30 September, 2010

Last day of the month

Tomorrow my oldest child turns 23. If he's not shaved he looks 30, but if he shaves he has a baby face. Sometimes a baby attitude too. He's had a rough year. Lost his job, had to fight for his unemployment. But he's not doing too bad. He wants to go to Outback tonight. I hope we have a better experience than the last few times our relatives have been there.

I've had a rough week pain wise and I am trying to stay off the meds. Not exactly what they say to do but I have to deal with it. I came off the Ambien cold turkey and believe me that was/is/can be a bitch. I am going to tell the dr that he could have done a step down with me from the 10's to the 5's and then off rather than cold turkey. He's lucky I didn't have worse side effects that 5 days of 4 hour nights. Not nice at all.

Got a cooling fan for my laptop. elevates it a little and makes it a bit easier to use. I still type with 2 fingers on my right hand. Only 2 I can feel.

I'm trying to read the new book by Franzen. I don't know if it's me , or it's just hard to get into.

I can't think of much else to add.

Peace and Out.

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