27 August, 2012

If you dig deep enough.....

In this blog you will come upon a blog entry (http://amulbunny.blogspot.com/2011/05/thats-what-it-is-gang-for-real-for-sure.html) that talks about a trainwreck.

I have followed this person on Carepages and now on FB and her life is better than any soap opera that I've read.

After writing that she relocated back to MI, broke up with the guy, hooked up with another guy who had multiple DV arrests, ended up getting a TRO against him and her kids are along for the ride. Whatever she was waiting for in MI didn't happen so she packed up the trash bags and the kids and went back to Lexington KY. Within a couple of weeks of being in Lexington, something egregious happened and her boys were taken away and put into foster care.

She has been to court twice. She is supposed to follow instructions and do some things and then the court will consider returning the children to her. She got an apartment, but has no furniture, nothing to cook with, no fridge. Her mental health is being evaluated and she hasn't even bothered to try to make an appt to see someone and get some help. She's "too busy". If someone took my kids I would have jumped through every hoop I could to get them back.

This is so sad. I will follow it as long as I can.


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