08 July, 2011


It's beginning to feel much more like home around here. We've been hanging pictures and prints and things look a lot more homey than just blank walls.

I was given this print years ago and I just love it. It has graced every bedroom we've had for the last 20 years:

The news is reporting that the 110 South is closed in LA. The police are looking for evidence related to a chase that took place this morning. Ah yes the wonderful freeway system of Los Angeles. The powers that be are going to make the carpool lane a toll way for single person occupancy vehicles if they pay. Bound to happen sometime. 

I may ask my niece for a neck and shoulder massage this weekend. I'm feeling rather pinched back there.

I always try to plant a rosebush at every place we live. I didn't at the last one and perhaps that is why it was such a horrible place to live? I don't know. As soon as the owner gets some more of his things moved out (you would not believe the side yard of this house) I am going to get some sterling silver roses and plant them. I could do them in a barrel. But I am going to plant at least one rose bush.  I didn't do any vegetables this year, things were so much in flux that I didn't think I could deal. So next year God willing and the creek don't rise, I'll do a container garden. Our front neighbor has vegetables growing. I've got a perfect location to hang containers and I think they would thrive.

Well as the dodo goes so go I.

Peace. Out.

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