13 October, 2010

Got the girls squeezed today

I dutifully went to my appt and 15 minutes later I was on my way to my haircut. The scans were okay, but until i get the letter from the radiology dept we will be cautious.

Fall's starting to creep in. I bought some organic pumpkin today, because I might get ambitious and make some pies from scratch, when I get the kitchen thrown out. Tonight I made oven fried potatos and hot wings only to find out my daughter isn't coming home. She could have told me.
Such is life. More for me.

I am getting 2 new books from Amazon. I still have 2 that I am reading but I may put them aside.

I'm not getting much inspiration here tonight and I can't type worth shit. I am however going to go and do something worthwhile. But I can't tell you what.


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