21 August, 2011

Je suis fatigué de démangeaisons. Des ruches ont besoin d'aller!

Oh I wish this was the way it was. So far there is nothing, outside of Hydroxyzine that stops the itching. And I'm running out of that. I need to contact the doctor's office tomorrow to get that refilled. I see the dermatologist this Thursday. I do hope she has some answers other than we have no idea and you'll just have to wait till it ends. 

Football season is nearly here. I am happy. Next Friday I am parking in front of my big screen tv with a cold beer, cold cuts, cheese and white bread and watching the Packers play the Colts. Yep, it's PACKER TIME!!

I wish fall was here. Though this summer has not been overly warm, I am waiting for days in the 50's so I can wear my fall clothes. It's funny that you can drive 20 miles inland and the temp is at least 25 degrees warmer than it is here. And here you can go 2 miles west and be encased in fog. 

Alors mes amis, avoir une bonne semaine, rester hors des ennuis et n'oubliez pas de sourire.

da bunny

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