27 September, 2006

Driving with Mom

I love my Mom but she sometimes doesn't think when she is driving. Overall she's a good driver, but she has some moments. I prefer to drive but today I am having a bad arm day. We went to the Mall to look for a pair of pants for the stepdad. This Sunday is the Parish 50th anniversary celebration. Need to look good. I already have a dress to wear but I am going to check out Ross and maybe Marshall's to see if there is anything age appropriate for me and perhaps the kiddo. She can wear a nice skirt and top.

Almost time to get some more ice and sit for a while. Didn't have to pick up the #1 kid, he got a ride home.

Waiting on my LL Bean coastal clogs in ocean blue. They are just as nice and comfy as crocs and a little bit less. Of course shoes and purses are my downfall. They are purty too! I wore some this past weekend and boy they were nice. I love the colors too!

Off to see the wizard.

25 September, 2006

Wow Wow Wow

There is not a lot I can say about this weekend except wow. 9 women, over 50, enjoying each others company. Laughter, tears, meeting and bonding. It was truly one of the best experiences I have ever had.

I need to keep up with this journal more, but lately I have been a bit lazy. Not anyones fault but my own. There are a lot of things that go into writing on a regular basis, but sometimes, the pain of typing overcomes the need to publish.

Anyway, old Pasadena in the bungalow district is charming. Block after block of houses that exist 60 years after being built. No demo to build McMansions. Fruit trees, back yards, parks, and people. A nice place to visit, but 35 miles from my house here in the beaches of redundant. LA has so many different areas, different ethnicities that I think I could live here another 40 years and not see it all. I want to save some money and take my daughter down to Santee Alley and go purse and shoe shopping. She will enjoy it. And perhaps find a shop that has cool clothes for the not anorexic young woman.

This weekend the parish that I attend has it's 50th anniversary. A big dinner and service. On Sunday, my oldest child, the tall one, turns 19. I think about the last few years and everything that has happened and I praise the GOD above for giving me the blessings that I have.

More later when the arm doesn't feel like the bone is coming through the skin.


13 September, 2006

Random thoughts

Have you wished that fall would hurry up and get here? Fall in CA is nebulous, it's just a bit cooler, but still sunny with occasional hot days where the fires break out and ash floats in the sky.

I miss the midwest type of fall with the crisp smell of leaves and that touch of cold temp in the morning that promises winter to come. I miss the few days where the colors explode on the trees and you know that God has a plan for all of us. We get leaves falling off trees but it's not the same.

My little dog is attached to me. I can't go downstairs for a glass of water without him trotting at my heels. If I open the garage door, he is standing at the door waiting expectantly. I grab his leash, hook him up and let him in. He loves to go bye. Tonight if I am feeling 1/2 way decent I will take him for a walk. We walk 2 blocks and it takes 1/2 an hour since the blocks are log. And since he has such little legs, he gets worn out and sleeps all night.

I liked House last night. I thought the season opener was a little odd but last night was pretty good. As an old Xfiles fan, I thought it paid some odd homage to that.

Football is back. The PACKERS SUCK! Good Lord where was their offense? The Chargers on the other hand are terrific. But then I hate the Raiders so anyone who spanks them has my praise. And it's on 4 days a week now. Go NFL.

PT tomorrow and I hope I am feeling better. I am running a low grade fever, taking pain pills, anti inflams, antibiotics and drinking a gallon of water. Could very well be stress. Will let you know.


01 September, 2006

Let me be me

Ah well this is me today. I had PT again this morning and it was brutal. I don't know why I hurt so bad. Must be getting better.

The younger kid and her bestest friend and DAD are heading up to the mountains to go camping. They will wilderness camp which means they are on battery and no power. Someday we will get a generator for the motorhome.

Had an interesting week. Saw Johnny Depp. Kid took the picture. Ain't he a cutie? He was signing autographs down by the King Harbor Marina. A really nice guy. The young kid screamed "Johnny I Love You, and he winked at her and said thank you. This guy knows who goes to see his movies and who pays the bills. Unlike other actors.
Time to take a pain pill, a shower and head somewhere quiet. I hurt really badly tonight.