, dealing with greedy non-relatives. Getting the estate settled.

07 March, 2018

The edge of the cliff

So we thought things were settling down.
Life throws curves again.

Sunday afternoon we had to call 911 for my husband whose heart went into AFIB. He was admitted to the hospital after 8 hours in the ER. He's still in Afib and his sugars are wild. He'll be in one more night. Then he's going to have to be off work while they get his heart meds regulated. We will be homeless unless we find some money ASAP. 

I am so nervous I can hardly comprehend things. Panic attacks are so fun. The dog is upset because no dad. The house is empty. 

Add to this I'm working on getting stuff out of my moms house, getting it ready to be sold. I don't know what I'm doing most of the time. 


14 February, 2018

Saying Goodbye

Mom left us last Tuesday about 7AM. Very quietly. She did it on her terms. No drains, no dialysis. She had a chocolate drumstick the night before, a piece of pepperoni pizza and hugged her dog. We all talked to her and told her we loved her.

As of right now I am persona non grata with my brother because he did not appreciate my opinion of his church oh well. It's a free country, but I will not comment on him or his beliefs again.

Lots of things to do. The house has to be emptied and sold. We get a small percentage of that. There are house hold goods to remove. A couple of tables, her mattress and box spring, some dishes. I'm taking all the canned food to lutheran social services.

I hope this trust does not take forever. I want it done and over. I am waiting on her ashes and the death certificates to deal with.

Peace Mom, I'm going to miss you every day of the rest of my life.

29 January, 2018

And onto dialysis

My mother is still in the hospital. Admitted 4 Jan with massive and I mean massive GI bleed. They discovered an abdominal abscess which is still draining, she had a DVT filter installed which caused her kidneys to shut down due to the contrast agent they used. She is now having dialysis with no urine output. They have however taken almost 10L in fluid off.
I am fatigued beyond belief.

Don't have the energy to keep up with much these days. Too tired to care.

16 January, 2018

my little dog died

Sunday afternoon. He'd been sick about 5 days. Kidney failure. He was with me till the end. We were all there, one on Facetime, the other 2 next to the bed. He's being cremated and will come home soon. I am bereft.

My mom is in very serious condition.

Everything is making me cry.

Goodbye Duffy, Mommy loved you so much. 

08 January, 2018

Don't let anyone tell you it's easy

Please don't let anyone tell you having a parent in a SNF is easy. My mom fell down and was discharged from the hospital into one. They were great for PT/OT, but the ratio of staff/patients sucked and they were not cautious about medicine, and they diapered people instead of getting them out of bed to go to the rest room. Laziness. Due to this perfect storm, She ended up with a massive GI bleed, A-Fib and has been in a PCU, back in the hospital. She has been cardioverted to have her heartbeat back to a normal rhythm, had a PIC line inserted, had massive black BM's due to the blood in the intestine.

Today she's having a white blood cell scan:
"A Nuclear Medicine WBC Scan is performed using a special radioactive material which is tagged to your white blood cells that, when injected into the body, is attached to sites of inflammation. Once distributed in these areas, the inflammation (infection) can be seen. "
"The blood tagging process is an all day exam, requiring you to return for several scans at the Nuclear Medicine Department. After the injection, you will need to return to the Nuclear Medicine Department four (4) hours later for the first picture. Once the actual scan is started it takes 60 - 90 minutes to complete depending on the area of your body being examined. White blood cells collect in infection areas very slowly. For this reason, it is necessary to repeat the scan portion of the exam again at five (5) hours and eight (8) hours after the initial injection so that several pictures can be studied. When you return to the Nuclear Medicine Department for delayed pictures it will take 60 - 90 minutes to complete the picture. However, the tagged white blood cell injection is only given on the initial visit."

I've been spending hours and hours sitting in uncomfortable chairs, have read 2 large romance novels on my Kindle. Watched football games with the sound off. And I'm tired beyond measure, pissed off beyond counting, and I wanted to share some of that with y'all. 

the exhausted bunny with a migraine. 

31 December, 2017


Not too much to say right now except


Let's hope for good news this year and eyes that are open!


da bunny

05 December, 2017

A Happy Woman's Life Book Page 105

A Happy Woman's Life Book Page 105

By Amulbunny   
December 5, 2017

Outside my window70, smoky and dry (7% humidity)

I am thinking Coughing, tired and worn out

I am thankful for     Getting the kid her ticket home

From the learning rooms …  How hard is it to tell the teacher you won’t be there?

I can't believe . . .       how horrible the fires are

From the kitchen . . . chili cheese dogs

I am wearing    V Neck tee shirt, jeans, skechers

I am creating . . .  Not much, I want to sleep.

I am going. . .  to watch the live coverage of the fires

I am reading. . . Seven Stones to Stand or Fall

I am hoping the heater can be fixed

I am hearing KNBC 4 and sad news

Around the house2 dogs, boy playing video games and me

One of my favorite things… Pfeffernuese

A few plans for the rest of the week
1.  Drive to Laguna Niguel tomorrow
2.  Waiting for the season finale of Outlander
3.  Cuddle with the dogs

Here is a picture for thought, which I am sharing:

07 November, 2017

A Happy Woman's Life Book Page 104

A Happy Woman's Life Book Page 104

By Amulbunny   
November 7, 2017

Outside my window70, partly cloudy and calm

I am thinking           Sad, aching, cold

I am thankful for     Kid #1 getting a job

From the learning rooms …  If you don’t come, you won’t learn

I can't believe . . .       another mass shooting

From the kitchen . . . surprise from kids outing

I am wearing    slouch tee shirt, jeans and loafers

I am creating . . . Trying to write midterm for class

I am going. . .  make a cup of tea later and binge watch Black Sails

I am reading. . . Seven Stones to Stand or Fall

I am hoping for a quiet week

I am hearing Airplane drone, and dogs snoring

Around the house2 dogs and me

One of my favorite things… Organ Music

A few plans for the rest of the week
1.  Wait and see if the students fail the assignment
2.  Watch A. Malcolm again and again and again
3.  Be thankful for the cooler weather

Here is a picture for thought I am sharing: