17 July, 2016

I'mmmmmmmmmm Shrinking..............

 I've dropped from 5'3 to 5'1. No wonder my old pants drag on the ground. I love my new ones that I can wear comfy shoes with. I have also lost 8 lbs in 2 months. 

Am through the MS Word and QuickBooks part of the course. Now we have to learn customer service. Christ in Heaven, I can do that in my sleep. Did it at Ohrbachs, Security Pacific Bank, Cado/Contel Cado, Barham Customs Brokers, even TSA in the Lost and Found dept. I know how to be decent to people on the phone while answering questions and rolling my eyes. 

Still having terrific problems with my cervical vertebrae and the rheumatologist doesn't think I need pain management. I had a shot in my left thumb which basically made my whole left hand go numb and I still can't type with my left thumb. I'm going to ask my doctor to refer me. When the days come where it hurts so bad I can't hold my head up. Maybe they'll listen to me.  Sooner than later. I've got some numbers of DOL listed medical groups so tomorrow morning I will call them and see if someone will accept me as a patient. 

After this class is over the DOL expects me to apply for 20 full-time jobs a week. And if I don't succeed by 3 months, they will start cutting my compensation. Sounds fair?? NOT!

So if I get a new doctor that says that clerical work and sitting at a desk 8 hours a week at 63 is not compatible with my arthritic shoulder and arms. Maybe I can get my neck accepted as a new claim. 

This week an ergonomic specialist is coming to the school to see the setup and see if there is something they can suggest to make it easier on me. You fucking have to kid me. I'm gone out of there on August 11. August 15th and 22nd I start my round of specialists since I have a serious problem with incontinence. (TMI sorry but it's a real situation). 

The 28th we are taking the car to Laughlin for a couple of days. We'll go to the grand canyon one day since it's much closer than leaving from Vegas.  Then it will be back to life as normal as we know it. 

Peace and out Amulbunny

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