04 January, 2013

What's the Lord Got to Do with it?

Some people have no brains. Some people hold onto grudges, pass them on to their children, and make things pretty difficult for all involved. Some people cloak this in the perfect belief that they are the only saved ones and if the others don't follow their footsteps they are damned to the eternal fires of hell.

If you celebrate Christmas you're a pagan. Damn right and damn proud. But then I don't care when Jesus was born, his grace is unlimited and the fact that we celebrate his birthday down to the creche and angels and shepherds and have for generations, is more important than calling us idol worshipers.

So there was someone else in a far off land born with the same myth. Ancient history is full of myths. Myths that were brought from one far off civilization to another. Celebrations that were integrated into belief systems to make new converts feel at home. Traditions that came down from one group of people to another and another.

And there were Christians reading the Bible in vernacular German long before James had his translation commissioned? Were they idolatrous in their reading of the scripture?

I'm pretty joyful most of the time. I'm a Christian, and even am a homemaker. Probably was one before the trainwreck was in diapers.

And to the blogger "When did the Holy Spirit poop out all this knowledge and confrontation on you? Why do you lie to others when it's possible to prove you wrong so easily? And one last thing, your recipes are awful. Totally unpalatable. I guess if you are forced to eat it and don't know anything better then you enjoy it, but we know you love your Mt Dew and Taco Bell. And you aren't a size 4."

The bunny who's pretty tired of you pretending to me something you aren't.

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