30 September, 2020

That was a shitshow.


What a disgusting 100 minutes of television

So I've been voting in presidential elections since 1972 and I have been pretty opinionated. Watching the debate between Mr Trump and Mr Biden. I was disgusted. It was watching a 5 year old school yard bully shouting and not paying attention to direction. Why agree to terms if you're not going to follow them. I took speech and debate in college and That was not a debate.

I know who I'm voting for because a man who tells white supremacists to “Proud Boys, stand back and stand by!” should not be leading this country. 

I am not worried if you don't agree with me. That's what is so great about this country and the Constitution, we are allowed to have the right to express our views. 

So my choice for president in this awful election is:

Peace, Love and Vote like your country depends on it. 

da bunny

11 September, 2020

Smoke haze and trying to breathe


This is from our front patio at 1300 hrs yesterday. The sky is tainted from the wildfires burning around the LA County area. Breathing is quite strained.  The experts are saying stay inside, don't go outside if you don't have to. 

I'll catch up with all of you when I stop yawning. 

20 July, 2020



16 July, 2020

Had the test today

A person in our household had the test and she tested positive. 
Hence we had to get tested. It's one of the most painful swabs I've ever had.
Now we have to wait 3-5 days for results. Monday since the offices aren't open over the weekend. 
Don't let anyone tell you that it's a false narrative. 145,000+ cases
in LA County, and nearly 4K deaths. 
Being over 65 by a bit, it is scary. Neither of us (spouse) have symptoms but we each have conditions which could be serious. 
So now we wait. 
Gonna be a long weekend. 
Peace Out and WEAR YOUR MASK!

28 June, 2020

Wow I'm older than I've ever been

Today I turned 67 years old. 
When I was born, Eisenhower was president, the Korean War was raging, but things weren't bad.

Today America is tattered and torn apart, like a flag that has gone through a hurricane. We have leaders who only wish to enrich themselves and ignore the tragedy of the pandemic virus which ravages our country. I can only hope that November will bring some breath of change. To that I say, if you aren't registered to vote and don't vote, you have nothing to say in the debate.

Wear a mask! Follow the rules! 

17 June, 2020


It's Wednesday afternoon and it's June Gloom. A balmy 72º and lots of humidity.
Since I hate heat, this is perfect weather. The sun may peek out between 1600 and 1730 and then go back behind the clouds. I can open my doors and windows and feel comfortable. Nothing I can do about the humidity.

I've not said anything about the marches, the rioting, the looting, nor the abysmal track record of the LAPD, LASO, and other police departments in this country with regards to their treatment of black citizens. The blatant killings of George Floyd in MN and Rayshard Brooks in Atlanta, and the killing of Breona Taylor in her bedroom March 13th in Louisville. There have been arrests in the Floyd and Brooks cases but none in Louisville. What is the problem? The fact that the incident report was basically blank and it was accepted by their superiors? This is something I truly don't understand?????? Is her death any less tragic than the other?

And of course, COVID-19. I'm wondering if what I had in late Feb early March was it. It was so miserable. But the cough wasn't like the pneumonia I had before. I doubt if my doctor would approve an antibody test, but it would ease some fears. I've never hallucinated like I did with that illness. It was fearsome.

Time to go and think about dinner. I'm leaning towards meat loaf and mashed potatos and some kind of vegetable. 


15 June, 2020

Driving alongside

Yesterday we took the 101 to Camarillo, putzed around there for a while and then came home via the coast. Honestly there is nothing lovelier than the Pacific coast, whether here in CA or in Alaska. That sand dune is a remnant of an ancient Tsunami. People climb up to the top and enjoy the view. Those little things you see are parked vehicles. The beaches were loaded yesterday and not much social distancing that I could see.

We should have left for home earlier, as it was  bumper to bumper from Zuma Beach, through Malibu and into Santa Monica. I always wonder about the mansions above the ocean in Malibu. If people live there full time or are they getaways. I know many of the homes in the colony are. I don't think I will win the lottery any time soon so I can just look on google.

Other than being depressed healthwise things are ok. I see the ortho next week for my left thumb/wrist arthritis. If I have surgery it will hamper my typing. I guess I will adapt. Have to stop the pain. 


da bunny

21 May, 2020

I read fanfiction, don't hate me.

I admit it, I do read fanfiction for a certain genre and most of the time I really enjoy it. Back in the old days, I even let an X Files story or two get published on a site. Now I content myself with reading and commenting on stories.  That's good right?

For the last year or so one person has basically taken over the site with stories that make this old teacher weep in their poor construction, grammar that would make a 3rd grader wonder, and I truly believe this person uses text to word to compose. And if you mention spelling problems, they don't get fixed. I quit reading their stories. The writer is from the south and co-opting terms from a different language set sometimes doesn't do it. I wonder how this person has a life outside the fanfiction arena because they publish at least 2 new multi chapter pieces a week. I think the person must eat sleep and drink fanfiction.  And don't get me onto Tumblr either. 

Enough grousing. It's still breezy and inland is going to be hot this weekend. We're still pretty much closed as far as shopping goes. Our favorite Mexican restaurant reopened for take out only. I want one of their wet carnitas burritos soon. They have the best red sauce and fresh salsa around here. 

Brad Pitt is co-opting my current hair style. I've got a lot of grey interspersed through the back, and white witches streaks through the front. I hate my hair. If I thought I could get away with it, I'd drive the 330 miles to Vegas and get my hair cut. If I don't I'll wait till July and get it cut when my lady goes back to work, if she does. 

Also a good recommendation for a binge watch: The Great on Hulu. A bit saucy and a bit risque but loads of fun watching Elle Fanning and Nicholas Hoult. 

Sleep tight, watch out for those covid dreams and we'll get through this. 

14 May, 2020

Blowing a Gale

It's clear and 71º outside and the wind is blowing so hard the fence is shaking. The wind makes the dog hinky and she is really scared. Right now she's asleep. The wind also makes our security camera alert. I looked at my phone and there were 70 warnings. 

Listening to the LA County report on Covid-19. 1709 total deaths in LA County; 35,329 total cases. They have relaxed some of the restrictions but basically they are saying stay at home except to go to doctor or go to grocery store. I have some residual lung problems from the pneumonia so I don't go out unless I have to. I truly hate wearing the mask, my glasses get all fogged. 

Peace, stay safe, and pay attention to the rules. 

da bunny