28 August, 2011

How come I'm not watching Starship Troopers?

The errant spouse loves this movie. He has it on Blue Ray, why then does he sit on the couch, playing poker on his laptop and watch this movie again and again and again? I'll have to give him props because he did fold his clothes from the dryer and hang up his work clothes. But the movie???? I think he can recite all of the dialogue.

I think it's a pretty cheesy movie. Yuck.

I found out something rather interesting about my Dad. He was a deputy county sheriff in a county in Wisconsin from 1933 till his death in 1964. In 1942 he was accompanying the sheriff who had taken control of a runaway from a boy's home. The sheriff allowed the young man to go into a house to get some clothes and he jumped out a window and ran. My Dad shot 3 times in the air to get the young man to stop, which he did not. My father then shot his gun again and shot the young man in the back, which was a fatal injury. I didn't know anything about it till 2011. 69 years later. My Dad never spoke of it to us, I called my Mother to ask her and she said yes, it happened and it was true. Interesting part of family history.

There's not a great deal of change in the hives situation, though today they seem a bit lessened. I'd love to wake up in the morning and not see any little red marks on my arms and my legs. 

It's time for me to head off to bed. I've got a book I am reading and it's calling my name.......

Peace. Out. 
da bunny

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