28 November, 2011

Game of Thrones

So I've read 3.5 of the books of Game of Thrones. I thoroughly enjoyed Books 1-3 but the 4th one has put me off the series. I've heard the 5th one is as bad as the 4th. I invested a lot of time reading them but I'm leaving the universe for a while. 
So now I'm reading about Catherine the Great. I love Russian History. It's so varied and there is so much that isn't written. I wish I could take about 4 years of classes and really get into it. I took 2 upper division classes on Russian History in college and just touched on the greatness of the Empire. When I am done with this book, I am going to buy this author's book on the Romanov's. 
Advent is here. 
Rejoice, rejoice Immanuel. 

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