17 September, 2010

I need to get this done

I need to budget this month $435 to pay off my old college so i can go to the new college. Where I am going to pull this $$ out of is still pending, but I will do it. then I'll send my $55 to the new college and I am pretty sure I am admitted to the MA program. Then it's back to the student loans, grants and what ever else I can scrape up. I want this MA. I want to be involved in something that will stimulate my brain and my life.

Changed my daily meds to an ER version and other than odd dreams, I'm doing okay with them. Depression is a hard row to hoe. And I've been in this garden for 40 some years. I know what works and what doesn't work.

Since our son isn't 26 we can add him back to our insurance as of 1 Jan. I have to contact HR and find out how to do it. He will be glad to have insurance again. And our daughter and I both need to have our flu shots. She also needs a whooping cough booster because she works with little babies.

I just heard the term teenage blues about kids leaving church. I have the middle age blues. I love the pastor but I hate the music and it means so much to me. I don't know. I've prayed and prayed and haven't gotten a clear answer, unlike other bloggers I don't have a hot line to God.

Well life goes on and things happen that we scratch our heads and it still goes on whether we effect a change.

Peace out.

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