23 June, 2013

A Rescued Dog

We drove to Bonsall CA yesterday to visit the Southern CA GSP rescue and to meet a dog. The drive down was good, traffic was decent (unlike the return where we had vapor locks on our motorhome and had to stop several times) and as we went east from the ocean we wound our way around lots of new vineyards, tomato farms and other vegetable farms. Driving up the road to the rescue we saw many horses estates including several for sale. I am deathly afraid of horses up close so we know that would never happen. If I won the lottery, I'd buy a house in Hermosa Beach. Hands down....oh I got off the track didn't I?

We saw the sign and drove down the steep driveway and found a place to park. We had Duffy with us to introduce him to the potential puppy. We met her and she needs some training but she is a lover. When more dogs came she was sort of interested but she preferred a place near my husband. There was a young GSP with a healing staph infection and he was enthralled with Duffy. He stood by the fence and just acted like Pepe le Pew towards Duffy. His new foster mom has small dogs so the volunteer coordinator asked me if I'd allow the to bring Buddy out to meet Duffy. He's going to do well.

So we left the check, filled out the papers and am the proud owner of ms Poppy.

Someone escaped her kennel and found daddy. 

More tales of the new girl to follow. 

da bunny

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