15 July, 2011

The Friday Shuffle from Edmund and a bit more.

Well it's Friday and time to see what Edmund pops up for me in his little brain. 

It's been a good week, have gotten a lot of stuff done and hopefully this weekend it will continue. Had one little snafu, I'm allergic to Tide now. Welts, ugly things that popped up where ever I had clothes on. Some prednisone, steroid ointment and calamine clear helped but it's not fun to look like you rolled in Poison Ivy over and over and over. 

Sunday we had a guest Pastor and he's retired from active ministry, but boy can he preach. It was very interesting. He talked about his new Ipad and how it takes him away from his time with God, but he won't give it up because it connects him with so many believers all over the world. This Sunday I won't be able to get to church, we are going south to a friends house. Hopefully all this carmegeddon stuff won't be so bad in the southerly direction out of this county. 

I found a box of my non fiction literature books. Based on religious history.They are very interesting to read and it's always good to know about other traditions and spirituality. One in particular is about a group of nuns in Belgium and their piety and faith journey. Even in medieval Europe women were educated and intelligent and living their lives as the Lord directed them. It's too bad that today many women believe that education is evil and the KJV is the only book to read. These women were alive and active in the 11th and 12th centuries, far before the KJV was even a gleam in old Jimmy Boys' eyes. Did Christianity just come to earth when the KJV was published? No, not even close. But you can't change some peoples minds. OK Rant over. And when you get to heaven, don't knock on the door that says Lutherans, we don't want to know that we are truly the only people who made it.  LOL.

Friday Shuffle

1.            Court and Spark                        Joni Mitchell

2.            Double Trouble                          Eric Clapton

3.            Not Ready to Make Nice           The Dixie Chicks

4.            Working on a Building              True Bluegrass Gospel

5.            Fashion of his Love                    Lady Gaga

6.            Love All the Hurt Away            Aretha Franklin

7.            Wind of Change                          Eric Bourdon and the Animals

8.            I Feel the Earth Move                  Carole King

9.            Can’t get it out of My Head         ELO

10.          All Your Love                             Eric Clapton

It's almost time to go meet my daughter at her work and go to lunch with her. It's an every other Friday tradition. She's tired. She went to see HP 7.5 last night. Tonight she's going to the horse races. I envy her ability to make friends so easily and to be respected among her peers.

My son is in Az at an anime convention. His first road trip in a while. He's enjoying being away. I hope he gets a job soon. He needs to get back in the swing of life. World of Warcraft doesn't pay the bills.

Peace out. Laundry is ready to go into the dryer. Ah the life........summer on the coast. 

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  1. OMG, how awful to be allergic to Tide because i would worry that almost any detergent can cause that reaction. OR what if you go somewhere and THEY wash their sheets in Tide? What happens?

    The song i love most on your shuffle is Court and Spark. It's one of my favorite Joni Mitchell songs. That one and Amelia.