16 June, 2017

Identical letter

I just received an identical letter to the one I got yesterday from Covered CA regarding health insurance. To say I am bewildered is an understatement. They say within 10 business days someone will contact me. Okey dokey artichokey. 

As it gets closer to the 4th of July the idiots in the 'hood are starting to fire off big ole fireworks. We aren't talking about people who stomp the ends of Piccolo Petes, we're talking mortars. Though they light up the sky with sparkles, they also make my dogs psychotic. When you're holding a 55 lb German Shorthair pointer next to you as she shivers....I don't know. 

12 days from now I will be 64. Doing ok for an old broad. 

Am counting down the months till Outlander comes back. I have read all 8 books and am waiting anxiously for #9.  This is one of my favorite stills from it. I love the teasing look. 

In the meantime have a good start to summer. 


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