27 March, 2008

Who knows what is going on

The news is saying chaos in Iraq, people are defaulting on their homes, and the president is wearing his rose colored glasses. What do they feed this guy?

I am still wandering around the house on pain pills. But hey if they take the pain away, I can't drive anywhere, and I can od on CNN.

I wish I lived somewhere I could have a lot of dogs. I suppose if there was a job in the south we could afford a property and I could have a few. I love my baby duffy and rocky is a good boy too.

If I had a doctor like House, I might actually get some treatment without having to sit here penniless waiting on the DOL to decide if I am really hurt. I can give them my back and let them sit and try that. I got my file from the DOL, what a joke.

I need to be on the shore of the lake above, sitting on a dock, with a line in the water and no bait. Just relaxing and meditating about what good things I have been given. Is that so bad?

later alligator

25 March, 2008

24 March, 2008


Spring has sprung and I am in pain.
No word yet from DOL and I have to file FMLA. Don't even get me started.
Am taking pain pills and sleeping my days away but at least I don't hurt.

Happy spring.

15 March, 2008

What part about....

You have 30 days from the incident to file a report and they turn you down at 4 days? And then you have to refile another claim form for a relapse of the prior injury? Right now I am getting ready to take some more meds and hope that the pain will diffuse enough that I can go to sleep for a while. Little things would be nice.

I guess I have to get in touch with an attorney who can deal with this shit. And get my paperwork into order. Also see the ortho one more time on Monday. Even sitting straight up hurts.

Plus I heard that they didn't replace my position so no one's there to answer the phone when the office opens. Too bad their faces look so normal with their noses cut off.

12 March, 2008

Like being loopy

I have to go downstairs and make something to eat so I can take my muscle relaxant. That will be fun. I can lay on the couch and try to read this awesome book on sharks called Devil's Teeth about the Farallon Islands off SFO.

Life is so weird. I had to provide names to "support my allegations" about checking wheelchairs. Who told me I had to do it, who saw me do it, how many did I do? What is this? They put me back in a place where my back and shoulder would be vulnerable. Asshats.

So I have 2 days to recover. When I go back I will file a report and let it go from there. I've still got other things that I have to deal with. Live goes on though and we will manage to get through it okay.

bye kiddos.

10 March, 2008

The back hurts too now

So I manage to do my job. Sitting most of the day and then standing up to do wheelchairs. Not good.

Somehow I threw my back out. Couldn't get in to see a doctor today. I begged them to send me home, and will see someone tomorrow AM. I took 10mg of muscle relaxer when I got home (had to take train and then bus) and lord it's lovely to be looped. Also have a lidocaine patch on the back. Just really sore. It could be from the crappy chair they have me sitting in. We will see what the doctor says. I can feel it all tightened up on me even now.

These people are fucking nuts.

05 March, 2008

What can you do when you sit and watch people?

So Sunday I go to my "new" assignment. Sit at exit lane and then go and do Divesture--
take off your shoes:

take off your coats:

laptops and electronics out

Saw the doctor, had 2 xrays. Arthritic changes in top of shoulder. Had shot #10 in shoulder. Should have only worked 4 hours till numbing meds wore off. Hurts alot.
Doc mad that they moved me from where I had done well for 5 months and now back at exit lane. He says they should put me in clerical where I can type and not over use shoulder. Wheelchairs are being done with my left arm. How soon before that one goes?
Don't trust your agency if it's the one I work for. They are liars and want to keep their funding.

The soon to be smurfette.