06 November, 2011

So it's Sunday.

We celebrated All Saints Day today at church. It was nice, except most of the hymns were not well known so it sounded kinda sparse in the singing realm. We always sing For All The Saints with the tune from Ralph Vaughn Williams:

And then we sing this song, Who Are These Saints Arrayed in White? which is to a Norwegian Folk Song that goes on endlessly. I mean it. This tune is labeled Behold These Hosts, but it's the same song:

My uncle Wayne's name was on the list today. I got pretty teary eyed over the whole service. I guess I was thinking a lot about my stepdad this week, driving his old station wagon and feeling him near. Strange things.

I really did like this Psalm 23 arrangement by Marty Haugen:

Peace to you and may this week be all you want it to be. 

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