09 September, 2010

Fire - burning houses or books?

I am sitting here watching the local news coverage of the explosion in San Bruno and the fires that are consuming several neighborhoods. Since it's dark we can't see the extent of the devastation but the morning news will be all over it. Prayers for the people affected.

I think the press should be spanked bare ass naked for all the PR they gave the idiot preacher in FL. He bold faced lied to the press about his "conversation with the Iman". Doesn't he know that Fred Phelps burned a Koran in NY several years ago and no one covered it? He gives me a really bad taste in my mouth. He looks like a carnival barker too. Gives a bad name to barkers.

The trainwreck is still out there. Making up stories and declaring her above average knowledge of how to home school her 4 year old handicapped son. Yeah a 4 yr old can stand 8 hours a day when he can't hear or speak properly.  I can't deal with her much longer.

The other blogger that I watched has flounced. Taken everything off line that had an inkling of who she was and did. And her rabbit faced husband too. All kinds of theories were floating around. It was like one minute she was there, the next she was gone. And as fast as someone would say on the message board oh here she is again, she had deleted it. Sounds rather strange.

I ordered a book from Amazon and it was supposed to be here the 7th. I looked at the shipping thing on where's my stuff and it says it's sitting in Santa Fe Springs since the 3rd. They are going to reship it to me. And a package that was supposed to be here the 3rd from NJ (shipped UPS the 30th) is hopefully going to be here tomorrow. It went from Farmingdale NY to Seacaucus NJ to San Antonio to Phoenix to Cerritos. Hopefully over today it has gotten from Cerritos to Gardena to be delivered. Kind of odd route for a ground shipment from UPS.

Got my eyes examined today. I am getting new glasses. Not cheap. But I want progressive lenses as well as transitions.

Oh yeah, this is the size of my new medication, next to a penny:

 It's going to be joy to have to take this every day. But if it does what it  is supposed to do, then it will be okay.

I am tired. Worn out from the pain which is never ending.

So peeps, Bless ya all and have a good Friday.

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