16 November, 2011

I did it. A few days early.

I tuned both of my Pandora stations to Christmas Music. I like it. Advent starts the 27th so I am few days early, but I love listening to it.

The store is reeling with both Thanksgiving and Christmas goods. Baking, turkeys and all the good stuff. I'm going to Costco to look for a boneless breast and a ham. We'll have leftovers but that's okay. Nothing like next day turkey with fresh cranberry sauce over it and dressing. Dressing is easy, I'll do all the hard work on Tuesday and put it together Thursday morning. This oven is big enough to do a bird, a turkey dressing and sides.

One of my online friends has posted a recipe for home made vanilla using vodka and vanilla beans. I might give it a try. It takes a few weeks, but it would save money in the long run, since you can top it off after you decant into another container. 

Itching like mad today. Have to take an anti itch pill now. Fun. Stress level needs to be decreased by 50% or more to get these things under control. While not me, this photo is basically what my back looks every day and it's not related to laundry soap or food intake or meds. If I don't take 300mg of Ranitidine every day I explode. 

Have a good evening. I'll be back tomorrow, same place, but not the same time.  Da bunny.

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  1. Oh, i thought that really WAS your back! Yikes. There has to be a reason and i hope you find out what it is.

    BTW, It's only because i feel bad about you having to deal with this that i don't want to kick your ass for talking about listening to Christmas music already! Damn you! ;)