07 October, 2010

So it's been a couple of weeks

I've been on the new meds and honestly I can't tell you if they are working or not. I am still having a lot of trouble sleeping at night, last night it was because my husband was / is an ass. I shined going in to have blood work. I'll go over to the lab on Monday morning and get the bloods drawn there.

Rained for 3 days and it was lovely. of course I don't go anywhere when it's raining so I got to sit in the living room, enjoy the fireplace and catch up on my dvr'ed shows.

Talked to the landlord today, he isn't making it. The payments and his fixed income aren't making it. He asked me if we wanted to take over the payments and take the house. I thought I'd talk to the husband first. We had a short conversation (husband) and he said he thought it was a good idea. So now we'll talk to our realtor friend and see what he says. We can afford it, and quite possibly with a refi we could have lower payments than our rent. We already pay the gas, water, trash, and other utilities. The question is can we qualify? Our credit is less than perfect and this house has lost a lot of value. 2 years ago it was valued at over 500K now it's less than 350K. Amazing since this house probably sold for 3500$ when it was new.

Got a pine cone thrown at me by a squirrel today. Damn thing sits up in the pine trees and eats the cones. Since we have a forest in back, it's a smorgasbord for him. He hasn't gotten to the pomegranate tree yet. I may have to pick a couple since i think they are ripe.

Peace all.

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