23 September, 2010

Thursday Triumphs

I went to see the dermatologist today and we had a great political discussion. My skin is in good shape, but I have to take a real strong steroid for 2 weeks to see if it can heal a sore that won't go away. It's called Clobetasol Propionate. Can't use it on the face or under or around the lady bits. I just want this thing to go away. In late October I am having 2 things removed from my body, a mole that gets rubbed when I wear sleeveless tops ( Oh stop shouting you fundies out there...it's just my shoulder) and a nubbin that is a blocked pore on my right anterior leg. That one is the weird one, doc says it might have been a bug bite and the body just went and built a fort against it. I can feel a stem on it. But it's not cancerous and at this time I don't have any suspicious spots. Good! I am pretty good about putting on sun screen when I am out. Need to be more religious about it, just going out shopping and such.

Next up will be Ortho and then the squeeze o gram. Be good to the boobs. And now, I think, it's more important than ever because my friend who is 26 days older than I am, just lost one to cancer. Her mom died of cancer and it's just too close to home. I had 2 maternal aunts who died of cancer that came back after their breast cancer was "cured". Of course that was a long time ago. Doesn't make it any less significant.

I cleaned my desk off and it seems like it's gotten more cluttered since. Not a good thing. There is some paperwork that I need to deal with and I need to locate it.

Still haven't figured out how I am going to get the $450 needed for the fees. I will just figure that out as I go along like Indiana Jones.

So it's the afternoon and I think I'll go watch some of my DvR'ed House Hunters/International.  I wish I could go down to the tropics and plonk down $1.5M and buy my dream house with an ocean view and an infinity pool. Yeah. OK.

So it's time to head off. Peace. Be good to yourselves.

da bunny

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