15 June, 2013

Gardening goes on......

 This is the little rose plant that I got for Mothers Day at the 99¢ Store. It's 3 separate plants 
and 2 have blossoms waiting to open. 

This is the nearly dead herb garden I got at the same store. It's got basil, rosemary, thyme, mint and sage in it. Growing like mad.  

 This is the first tomato of many I hope. There's another teeny tiny one on another stem next to it. 

 This is my topsy turvy planter hanging off the wall between the houses. It's really going to town. 

 The Queen of the Back yard. 

This is a large plant that has 2 stakes holding it up. It blew over in a wind storm and though it didn't break off, it's got a wound. I had to make do and use a crowbar. I will get some wooden dowels and stake it properly. There's also a small plant that I took with roots attached from the topsy turvy and it seems to be alive.

These are cell phone photos and seem squished. Sorry!

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