24 July, 2010

Bravo my ass. Security Theater and Poor Customer Service

Got to experience the new improved TSA today. As in the old lady (my mom) in the wheel chair, make her walk through the mag even though you were told she can't walk without a cane or walker. As she teeters through she hits the side and alarms. We told you she had to use the chair. Who is listening ? Then they call the infamous BRAVO and tell me not to touch my purse? After it's already screened? Under what color of authority do you have to stop me from taking my belongings? And why can't we move? My mom is teetering and I can't give her her walker? Piss me off. Try to look officious in your new uniform with no stripes? Give me a break.

Don't even get me started on Delta. They want to you to stand in line 2 hours before you get to drop your one lonely little bag which you are paying them to carry for you? That in addition to standing in line for the security check? If you know your flights are full, put enough people on that shift to be able to check them in. I've never seen this kind of crap at WN, US, AA, or NW. But now DL ate NW and things are screwed. So she misses her flight because she was there 45 minutes before departure, but she was in the fucking line waiting to drop her checked bag. Over to special services. She got routed from LAX-SFO-MSP-CWA. She got upgraded on the first leg so she had a bigger seat. Don't know about the rest since she's got her phone turned off.


So peace and good night.

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